Little Angel

Little angel, where's your smile?

I haven't seen it in a while.

You're looking pale, and oh so thin.

To the touch, so cold is your skin.

Little angel, carry on,

The darkness will make way to dawn.

Just give it time, and keep on going,

Keep working hard and you'll keep growing.

Little angel, stay with me,

It's not too bad down here, you'll see.

Just stick around for a little longer,

It might perhaps just make you stronger.

Little angel, go away,

I cannot cope with you today.

You know I love you, but it's not enough,

You'll say you're fine, but I'll call your bluff.

Little angel, please don't leave,

I have a good plan up my sleeve!

I'll fix it, hell, I swear I will,

I'll work, I'll burn, I'll even kill.

Little angel, your hurt shows,

I know this isn't a path you chose,

Little angel, be at peace,

I hope your troubles soon will cease.

Little angel, my little angel,

Don't grow up to be like me.

Little angel, little angel,

Do not live in naivety.

Little angel, fly away,

You're far too good for Earth anyway.

Just know I loved and fought and cried

For you and only you, till the very day you died.