⇢ Chamber Doll ⇠
Sing for Me

Genres: One-shot, Fantasy, Romance
By: Jace Akiyama

In the castle, I sit, waiting for my prince to arrive back from his daily 'walk'. My back aching from every inch I hit against it. The throne I sat was tall with cushioning to support my back and bottom. But that wasn't all. I was never treated like a 'princess', as they call it. I was once a human. – A normal human-living girl with a pure heart and soul. But now, I'm not that normal human-living girl everyone once thought. I'm different. No. – Beyond that.

I snapped my fingers, and a servant appeared. With his dark hair all messy and pale white skin, he kneeled in front of me with his arm crossed to his heart, and his head bowed down. In a black and white butler suit, he spoke. "You called, Princess?"

I stared at him long and hard with my icy cold grey eyes. He was masked. – Silver with real gold linings and patterns swirled. Without an emotion in site, I opened my mouth gently, ready to speak. And when I did, my cold-hearted voice sent chills down his back. "Yes;" I blinked twice, like a porcelain doll. In fact, I was known as the 'Doll Princess', knowing that my pale white skin is as white as snow; my grey eyes look nothing but emptiness; my soft pink lips look lifeless in the dark; and lastly, my hair is long and black with curls near the end of each tips. I brushed my bangs to the side of my face before speaking again. "Keep me company until he's back." It was no wonder the name I was been given was the 'Doll Princess'.

"Yes, your highness." With that, he stood up and walked towards me, standing on the left side of my throne. Silent filled the room. Sometimes, I wondered how I ended up becoming a 'Princess'. Knowing that I knew what state I was in, why couldn't I prevent it? Then, it hit me. I knew I couldn't stop it. It was stronger than anything, and even he knew it. But what was the name for it? I forgot… but the story starts here.

"Locked away in a faraway distant,

I hear you shout out my name,

Even though,

You and I are two different beings,

It breaks my heart to see,

That you still came back running after me;

From the first time you entered my chamber,

I thought you were like the others,

But now that I can see,

You're not the same like them;

From the second time you entered my world,

I was a bit surprised,

Knowing that you came to see me,

I feel like I'm alive;

Locked away in a faraway distant,

I hear you shout out my name,

Even though,

You and I are two different beings,

It breaks my heart to see,

That you still came back running after me;"

I stood inside the empty castle room. Bricked walls, old medieval-times candle lights were screwed to the side of the walls, hard concrete grounds, and chained up doorways were held in a steady position. There's nowhere to run. I knew that, even he did. The sweet sound of his harmonic song lured me closer to his world.

"You heard, huh?" He spoke with a small smile on his lips. He grinned at me as I walked closer to him, dropping my baskets of white roses to the ground. I could never snap out of his hypnotising song whenever he sung a tune. It was like a spell begging me to come closer to him.

And so I did.

I walked towards the boy who looked 21, but was actually older than he looked. I walked towards the boy in white trousers, white long sleeved dress shirt with a matching ruffle neck tie and skull attached at his neck. I walked towards the boy with a blood red tailcoat with gold linings and skull cuffs at his sleeves, over a grey scaled vest. He had smaller chains that crossed at his arm, a Celtic symbol on both sides of his red coat, and another chain pinned from his chest collar to the opposite. And most of all, I walked towards the same boy who sung to me in his most harmonic voice. – The boy with horns sticking from either side of his head.

"Yeah, I heard." I said subconsciously. A side of me snapped out, but a part of me couldn't. The song played over and over in my head, letting me play it repeatedly. But it came over to me that I didn't dislike the song. I liked it.

"I wrote it for you." – Those words being said by him made me feel…special.

"What happened to your old song you use to sing?" I stopped in front of him, looking at his crimson red eyes. He smiled gently, placing his hands onto my cheek. I closed one eye as he rubbed away a tear with his thumb.

"Nothing; I still know it. But this one's different." He pulled away his hand from my face.

"As a human, you should know that every song you sing to people lures them closer to you. Well, it only works for females, but you kill off all the guys instead. Sexist much?" I poked his cheek childishly, before pouting innocently.

"I wouldn't say I'm sexist. I'm full out straight. Not gay." I giggled childishly, rubbing it in his face that he actually admitted being straight. "Hm, guess the rumour of him being gay is false all along." I thought inside my head."Anyway, after you coming back to this chamber for the fourth time, I feel rather… happy." He placed his hand on my head, gently messing it around.

