"I'm leaving."

Those two words broke his heart, shattered it into pieces. An overwhelming sadness filled his lungs, his veins, his nerves, everything. Words caught in his throat. His mouth hung open. His broken brown eyes widened. Suddenly he couldn't breathe. His heart pumped ferociously, but he couldn't feel it.

"Why?" He choked out, hot tears searing his cheeks. Her doleful violet eyes sent angry tremors down his back.

"It's not my choice." She whispered.

Her golden locks billowed in the wind, slapping him in the face. He breathed in the delicious scent. A beautiful lily flower. His beautiful lily flower. Tears cascaded down her own cheeks as her head hung.

He wished with all he had that he could end her misery, but his was just beginning. Emotional pain vibrated through his body. He could barely stand, he felt so weak. He could barely think. Just when everything had fallen into place, she was leaving him. His life shattered into broken images right before his eyes. She looked up at him, wistfully.

"Do me a favor." She breathed. His dimming eyes lit up.

"Anything." He responded.

He couldn't bare the thought of causing her more unhappiness. There was so much ruin already.

"Remember me."