Chapter 1 -The young and the clueless

My name is Angela, I just turned 15, and I live in California. This is how my life got turned upside down...

My best friend Abby and I were walking around the park and a strange person walked up to us and shouted, "Hey!"

"Are you talking to us?" I said.

"Yeah who else, the park is empty." I thought he was a crazy person, but then I recognized him from math (he sits on the other side of the room from me thank god.) He is always talking to himself and staring off into space.

"Angie do u know him?" Abby whispered.

"Yeah", I replied, "I think he's the weird kid Nolan from my math class that I was telling you about."

"That's him!" she said a little too loud.


"I mean that's him, he's kinda cute but you're right he is weird" she whispered.

All I could think after that was ewww, gross! I mean just the thought of him and cute in the same sentence is just sickening. But if you could get past all of his awkwardness I suppose he could be considered cute. Trust me the only way to get past all that would be if he changed, well everything about himself. Except his eyes, I never really noticed before but his eyes are perfect. Maybe it was just the sun hitting my eyes, but I swear there was something in his eyes that I had never seen before.

"Umm, I'm standing right here and I can hear you guys talking about me." Nolan says.

"Yeah, well, that's not necessarily a bad thing" Abby states, trying to defend herself.

"Okay? So what are you guys doing at the park this evening?"

"We..." I say unable to finish what I was saying, because Noah interrupted me. He was talking to himself again I think, but it really looked like he was talking to someone, or something "Okay I have to ask who in the world are you talking to?

"Huh, oh, it's nothing," he said awkwardly. Okay I'm officially creped out!

"Yeah we gotta go, but umm see you in school." I say. What a creeper. Ugh it must be tough I don't think he has much of a social life. I feel somewhat bad for him.

"Oh my gosh you were right, he is sooooo disturbing!" Abby says almost nervously as we walked (well more a jog actually) back to my house.

"Why would I lie about something like that?"

"Well I thought you were just messing with me and made the whole thing up."

"Abbs the part that scares me out the most is the fact that he looked like he thought there really was someone there, but I looked and nothing," I say as we walked into my house. "Mom, dad I'm home!"

"Angela, just about everything about him freaks me out. Anyway I better get home. See you tomorrow at school."