Rolling stones in her left hand, ancient lyrics echoed through eternity, for the stones were of the telling of time. Each chime represented a human chosen.

The white owl of wisdom, perched upon her shoulder, gave a feather to humankind to which they were given wisdom of the ages. His amber eyes glowed with knowledge that not all of man will come to use this gift wisely. So ruffling his feathers, he forgave them.

Lying at her feet, sighing contently was the demon cat of condemnation, silently waiting for one of the stones to fall, so she could gather it in her lethal claws and swallow it whole, whilst enjoying the sound of souls that will forever be screaming in horror.

The dog of messengers sat at her side, thumping his tail happily that he had his master's gaze. She smiled softly at the loyalty he portrayed and she wished for her children to have such a gift. So with slight flick of her left wrist that held the stones, all mankind had the friend of life.

Wrapped around her right arm was the snake of jealousy and spite, hissing over her head at the owl. Never could the snake wrap too tightly for if it did, she let the owl peck its eyes. But that was only what was in her power to do; the last was up to man.

Holding in her right hand was the dagger of truth, stabbing a stone at random to deliver the justice that was needed. With a gleaming point it was not something she used foolishly. The stone would turn to ashes. She watched sadly as they fell from her hand into the waiting mouth of the cat, licking her muzzle as she swallowed.

Sometimes the screams were too much for her and she would cry tears of mourning and sorrow. Everyone felt her pain and could see her tears as they fell from the skies. Her children cried with her.

Never would she let all the stones fall, forever molding her children's lives as she tousled them. She watched her them live and die before her eyes as she looked through the sun each day. Such love shown through them that she unknowingly gave them the one thing they would need to survive, Hope; that tomorrow could be different and that each day was a gift given by her to right the wrongs and show each other the love they felt for one another.

She has been with mankind since the dawn of their creation. Being neither the end nor the beginning she was held back no beliefs or theories of man. Never did she know what was beyond her reasoning for she had yet to catch a glimpse of these realms that were called Heaven and Hell. She only knew that there was a place past her that just might be the paradise we as a people long for all our lives but have yet to discover.

She is called by many names but she answers to all. She is measured by no one for all are her children. You just need look for her in tomorrow. She is always waiting for you to find her and ask of her anything you will for you know of her the name which most calls her by... Fate

Hmph, I hate being on a leash. Dogs are supposed to be on leashes but cats? Please! Damon should be the one in my place right now. Just fantastic, Livius is on a rampage in the human world and we're supposed to catch him. Not saying that I can't do it by myself. I can beat his scaly hide any day. It's fun to see him squirm and I'm guessing he thinks the same about me. Too bad he can't die though. None of us can. That reminds me…

It's disgusting being stuck in this body. I no longer have my fangs or claws. I have stubs for nails and blunt teeth and the hair that gets in the way all the time. You're probably thinking what in the world am I talking about. I'm the one who swallows the poor souls who fall from grace. In other words you could say I'm the devil but that's being a little drastic. My original form is a cat. I lie at Kader's feet waiting for her to drop a stone, a soul, and then I swallow it whole. Listening to those souls scream in horror and pain is delicious. It's making me tremble just from the thought.

Kader named me Anima, just Anima. I never even had a name before this all happened. None of us did. There are three others; Damon, Livius, and Dhaval. As I am a cat, Damon is a dog and Livius is a snake. Dhaval is an owl. We all share something in common, Kader, our master.

She's what call humans call fate or destiny. She holds every single human soul in the palm of her hand in the form a stone. Some might even call her God but from what I've seen she's not very close. I'd say she's the gateway to God and the Devil. I've met neither but I can tell you someone who's close to being the devil, Livius. I may condemn but I'm not the one who tempts. The humans fall for him of their own accord. Just means more for me.

What is this whole mess about? You're probably wondering. Well I tell you. It started when…

Every few moments the chimes would ring signifying that a child was born. I lay curled up at her feet, twitching my tail with the chimes. I was waiting patiently for one to fall. My claws were sharpened to their fullest and my mouth was watering. To my left was the dog, sitting up straight and staring adoringly up at her. It made me sick to see the loyalty that shown in his eyes. Of course that's just what he was, a dog.

Then suddenly a stone started fall. I jumped upright ready to pounce when it landed within my reach. All the stones are different colors. Some are black, white, purple, any color you can imagine. What color the stone meant how evil they were, the darker the more evil. The black ones were the tastiest. But as the stone fell I realized something was wrong. The stone was white. Why was it falling to me if it was white? I could hear the cries. The soul knew what was happening.

I looked within and found something I'd never seen. The soul that I was about to devour was just a boy just born, with his umbilical cord not even cut yet. He should have no wrongs. The stone landed. The baby was still crying, knowing what my intention was but I was hesitating. I never did. Something had gone wrong in the string of things. Why was he sent to me? He was just born, not even given a chance. I knew I could not send him to his eternal pain. I couldn't. Not like this. He was pure, untainted.

I could feel all of them staring at me in astonishment for this was the first time I couldn't do it. His cries ceased, knowing that he was safe now. When humans are that young they still have a connection to the other world. So they can feel us. He had felt me.

Gathering him gently in my paws I lifted him up to her. Now he was sleeping. It feels funny to be trusted that much. I had never been trusted.

Something had wanted to destroy this boy. Thinking that with my eternal hunger that I would not notice the perfume of innocence. They were wrong. I looked up at her. Pleading that she take him back so that he may be given a chance to live. She understood completely. Bending down she lowered her hand and I placed him back in with all the others of his kind, mixing in with all the colors. He was one of the few white ones.

Silently I blessed him with my awareness. So that I may keep an eye on him as he grew up and matured into a man. He would always feel like he was watched, looking around corners and behind him forever. It was small price to pay for what could've happened. This was just the beginning of something much larger, even Kader would have too interfere with human affairs with what will happen and the boy would a play role. I had already made the choice. Someday soon the boy and I would meet face to face and he would remember me. He will be thankful to me for letting him go but he will also be looking at me with fear. They all did for I am Anima, the doorway to Hell.