There was a terrified and pained scream piercing the darkness of the woods around her. Trees were a blur in the darkness as she stopped, her tiny feet sinking into the fresh mud.

Keep running this way!

The boys voice came from beside her, and in the blur of the trees all she could make out was a slightly taller figure, dark hair enveloping the rest of his face.

She knew the boy was right, but for some reason was drawn back to that terrible scream. She knew she had to help the person behind that scream, but the sudden fear of what was back there kept her motionless.

It was at that point she realised, she was carrying a small bundle. An animal? A baby?

She wasn't sure, but she got a strong feeling that she had to protect this small bundle in her arms. She held it tighter, looking to the blur of a boy, who was also carrying something on his back. Something red. All she could see was a dash of red, something perched on the boys back. She had-

In an instant, the boy and the small bundle were gone, and her feet felt like they were sinking further into the mud. She struggled to move, but every move got harder, until she couldn't lift her feet above the soggy ground anymore.

Keep going!

The voice was all around her, echoing off the dark trees and vibrating in her ears. She tried to move, but found she couldn't even lift her arms…

I.. I cant..


Robyn bolted upright in her bed, beads of sweat trickling down her face. She brushed the blond curls from her eyes, suddenly feeling the night chill and wrapping her arms around her. The sleeves of her night-top were soaked.

She sighed, looking around her small but modest room. Her small table sat in the small corner, the moonlight shining in from the window next to it and onto piles of her books scattered all over it and part of the floor. Against the opposite wall was her set of dresser drawers, clothes spilling out of them, draped over its mirror and the foot of her bed. She really needed to clean her room…

She kicked her blankets off, climbing out of bed to go change. As she stood up, something lured her to the window. She tiptoed to the window, careful of the old creaking floorboards under her feet, peering out into their backyard. The moon was casting shadows that seemed to dance in the night, the wind blowing slightly and rustling the two small trees at the end of the yard. Underneath them, the family's dog was flat on his back, legs in the air. He seemed to be sleeping quite peacefully for a pup.

With a grunt of effort, she slid the window up, feeling the cool air rush in, brushing over her flushed face, bringing her back to the world again.

"That same dream again" She muttered, even though she knew no one could hear.

She knew it was no dream though. It was a memory, and one that haunted her more and more often as of late. It terrified her every time, every time she heard that scream. It reminded her…

A sudden flash of light outside made her jump, looking over to see it was the neighbours back porch light flickering on. As she watched, the middle aged man step out, shutting the door behind him and turning to look up at the night sky.

He would usually come out at all odd hours of the night and early morning, and just stare up at the sky. Robyn had asked him once, and he had explained how he loved to see the stars, and that was the best time. He couldn't see them as brightly any other time. Weird man? Yes. Nice, but weird.

If he knew what my life was like before he met me, he would probably think I'm the crazy one. She thought as she watched him smile upwards, as if he had found something that money couldn't buy.

Robyn shivered, realising she was cold again, gently closing the window and going back to her bed. She wrapped herself up in her blankets, no longer feeling the need to change, instead trying to warm herself up again.

She knew why she was having that dream. She knew what her mind was telling her, what it thought she should do.

It's been so long I wonder if they would remember…

Because, she knew, she never could forget.