No One

I tried

I really did

To live life to the fullest

But anything I gave was thrown right back in my face

I look for friends

All I get is enemies

I look for fun

All I get is feeling lame

I look for happiness

All I get is the sad

Am I just not good enough?

Will I ever be?

I want to be happy

But it always seems elude me

Maybe I'm meant to be sad when I should be glad

To stay quiet when I should be screaming

To be bleeding when I should feel whole

My shortcomings always come first

I can never carry a conversation

I have many things to say, I'm just too awkward

I can never go outside

Crowds make it so I can't breathe

I can never be happy

I drag my depression everywhere I go

I know I'm not alone in feeling this

But should that really make me feel better

To know that others out there feel things similar to what I do

If any thing it makes it worse

Because I know that's not a good thing

No one should feel this way

A poem about depression and being grouped together.