I can smell the breath running down my neck. The harsh, cold growls of whatever are behind me. I hear an unearthly mutter and a small whimper. I'm not the only one here. I can feel the ropes around my wrists, digging into my skin, giving me burns as I try to squirm out of them. I close my eyes as the creature rounds on me and snickers, an icy sound, like a million glass vases falling and shattering. It's all I can do not to cry. It sighs and mutters something. I can't understand it, the whole growling, the icy laughing, the horrible clicking of its claws. It's not human, yet it talks.

Never go out after dark. They always find you. You never are seen again.

I press my feet together, and try to pull out of the ropes, binding me to certain death. I can't. I bite my tongue as I feel a long, slightly bent claw, begin to sink into my back. I almost scream, but the creature strokes my chin, trying to silence me. And somehow, it does. Because I know that the more I struggle, the less my life is, the less chance I have of being found. I can hear the creature talking. He probably doesn't know I can't understand him, but last time I told him, he started howling, and he almost bit my ear off. I can't hear from it anymore.

They look for us. They stalk us day and night. We are their prey. They are our end.

I can hear the thing muttering. It's my name, over and over again. Blessé, Blessé, Blessé. I try my hardest not to cry out. The thing wanders away, sort of a small swaying movement, accompanied by the sound of nail on a chalkboard. It doesn't register. Not the pain, not the sound, not the bondage. None of it registers. I lost the ability to feel. But when I hear the other child, maybe five or six, cry out, I start to silently cry. Tears leak from my eyes, something I have never felt before. I hear the child crying and the thing roaring. A slight hiss, and everything goes silent.

They are the embodiment of pure fear. They kill to live. The live to die. They die to be reborn. And all we can do is feed them. Feed them with our mind, body and soul.

The chalkboard again. Coming closer. It whispers something in my ear, and I can understand it.

Blessé... I know that is your name... Why don't you talk...? I am the last thing you will ever see... Why won't you let me hear your beautiful voice...?

I cry out and the thing laughs, shattering my mind. How does it know my name? How much does it know?

Oh Blessé... I know everything... Your mother, brother, your disabled aunt, you dying father... They are all waiting... That is all you humans are doing...

They can read minds. They can feel emotions. They can kill without remorse.

I can hear it purring, a strange sound, reminiscent to a cat, yet so different, lifting my soul, but pinning it to a stake.

Ahh... All you human thought me as cruel. But what are you really. You hunt, you eat, you don't stop from pity to the dear and the turkey. And I do the same thing. The only difference, is that I'm from a world, where all humans are, are food, and sometimes, the only entertainment, watching them scream, and cry, and thrash. The food for the beast. The topping of the salad. The dessert and the side dish. But you are fearful... Why? You hunt, I hunt. You eat, I eat. Yet you seem not to notice, that the animals you eat a living beings too. So why can't I enjoy playing with my food?

The way it talks, it almost makes my heart stop. It's not from its mouth. I can hear it, but it echoes, like when someone is having a flash back in a movie. It smiles at me, and I see it for the first time. It's so repulsive, and I can't help but cry out. It laughs, a great sound, shattering my mind, almost like when you see something so horrible, so... inhumane, you go into shock. The world stops registering again. Nothing. They creature is talking, I can hear it somewhere in the back of my head, but I don't understand. Its claws are tearing at my clothes, my skin, my bones, but I feel nothing. Its reek rises up around me, trying to make me die, trying to make me die, trying to make me die, but I can't smell it. It can understand and starts making cooing noises, and purring at the same time. It smiles and strokes my hair. Tear spill over my eyes and I hear it again, the voice, the gunshot that shatters my mind.

Don't worry... Not all humans are food... Maybe I can keep you as a pet... Blessé... You are different... You are pure. You do not think only of yourself... You care about your family... I will spare them... But you will be my pet... And I will keep you forever...

They live feeling nothing. Hunger, greed, want. Their only emotions. They only are here, to feed from out fear, and out meat.

I hear it deeply crooning to me, somehow calming my stress. It strokes my face and then cries out.


I can hear the hiss again, but this time, it joined by the smell of burning flesh, the sting that fire brings to your eyes, the horror that you feel right before you die.


I can hear it moaning, weeping while it nurses its burnt flesh.


It rounds on me as I see the clear base mark on its flesh, burning from my tears, and I have time to cry out once more, before it skewers me, and I feel the life drain from my arms, legs, body, everything. My last sight on this place, is it lying me down, crying over me, stroking my cheek on last time, deep red tears falling from my eyes, laying the pure, white roses on my chest, stained with my blood. The deep crimson red roses.

It cannot feel, it cannot be hurt. It can be emotionally attached to people. Keep them as pets, nurture them. Love them. But once it is hurt, it will kill. It won't even feel it.

~ Shilo Burbans