Yelling, Screaming, Crying, Denying

A girl stands in front of a mirror

What does she see?

She sees a flaw

Or maybe three

She sees what she doesn't like

She sees fat where there is none

She sees bumps where skin is smooth

She sees hair just for another excuse to shave

And when she shaves maybe she'll slip a bit

Then little beads of red will roll down her skin

And she'll forget those flaws





Dry your eyes they just don't understand

They can't see the light in your eyes dim

Or the spring in your step die

Every time you say your fine

All she wants is to be perfect

That not so bad, is it?

All she wants is to be loved

That not so selfish, is it?

Yet still they yell

Still they scream

As she cries

And tries to deny

Deny with lies so good even she might have believed

If not for the hole in her chest still gushing blood

Sometimes she wonders why they can't see

Can't see the spot where her heart used to be

But then she tells herself it doesn't matter

Because what would they do then

Yell a little

Scream some more

All while she cries

And still denies

No it's better that they stay ignorant to her pain

That way they don't try to understand

That way they don't try to help

Because what could they do





That's all they seem to do anyways

A poem about self-hate and parents misunderstanding. Hope someone likes it.