Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror

As a little girl

Before school I would trust your guidance

Before I went my way

To make sure my pigtails looked okay

Mirror Mirror

As a teenager

I would use your reflection

To trace the colors

That would make me beautiful

Along the lines of my young face

I would wonder if this or that

Would make me look thin or fat

I questioned what you had to say

But with your guidance I eventually found my way

Mirror mirror

As a young lady

You helped me pick the perfect dress

The day of my wedding

I was a nervous mess

But you helped me rehearse my vows

I said them aloud to you

And as you listened

I realized every word was true

And went down the aisle to say "I do"

Mirror Mirror

As a new mother

I danced before your eyes

With my little girl

As I cried

"Can I do this?" I thought

But I saw her eyes batting

In your reflection

And realized

I would never give up her affection

Mirror mirror

As I aged

You saw the little girl you once knew

Age before your very eyes

It was you

Who saw my husband alive

The last time before he died

Mirror mirror

Why is the image that I now see

So different from the person

That is hidden inside of me?

Just years ago I looked so young

My eyes so bright

My skin not so wrinkled

And my hair not so white

Mirror Mirror

Why have you let this happen to me?

Mirror mirror

I thought you were my friend

But here you are just watching

Waiting for my end

Mirror mirror

I trusted you

And yet you're reflecting what is not true

Mirror mirror

With my last breath

I will take one last look and remember

How many me's

You have seen

I close my eyes

And imagine my previous, precious


I questioned myself so many times

Thinking I wasn't beautiful

Or that I couldn't do something

My eyes flash open and I whisper to myself

"I am beautiful"

But now all I see is my hazy eyes

I look at my frail bones

And all the lost weight

I see my yellow skin

And realize it's too late

Just for a moment

I savor the sight of

All the things that have brought me happiness

My father and my mother

My brother and my sister

The dress I wore walking down the aisle

My husband and my daughter

My curves and my joyful smile

You've been there to see all of it

And with my last action

I end it

I throw you across the room

Not wanting you to see me

Lying dead in my tomb

I was inspired to write this last night as I looked into my grandmother's mirror. It has seen everything from her childhood to when she grew old. How might it feel to go through that journey? I asked myself. Writing this I was brought to tears. Please, go to the closest mirror you have and just look into it and tell yourself you are beautiful or that you're handsome. Do it because one of these days you're going to wish you had and you don't want to have any regrets that you didn't. I hope thanks to me you will look at your reflection a little differently now. Thanks for reading and please review.