Hi guys! It's been a while since you've seen me, and all of a sudden, I post a new story! Yes, I'm sorry. But I can't help it, this is the type of person I am. But don't worry, will definitely not delete any of the stories I have up now, and will one day, definitely continue them. For now, it's the story version of the manga I've been focusing on. I keep getting stuck on how to move things forward so I wanted to write it our. A lot more dependable than keeping it all bottled up inside my head don't you think?

Full preview summary of volume one: Ever since Futaba Suzuki could remember, he could see things that other children couldn't. He knew that interaction with the dead was bad, but he couldn't help befriending the ghost of a dead girl named Ryoko, who usually hung out on the top of his school's roof top. This was his normal life. But when a new teacher interns at his school and shows a keen interest in him, everything changes. Rumors of a strange pair walking the streets and committing violent acts go on the rise, and Ryoko begins to act strange. Seems the new teacher isn't as unknown as thought. What will happen to Futaba?

Where you can read the manga so far: ratemydrawings . com/collection/Animus-7594

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Prologue: Lillia West

Tanima is your typical type of city. Office workers ride buses and subways to work, and often go out to eat or drink to relieve their stress afterwards. School students have to be literally dragged out of bed, and go out to play after school. Heck, even the animals are normal. See squirrel, bark at it, chase it, and bark some more. It was routine after routine after routine, a city that was stuck in a cycle of forever, day and night. But today, the endless cycle would be distorted into a maze of forks and dead ends.

Somewhere, in the fringes of the city, was a small, hilly area of woods. Not many people went through there, because it was an isolated, depressing and creepy place. After a minutes' walk in, the forest opened up into a rusty old playground. It had not been touched in over fifty or so years though. Sometimes some arrogant school brats would come along and use it for their test of courage games, going into the woods with no path, touching the abandoned playground equipment, and dashing the hell away from it after they succeeded. Further behind the playground was large, empty clearing. From there, you could see the whole city, sky scrapers and all. It was because the city was built in a valley, hence the town's name, Tanima village. It is here in this clearing, where our story begins.

The place was eerily quiet. There were no birds chirping their chipper melodies, no dogs barking at people passing by heard in the distance, not even the rusty playground squeaked a peep. The only sound was the wind gently caressing the fingertips of the trees, tickling the leaves into whispered dry and raspy giggles.

Then, another sound could be heard. It was a groaning, creaking, rumbling sound. The ground began to tremble gently, as jet black miasma that was tinted red began flowing out of a minuscule point in the ground. As the point widened itself, it took shape into a magic rune, with circles, triangles and writing taking clearer shape as the rune spread itself out. Once the rune was about four feet tall and wide, a hand shot out! It was gloved in black leather, all the way up to mid upper arm. The hand continued to plunge forward until the figure was entirely out from the circle, turning out to be a young looking girl.

The girl was a beautiful one. Her skin was the pigment of falling snow tinted with the color of peaches. Her eyes were sharp and quick witted, their cerulean blue irises capable of boring holes into your skull just by her gaze. Her hair was somewhat strange: her bangs were cut straight above her eyes, that were normal looking, but on the sides of her head was two black, goat like horns, and gold colored...drills? No, that was her hair, tied up by two thin, black ribbons. Her ears were slightly pointed, and her mouth was petite, as was the rest of her body, resembling to be ten or twelve year old. She was clad in a violet colored velvet dress with a jagged hem, and cut off above her chest into a mesh that secured itself around her neck. On her legs, she wore crimson colored stockings, and thigh high boots that were belted on. They raised her height by about three inches, brining her only up to a meager 5'1". Around her body snaked a black, furry boa scarf, and from her back and under her dress, black wings and an arrow tipped tail sprouted. A red, ominous aura emitted from her.

"You're late, Lillia."

It was her companion, who had already been in town and was waiting for her arrival. His hair was the color of ripe strawberries, and covered most of the top half of his face. His hair fell flat until halfway down his head, where it began to spike outwards. He wore a monochrome mask, black on one half, white on the other, with their counterpart's shade striking his eyes vertically, like a clown would do on his makeup. On the left side of his head hung a black colored bull's horn, tip pointing toward the ground. There was a metal base where hair met horn, studded with round screws, and on it was fastened a chain that disappeared into his heavy looking black fur cloak. Under his cloak, he wore a baggy purple and white vertically striped shirt held up with a belt around his stomach, loose pants and boots. Two purple hilted katana were buckled onto his left hip, where he often rested his hand.

"I couldn't help it. The old farts were holding me back." Lillia walked past him and quickly got down to business after scanning the area. "Report on the current situation, Rai."

"It's worse than what we expected." Rai said. "Just look." He pointed out towards the downtown area, filled with people, businesses, and some skyscrapers. Lillia looked.

"Oh wow, there's more than I expected." Her face contorted in disgust as she looked on at the crowds of people crossing streets, loitering, and heading to school. "Filthy scum, how dare they try to inhabit this world?" Her eyes gleaming, she raised her arm, and cupped the city in her palm. "I, Lillia West..." She crushed the image of the city in her fist and grinned, her jagged canines showing. "...will purge this world clean."

-End of Prologue: Lillia West-