Chapter 1: Expose

Note: This is a girls love, incest, and lactation story. If those themes do not interest you then please do not read this story.

1 April, 2021; it was that day that everything changed for me.

I had just returned from the office. "I'm home!" I called as I removed my black high heels. Hitomi appeared from the kitchen, smiling. Something smelled good.

"Welcome home, Mama," she said to me cheerfully. Hitomi, my beautiful daughter. She resembles a 16-year-old me in many ways with her light skin, silky brown hair, brown eyes, and stupendous figure. We have some differences though. My hair reaches past my shoulders while Hitomi wears hers in a cute little ponytail. My face has a beauty mark under my left eye while hers is unblemished. Finally, there are our breasts. Hitomi has an ample set for her age. She looks so voluptuous and seductive, like a gravure idol. My precious daughter, already sporting a 97/59/83 figure! Mine though? My breasts have been compared to high explosives, deadly weapons that can ruin whole nations. Co-workers joke that I cause earthquakes wherever I go from the jiggling my tits make. My three sizes? 122/67/94. All natural, too. If Hitomi's a gravure idol then I'm an A.V. actress for the giant tit fetishists. And that's only the beginning of the secrets of my fantastic body…

I winced a little as a walked in, the heat building up in my tits. Hitomi noticed and smiled with sympathy.

"Back hurting again?" she asked.

"Yes," I lied, rubbing my shoulder. I made a pained smile. "I'll be there in a few moments!"

With Hitomi's attention elsewhere, I just about ran to the bathroom to strip off my coat and heavy-duty bra. I have kept this from everyone my whole life, and I wasn't about to let anyone know about it. I grunted at the pressure and remembered my yojijukugo.

"Rojuusakuchou," I muttered, repeating as my bra popped off and my 122-centimeter boobs burst out, nipples red and swollen. That's the meaning of the first kanji, "expose". Next is "rub". I grasp my tits, fingers pressing into the pale flesh lightly. My face flushed, my soft moans escaping my lips. This is where I really get horny from my little process.

I "squeeze" next. I knead and massage the ample tit flesh, and my nipples release a light spray of warm, sweet milk. How? I don't know. My body is abnormal as it is, so lactating isn't too surprising. I groan deeply as I see the thin white nectar fly from my bosoms, the drink I nursed Hitomi on as a baby. It's too much, and I push one fat tit up so my mouth can take the leaking nipple, filling it with my motherly drink. I wish I could have four arms, then I can continue playing with my bursting tits while fingering my hungry pussy. It's so hard to deal with both! How's a woman to chose between such potent erogenous zones? Luckily, sucking my sensitive nipples can bring me to orgasm without ever touching my pussy, but the instinct to touch myself is still really strong.

Finally, there is the "peak". My body's had enough, and a massive orgasm is coming. I suck fiercely, building the pleasure to critical levels, an electric stirring in my crotch exploding along my nerves. I cum right into my pants, and my nipples ejaculate twin streams of milk. It's incredible when that happens. I feel like my tits and pussy are wired together, cumming as one in a single orgasm. It's so good that I lost control, releasing my milk-filled mouth to cry in absolute pleasure, bracing my back against the sink.

Hitomi chose that moment to open the door, and get a face-full of her lewd mother's milk. Shit! I forgot to lock the door!

"I…came to see if anything…" Hitomi stared at the bizarre sight of her mother topless, milk dripping from fat nipples to the floor. My insides twisted. What have I done to Hitomi? Would she be ashamed of me? Would she become disturbed? Visions filled my mind of the news talking about the deranged mother that squirted breast milk on her daughter, driving the daughter mad. What was I going to do?

Hitomi rubbed some milk off her cheek and looked at it incredulously. "Milk…?" she asked blankly. She looked like she was in shock. Tears filled my tears.

"Oh, Hitomi, I'm sorry!" I burst out. "I have to empty my breasts of milk! It hurts to leave it in!"

Hitomi trembled and slowly licked her fingers clean. She stared at my tits like she was hypnotized…or a hungry beast. "Mama…" she groaned, and suddenly her tongue was all over my tits, lapping them clean. I yelped, too startled to push her off.

