The doctor and paper production

The night was dark, thunder and lightning lit up the sky and rain fell everywhere. The doctor's house was large, and looked as if it was abandoned. The walls were dark, covered with vines that climbed up to the roof, covering the mansion almost completely. Inside the house was not much better. Dust was everywhere, covering every single corner of the house, except for only one thing: frames. That was it. Frames, with the cleanest sheets of paper than anyone had ever seen inside of them.

Knocks on the door woke him abruptly. He had fall asleep on the floor again. The crow standing on a statue near the door began squawking, and did not stop until the doctor yelled from the floor:

"Shut up!"

He rose with difficulty, and went to open the door that who-ever-it-was had continued knocking. When he opened it, he saw two men, one leaning on the other, completely wet by the rain.

"Please help us," said the man holding his partner, before falling unconscious on the floor of the lobby of the house.

"Look Amanda," said the doctor talking to the crow, while a mischievous smile spread across his face "we will soon be able to continue producing paper."

The next morning the two men were awakened at noon by the doctor, who was taking them some breakfast. Neither remembered anything about last night.

"What happened?" asked one of the men.

"You came to my house yesterday, after having a car accident," said the doctor, who went to investigate what had happened to those men.

"We're sorry for the trouble that we caused you," said the other man, "please tell us how much we owe you."

"Oh! You don't owe me anything, but I think I could need your help for a couple of issues I have."

"You can count on us for anything" offered the first.

Then the two men presented themselves to the doctor. The first one was called John Madison, and the second Theodore McKenzie. The doctor also presented himself, and told them his story of how a long time ago he used to be a doctor, but that then no one wanted his services because of a reason that he had forgotten, and that he had always had a big fascination for papers, while the two men ate their breakfasts. After they were done the doctor showed them the house. The two guys were very impressed by the mess of the house, but what caught their attention the most were the frames with sheets of paper.

"Oh! That's paper made by me" explained the doctor when he notice that the guys were looking at the frames.

"How do you do it?" asked John.

"Is it with animal skin?" also asked Theodore, who looked at the sheets of paper longer and closer than John.

"Yes!" said the doctor exited, "but I don't use any kind of animal skin, but that doesn't matter, the way of doing it's the same! Actually now I'm working on a new sheet of paper, and last night I found the material I needed, so I'll be able to complete the new pages soon. "

"That's great!" said John. And then, changing the subject of the conversation, said turning to Theodore, "one of us should go to the next village for help for our car."

"I'll go," offered Theodore, "Don't you have a car that we can borrow?"

"Oh yes! I do have one. Is kind of old, but the tank is full, and is working perfectly" said the doctor "John if you want to wait in the Living room over there, I will return in a moment. I'm going to show Theodore where my car is. "

Doctor and man walked through corridors and hallways, going to the garage.

"By the way," said the doctor, "Would you like to see the sheet of paper that I'm making, before going to town? It's going to take only 5 minutes of your time. "

"Sure!" answered Theodore, who was a historian and loved all those kind of old things.

John waited in the Living Room for an hour. Neither the doctor nor Theodore had returned yet. "What can I do while I wait for either of them to appear?" He didn't want to sit down, because everything had dust on it, and beside of the sheets of paper hanging off the walls there was no other decoration in the house. Not a painting, nor a lamp, nor anything! So he just stared at the papers. He wondered what they were made of, if it wasn't animal skin…

"You also find them interesting?"

"Wow!" said John, "You scared me!"

"I'm sorry. I'm also sorry for being late, is just that Theodore asked me to show him how I make the paper, so I had to take him to my 'engine room', which is how I call the room where I have the machines to make paper, and then guide him back to the garage, and that took us a long time"

"Oh… Doctor, I wanted to ask you something. What do you use to m...?"

"Would you like to see how I make the paper too?" interrupted the doctor.

"Uh... Sure."

The way to the "engine room" was much longer than what John thought it was, and all the way that took to get there, the only thing that the doctor talked about was about paper.

When they finally arrived they were in the cellars of the mansion, the dust "lived" there too, except in a really big machine in the middle of the room.

"I gotta keep it clean, so that the paper can come out clean too" explained the doctor.

John walked through the room looking at everything except at the machine, which pissed the doctor.

"Well if you are not interested in my papers maybe we should just go back to upstairs!"

"Oh! No, no! I really do find it interesting! I was just looking around for a bit, trying to… trying to find a sheet of paper newer than the ones that were upstairs! What the …!" said when he almost tripped with Amanda, the crow, which had been eating meat in a dog plate on the floor. "Sorry for that"

"Oh! Don't worry! It's that stupid crow's fault! I told her not to eat on the floor! Especially when the meat's fresh"

"Hum... ok!" said John. Then he remembered the question that he wanted to ask the doctor before. "Doctor, what are the sheets of paper made of?" After he asked this he knew the answer, but didn't say anything, because he wasn't completely sure.

The doctor had been picking up the mess caused by John and the crow, so he didn't answer right away, but when he was finally done he took a knife that was laying on the floor, and with which he cut Amanda's meat, turned around with an evil look in his face.

"I think you already know the answer" said, before literally jumping over John. They struggled for a few minutes after which the knife finally fell to the floor, followed by John's body.

"See Amanda? Killing them by cutting the upper part of their necks is much better than just stabbing them! This way we have more skin to make more paper."