Here you go people. One of my new stories.


Getting to Know Him


General Information

Donor Code:129N

Name: Landon James Dale

Ethnic Origin:German, Irish

Blood Type:O Positive

Hair Color: Black

Yep…so far I like this one.

Type of Hair: Straight

Thickness of Hair: Thick

Eye Color: Blue

Complexion Relative to Race: Fair

Bone Structure: Medium

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 173

Handedness: Right-Handed

He is a keeper whoever he is. Right now, I am pondering over whether I should do the donor sperm bank thing or not. The only reason I am doing this is because I want a baby. My ex and I were together for five years almost six if we would have waited a month. We only broke up because he didn't want to have a baby with me, which sucked. I am a single woman, who wants a baby and my mother told me about this place down the street from the hospital. So here I am with my mother checking out the sight where almost every male kind is shown.

"Hey, I think I found one. I think I fell in love with this guy's description, Ma," I yelled from the living room.

"Abigail, finally. We have been looking for hours. Your brother will be coming in a few minutes for dinner with his family," Mom said. "Andate a vestirsi, baby."

My mother was three quarters Italian and she lived in Italy before she met my father with her family. She and my father met in New York, when she was on tour for her school. Mom was fluent in English, but she still had her Italian accent. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas we go over to Italy with my brother's family as well and celebrate it over there. Even though Italy doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, well, my family does because my mother's dad is an American with half Italian in him. We celebrate it over there because of my grandpa.

I quickly took a shower and dressed, but I was too late. My brother, Clark, and his wife, Sage, and my one year old niece, Danika, were already here and Dad was already sitting at the table waiting for my mother to finish with the spaghetti. Clark was sitting at the computer reading something, when he spotted me and grinned.

"What?" I asked.

"Mom says you want a baby, but from a sperm bank," he said. "Are you thinking about this guy...um...Landon?"

"Hey, I am still deciding, Clark."

"Do it," he replied. "Danny needs a playmate."

"Clark, let Abigail decide what she wants," Sage said, handing him Danika.

"Vieni a mangiare," Mom said. "Dinner is ready."

We all sat around the dining room table and Clark kept staring at me. Somehow he got Mom to talk about my plans to have a baby, which didn't surprise Dad because he already knew about my plans. I sat there as my brother, Mom, and Dad told me I need to have a baby, if I wanted one. So yeah, I am going to have that Landon guy's baby according to my brother, he picks Landon.

"Abigail, come help me clean up," Mom said, after dinner was over.


I walked into the kitchen and washed the dishes as my mother dried them. She wanted to know if I was going to actually go to the donor bank and if I was can she come as well. I watched as my brother and his daughter in the back yard. Maybe, I could find someone who would love the child unconditionally, once I meet that man and have the baby.

"I want someone like Clark," I told Mom. "He loves Danny and actually loves her. Yes, she was a surprise and they were still, but so. They were together forever, so was Jeff and I, but I wanted a baby and Jeff didn't."

"Baby, you'll find the right guy and he will love the baby if you decide to have one from the sperm bank." Mom placed her hands on my shoulders. "Prometto."

"'Kay, Mama."