"Hitomi…! Ah!" I quivered, gripping the sink as my daughter performed her obscene act. "No, please Hitomi!" I implored.

"Oh Mama…" Hitomi withdrew, licking her lips and lewdly rubbing her pussy through her skirt. Her eyes gleamed with a greedy light. Wordlessly, she took my hand and dragged me to my room.

"What are you doing?" I asked. She set me on the bed, and began removing her clothes.

"I don't know what's happening to me," Hitomi said as she tossed her shirt away and cast her bra off, her own impressive boobs bouncing out. She regarded me with an unholy fascination. I was scared, feeling helpless before Hitomi.

"When I saw your naked breasts, when I tasted your delicious milk…"

Hitomi threw her skirt and pants aside and crawled nude onto the bed with me, sliding her slender arms around me and bringing her face so close to mine we where almost kissing.

"…Something awoke," she said, her warm breath tickling my face. She pushed me down and delivered a forceful kiss, her tongue invading my mouth. I moaned in weak protest, yet my body responded favorably. I hadn't had sex or even kissed passionately for years. Only my milkings and the occasional vibrator have kept my sex life going. I realized I wanted to kiss, to make love, but with my own daughter?

Hitomi moved down to my swollen tits and smiled darkly. "Milk is for babies," told me. "How could you keep all this wonderful milk from your baby? You're a cruel mother."

She slowly sucked my right nipple into her mouth, the pressure she was applying forcing me to lactate. I whimpered, trying to make sense of what was happening. I sometimes have trouble thinking straight right after a big orgasm, but it was like my mind had filled with fog and I couldn't resist Hitomi. It felt so good…

Tears were running down Hitomi's pretty cheeks. "Wonderful…" she gasped before switching to my other tit.

"Hitomi, my baby…" I croaked. It made sense to give my daughter milk as long as I was still producing it. It was selfish to keep it to myself, especially since it tasted so good.

She stopped sucking to squeeze my tit, forcing streams to land in her open mouth. She looked so beautiful like that, so pure.

"It's so delicious," she told me, but moved lower still, stopping at my skirt. She pulled it up, exposing my lacy damp pants.

"Look how wet you are!" Hitomi exclaimed. She grabbed my pants and pulled them down, my pussy bare to her. I lay back, waiting for her to continue.

"This is where I came from," Hitomi mused. She lowered her head to my cleft. I gasped as her tongue brushed my pussy lips, teasing me with agonizing pleasure. Obscene slurping noises filled the room as my daughter ate me out. I gripped the sheets, my boobs wobbling as I twisted back and forth. Milk came in little squirts, I was so stimulated.

"Hitomi, I'm going to cum," I moaned.

"Cum for me, Mama!" she cried, mashing her whole face into my sopping crotch and licking with perverse abandon. Her tongue probed deep inside of me. I screamed and my tits erupted into alabaster fountains. More milk than I have ever before produced streamed out in beautiful geysers, falling down upon Hitomi's head and back. I must have cum for a full 30 seconds before subsiding.

Hitomi snuggled up to me, resting her head on my breast and licking the milk up. "This is wrong," I said.

"Then why are you going along with me?" Hitomi asked.

I didn't have an answer.

"Papa's not coming back," Hitomi said. "Let me be your lover from now on."

I looked at her, and stroked her soft hair lovingly. She was my beautiful baby. "Yes," I answered. I gave her a lover's kiss, caressing her tits. I think she will be bigger than me at my age.

"My beautiful Hitomi."

"My beautiful mama."

That was when my life was changed forever, and I fell in love with my busty daughter.

Oh! She wants me now. I must go now. I feel the pressure building up in my tits again. Join us next time. I have so much love, so much milk to give.


To be continued…

Author's note: I have been working on many stories lately. I have worked on a heroic fantasy one-shot, "Sword and Sorcery and Soul". I have worked on an ecological-themed undersea mermaid adventure, Un Tesoro del Mar. I even worked briefly on a Dragon Ball female muscle expansion fan-fiction, Dragon Ball GP-Up. So what did I finish first? A story I only mentioned briefly on my FictionPress account page as an April Fools Day joke. I had nearly forgotten about this story, and decided to use it as a surprise. I hope it is enjoyed as well as unexpected.