Okay, here is another story I have been working on. I have, like, seven ideas floating around in my brain and it's irritating because I can't write them all at once! This was originally called "Don't Look" but I think I might change it to "See No Evil" because eyes have an importance to the story. What do you think?

#Chapter One#

"Don't look sweetie," Joan murmured, crouching down next to her daughter's bed. "Okay? Can you promise mommy that?" Selena nodded her head, her large turquoise eyes locked on her mother. "The woman is going to come and when she does I want you to keep your eyes closed okay? Close them and keep them closed. Don't open them until mommy says so." Joan pushed her daughter's brown curls off her face. She was all she had in this world now.

Joan hugged her daughter tight. "Remember what mommy taught you baby doll. Always remember what mommy taught you. Sight gives her power. If you close your eyes, you're safe."

Selena nodded her head. "I know mommy. The light helps too, but it won't keep her away for long. And my special bracelet," she held up her wrist to show off the silver and turquoise charm bracelet.

Joan smiled sadly. "What makes it so special?" she asked.

"You bought it from a magic woman," Selena said proudly.

"Good girl," Joan whispered, gathering her close for one last hug. "What else, baby doll, what else?"

Selena scrunched her face up really tight. Then her small fingers wrapped around the pendant hanging from around her neck. "Yes, good. Mommy bought that from the magic woman too. Always wear your necklace darling. It makes it harder for her to touch you,"

The room suddenly grew cold and Joan pulled away from her daughter. "Eyes closed, keep them closed, don't look at her." She warned once again. Obediently Selena closed her eyes. Her hand curled around her necklace and she pinched her lips together. Keep them closed. Don't look at her. Just keep them closed. Don't open them until mommy says. Don't look.

Then she heard the scream. Despite what her mother had told her, Selena's eyes flew open in time to see her mother crumble. The woman stood over her dressed in a black cloak. Her skin was pale, her lips were cracked and chalky, her smile was malicious.

Selena stared at her, taking in none of this. Blood dripped to the floor from the woman's hand, her nails long, sharp, and claw-like. Almost in slow motion, the demon woman turned to face Selena.

She had no eyes.

Selena slammed her own eyes closed and clenched her teeth together to keep from whimpering. She felt a chilling breath on her face and squeezed her eyes more tightly closed. The breath stunk like decay and sent shivers up Selena's spine.

"You're next," a hollow, scratchy voice snarled. And then she was gone. Selena slowly opened her eyes, crying out as she took in her mother's still form on the floor.

Selena scrambled off the bed and dropped to her hands and knees beside her. "Mommy!" she wailed, tears streaking down her face. She gripped her cold, lifeless hand in hers and wept. She didn't want to believe that her mother was dead. She closed her eyes and began to rock back and forth, whispering to herself.

"Why didn't you close your eyes? You should have closed your eyes. Mommy, why'd you look at her? Don't you know you're not supposed to look?" Joan remained still and quiet on the floor and Selena remained with her, refusing to open her eyes, whispering all the while.

It didn't take long for the police to come. Someone had reported the screams. They banged on the door not even an hour later, but Selena refused to get up. She just sat there, cradling her mother's hand in hers, feeling as if she would never be happy again. That was when the police broke the door down and found them.

She was grabbed and pulled toward a worm body. "Sweetie?" a woman asked, pushing her brown curls off her face, but Selena wasn't listening. Her eyes were glued onto the police officers surrounding her mother.

"Holy shit," one of them whispered, casting a glance to his comrades. "Her eyes have been gouged out,"


Selena tapped her foot impatiently as she snapped out of her reverie, her arms folded across her chest. The man that sat before her shifted his eyes around before speaking. "You have to help me," he pleaded, his eyes crazed. He ran his hands through his stringy, greasy black hair and shifted in his seat.

"With what exactly?" Selena asked, quirking an eyebrow at him.

"They say that this is the place to go when you have problems." The man said nervously, as if she was going to kill him any minute.

"Problems?" Selena asked casually, as if they were talking about the weather.

"Of the, um…supernatural variety," the man clarified.

Selena shook her head, the corners of her mouth threatening to tilt upwards. "It is not a dirty word Mr. Lawson. Say it with me, supernatural." She mocked. She crossed her legs and leaned toward him, stretching over the table.

Mr. Lawson—who had to be old enough to be her father—glanced downward, toward her breasts. She made a disgusted noise and stood quickly. "So, will you help me?" he asked again.

"You still haven't told me to problem," Selena pointed out brusquely.

Mr. Lawson shifted in his seat once more, his eyes jumping around the room. "My wife…um…she's dead." He said.

Selena resisted the urge to laugh. Someone had actually married this loser? God, she must have fallen out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down if she had married Mr. Lawson—the greasy-haired, shifty-eyed, sallow-skinned, boob-ogling Mr. Lawson.

"And? We don't do burials. Unless, of course, she was a supernatural." Selena said, leaning casually against the wall.

"Well she…is." Mr. Lawson muttered.

"Alright, what was she? Vampire, werewolf, faery…wait, did you say 'is' and in currently?" Selena asked, cutting her turquoise eyes to the man.

"She's haunting me. She won't leave me alone!" Mr. Lawson exploded, standing abruptly. "She's been dead for two years and throws a hissy fit whenever IO start liking a girl." He said, running his hand over his face.

"She's a ghost?" Selena asked brilliantly.

Mr. Lawson gave he a dark look. "Obviously," he snapped.

Selena stood hands on hips and gave him her pissy look. "Look you little—"

Mr. Lawson turned to face her, anger and desperation on his face. "Are you going to help me or not!" he shouted, balling his hands into fists. Was this creep actually going to try and hit her?

Selena gave him and smile filled with sunshine. "I'll call you," she said.

He visibly relaxed and even gave her an oily smile. Almost instantly the chair Mr. Lawson had been sitting on toppled over with a crash and the papers on the table flew onto the floor. Mr. Lawson whirled around. "That's right! I'm getting rid of you!" he shouted to the room.

Selena sighed and opened the door, indicating that he should leave. "I'll get in touch with you sometimes this week Mr. Lawson," she said.

He shook her hand a little too enthusiastically, held her hand a little too tenderly, and looked at her a little too creepily. Seriously, he was like, forty! She forced a sunny smile to her lips as he slipped out the door. "When hell freezes over," she muttered, slamming the door behind him. Selena had a strict no-weirdo policy.

She wasn't sure, but Selena thought that she heard the sound of a woman laughing for just a second before it was gone. She sighed and turned, blinking in confusion. The chair had been righted and the papers neatly stacked on the desk, but she hadn't touched them. She laughed and stood hands on hips.

"Why thank you Mrs. Lawson,"