Survival Strategy


My first action was to run deeper into the forest, to escape the clearing area as it would be much easier for my enemies to spot me if I stood out in the open. The forest floor was quite damp, as if a light rain had just passed, and mud and soil clung to my combat boots as I ran, making a sloppy, mucky sound. After what seemed like almost twenty minutes of continuous running, I sat down on a rock near a tall coniferous tree. I took out my digital communicator that I had put in my bag when Ace gave it to me, taking a good look at it for the first time. It was simply just a small screen attached to some sort of plastic strap that was bright orange. There were only three buttons on the side of the screen, and they all looked identical. Curious, I pressed the first on, the screen lighted up showing the date and time, which read 13th June 2012, 10pm, clearly in a digital style font. Touching the screen, the clock faded away and instead another screen popped up.


The screen was touch-sensitive meaning that to go through and select what I wanted would only take a tap. The first screen was an info card with my information on it; again, I do not know how they got it and how it got to be in here. Tapping the screen once, the card icon changed into an icon with the letters 'DC' clearly written on - I found out later that it meant 'digital communicator'. After looking through the DC, there were any other assets such as being able to tell the temperature, having a map our exact location as we explored our surroundings. The path that I had ran from was clearly show on that map, revealing what was on the path I took. I tested it out by walking once around the rock I was sitting on, the trees and rock was revealed on the map too. There was also a contacts section where the names of all my squad members were on as well as the commander.

I remember Ace saying that this thing couldn't contact anyone I hadn't contacted before or if there was no signal, and where I was standing, there was clearly none. I also doubt there will be signal around in these parts.

"How do I even tell if there is signal?" I spoke to myself as I lifted my wrist upwards like you see people do in movies when they are looking for signal on their cell phones.

I decided to survey the area around me, I trekked out a path around the area I was in and it all revealed on the map inside the outline of the island. The place I had looked around wasn't even close to 10% of the island's forest area. This was one of the more tropical islands in Aufeis, the others were usually covered in snow all year round, apart from this one which only had snow in winter. It was the perfect climate for a military base and headquarters for people who don't want to be noticed, since Aufeis was famous for its ice and snow, no one would come to this island, they're rather go to Mirunae, our country – where each region had their own season. In Reiame, the Northern part of Mirunae, it was always winter, while in the south, in Kayeren, it was always summer. In the east, in Icaire, where our village of Airene was, it was always spring. The largest area of our country more inland, and one that borders Aufeis' mainland in the west was Mirunae's Demetei, which was always autumn. I missed that mild weathers on spring that I was used to. It was perfectly in between the cold of winter and the hot of summer, spring was perfect and so was Airene.

"So this is Aufeis? I've only seen it in movies." I said aloud, looking around, trying to see what was around me with difficulty as it was quite dark.

After walking in circles for about another half-hour, I looked at the DC and saw that it was almost 11pm. I had no water, no food, no shelter and only a backpack. I opened my backpack, the one that the HQ had given to all of us before we left, replacing my rucksack. I found that there was an empty water bottle, as well as a lock-n-lock lunch box, which was also empty. I took the two out, and couldn't help hoping that they had filled it with food and water too. The only other thing was my silenced pistol, which I took out at put it in the socket on my belt that was made especially for the Special Squads to place weapons and other necessities. They were lightweight and easy to move around in, even with weapons. The only other thing left was my uniform blazer that Kino had said I didn't have to wear at all except at formal gatherings or meetings; however, I decided to put it on since I didn't know how much colder it would get throughout the night - I didn't want to freeze to death while I was asleep.

Surprisingly, the blazer was extremely comfortable and easy to move in, it was navy blue in color with bright orange – the same orange as my tie – as lining along the hems, it helped me camouflage in the dark too.

"Rune, squad six" I read the letters sewn on to the circle attached to the right-upper pocket of the blazer.

Setting my back pack on the rock from earlier, I looked around for some firewood near the area. It was getting dark and I could barely see, but the light from my DC helped a lot. Firewood that would light was hard to find as most of the pieces of wood lying around were damp from the rain. It only meant I had to go further to find firewood, but luckily with the map on my DC, I was able to relocate the rock from earlier.

Making my way back, I realized I had gone further than I thought and by the time I got back, I saw that my back pack had disappeared from where I had left it. There was no trace of it. I looked carefully, in case it had dropped beside the rock. It was nowhere to be found, and I was sure I had left it there earlier.

"What could have happened to it?" I wondered.

I sat back down on the rock, trying to clear my mind. It was difficult in this situation as I was covered in sweat from the long hike I had taken. My boots were soaked in mud and I was in immediate need of a shower. Thirsty and sweaty, I knew my only option was to wait till morning to find a water source of some sort, or else I wouldn't survive a day here.

The air was fairly cool, so even after lighting up the fire, my sweat dried. I curled up beside the rock, and wrapped myself in my blazer trying desperately to keep warm after the temperature seemingly dropped drastically as soon as I stopped moving. I knew that wasn't the case, and it was just that my body was using up less energy and not having to work as hard. It wasn't hard for me to drift off into a deep sleep, since I was exhausted from the journey as well as all the action and new things that have happened to me during the course of the day. Honestly, you'd think it'd be too much to take in all at one, me coming from a more rural village but in my case, I couldn't wait for more.

What would happen tomorrow? I asked myself that too many times during the period my conscious mind was drifting to sleep.

"Rune! I'm sorry…" Again, that voice. This time, it was clearer, almost as if I had gotten closer to the source, the person calling my name. "Rune, you must not! You can't! I'm sorry." The voice spoke in short sentences that didn't make much more sense to me than what was said before. I can't? I must not? What exactly does the voice mean? I was just about to open my mouth and ask, but the moment I did, I could feel a cold and wet sensation on my skin. Millions and tons of them followed. I opened my eyes and the darkness of the dream vanished.

It was raining.


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