"Is that a good thing, Silver?"

Silver is his name. I would know because I remember asking him yesterday. And even though I was just some mere human and he's an Incubus, my heart pounded quickly as he sung out some notes from his mouth.

But not this time.

He spoke, "Of course it is! People who come here don't come very often. Take guys for example: They are only here once or twice, but never more. Females like you come rarely. Hardly any take on the challenge of running a chamber like this." I smiled, knowing where he was getting his sentence to. But he looked at me gently, a face that dropped his mask and showed his inner self. "There was this one girl though…"

Inside, I really wanted to drop my smile, but I continued to pull my lips wide on each side. "Oh? A girl…? Tell me more!" I shouted at him with a beam on my face. I could see him smile as well, meaning that he liked her. A part of me thought it was nice that Silver liked someone, but deep down, I really, really, hoped it was me in the first place. I liked spending time with Silver more than anything! – Even if it had been only four days. But, I was glad Silver had found someone.

"Well, what's to tell?"

"Tell me about her: What's she like? Does she like you the same way? Is she better than me? Is she pretty? Oh, I bet she is! Are you going to marry her and take her as your fiancé?" I stopped. I hadn't realised what I was saying hurt me deep within. That was until I stopped my cheerful smile and turned it with a frown.

"Eh, well, I… don't know whether she likes me the same way I like her. She's special to me. – More than anything I could hope for. She's pretty, but she's not better than you. And yes, I'm thinking of taking her as my doll. But…" Silver flushed a little, facing his head away from mine. I guess talking about her made him feel all awkward all of a sudden.

I didn't know how much I could take. It was only a little longer that I should keep it up. For his sake… Then, it will all be over.

"Hold on, hold on, hold on! Wait, let me get this straight: She's pretty, but she's not better than me? What's that supposed to mean? She doesn't come here often to visit you like I do? Sad…"

"Well, no. She visits me almost every day. And often when she leaves, I feel lonely without her. Like, the first time I met her, she's just… I don't know how I should describe her, but she's a pure hearted girl."

"Oh… so you like her that much?" I felt tears welling up in my eyes. The hurt expression I had on my face was taking over. My heart pounded and ached. The sting that struck my heart was like glasses shattering into pieces that couldn't be fixed. But what hurt me the most was him saying…

"Yeah; I love her more than anything."

After hearing him say those last final words that pulled a critical hit onto my heart, I threw a big piece of rock from the ground and threw it to his face. Blood spurted out from his mouth, and a mark was left on his cheek. – The same blood that matched the colour of his coat and long boots that reached below his knees. His golden blonde hair, almost brunette, covered his eyes, and his hands dripped with blood when he cupped his hands to his cheek.

I ran, making tapping noises on the hard but flat concrete surface. Tears welled up in my eyes, where I couldn't hold it in. It was my fault for asking about who she was. It was my fault I hit Silver. Everything… was my fault. "I'm sorry", I whispered under my breath. I guess it was my fault for loving him in the first place.

Everything is my entire fault.

The dungeon was long. My head spun, rooms turned small, and everywhere I ran to had a road block. I couldn't help but cry, shout out of anger and frustration. Monsters spawned at each places, chasing me as if they were hungry for gold. I was running for my life, hoping they'd stop chasing me eventually. But that wasn't the case. I was running out of breath. I found it hard grasping for air, moving fast on foot, doing my best to hide from them, and trying to stop the tears from dripping.

Nevertheless, I found it impossible.

Just when I thought I was metres away from the stairs that ran all the way upstairs, and a statue with goddess wings kneeling with a sword in front of her, my ankle twisted. I collapsed to the ground with my knees oozing out red. It stung me deeply, but I stood up. – No way was I going to give in now. I could hear kobolds, skeletons with weapons, and the remains of mutts few metres away from my body. I turned, my eyes widened as they shouted, "Don't let her get away!"

I limped at the start, then took a dash for it as they came closer. Collapsing to the ground yet again, I could feel the stroke of agony rising up my leg. "Shit!" I crawled using my arms with all my might. I didn't want to be carried away just like that.

My eyes were half closing. In my mind, I was crying out, "No. No…NO!" My exhaustion dominated me, and all I could hear were the fading of mutts barking drawing nearer and nearer.

Black out.

Will you,

"Sing for me…"