I'm trying to make a comeback and I feel so rusty haha. I know I should work on my other stories, but I feel so far away from those plotlines so I'm starting a couple new ones. Thanks for all the kind words!

I like your argyle sweater: Chapter 1

By: Mizzlizdiz


"So what was the verdict on your date? You've haven't said a word the hour we've been here."

"Oh God, it was worse than the slobber-er," Corey sighed out his frustration. He and his best friend Danielle were on treadmills doing a cool down from their daily workout.

"Oh geez, how could it be worse?"

"Well, it was more that he was just into sex, which could be fine, except that he kept gushing about my height and…"

"Another one wanting you to top?" Danielle interrupted knowingly.

Corey nodded, "God. Why couldn't I be shorter? Then maybe guys wouldn't want me to dominate them all the time."

This had been Corey's curse through his whole dating life. He had grown up tall, topping off at 6 foot 5 inches. He was in good shape and had an extremely deep voice. He turned a lot of heads and got many offers, but because of his stature, most men assumed, wrongly, that he liked to top in bed. That couldn't be further from the truth. Unfortunately, the rare instances Corey could find someone to top him, it usually ended quickly. The reasons ranged, but many cases had to do with the other guys being insecure about their masculinities.

To combat this, Corey tried to manage his appearance. He was careful about his lifting workout so he remained toned and didn't bulk out too much. He also kept his hair long, the wavy strands brushing his shoulders.

He was also, by nature, fairly quiet, bordering on being timid and hoped that would encourage more dominating personalities.

But despite these efforts, it was getting to the point to where Corey thought he'd need to wear bright pink and skinny jeans and lisp to get the attention he wanted from men.

"I think I need a break from dating," he sighed.

"Buck up buttercup. I'm sure you'll…whoa…I would climb that guy like a tree."

Corey looked in the direction Danielle was staring at to see a guy at the gym's check-in desk.

The aforementioned guy was gorgeous.

He was tall, from the distance seeming to be about Corey's height, possibly a little taller. He was professionally dressed, wearing black slacks and a grey, blue and red argyle sweater. He had a shaved head and sharply defined features.

"Wow," was all that Corey could muster up in response for a minute. "That guy makes argyle hot."

Danielle chuckled. "I can't wait to see what he looks like in less."

Their eyes followed the guy as he walked into the locker room.

"He's probably gay." Danielle commented.

"What? What about that guy said homo?"

"The fact that I'm attracted to him. You know my track record," Danielle reached over and shoved his shoulder. In their college days she fell in love with a guy who was deep in the closet and he led her on, making her think he loved her until the day they graduated. Since then she seemed to always fall for gay guys.

Corey laughed. "Well there is that."

They changed the subject until Danielle clapped a hand on Corey's arm.

"Oh my God. Look over at the drinking fountains," She hissed out lowly.

Corey turned his head to look. The guy who had been wearing the argyle sweater was now, obviously, not wearing an argyle sweater. He was wearing loose black shorts and a Led Zepplin tank top which exposed a nicely muscled body, but that wasn't the most shocking thing. The most shocking thing was that the man was covered in tattoos, sleeves down both arms and a few running down his calves.

The guy chose a weight machine closer to the treadmills so Corey got a little better view of the artwork. The tattoos were just that, a beautiful piece of art, seemingly well thought out and designed. He had an anatomical heart on his forearm with the words loyalty and truth on it. He had a dragon closer to his shoulder and what looked like a wolf on his other shoulder. Corey was too far away to make out what blended these pictures together or what any of the others were.

"Wow." Was all Corey could muster as he gaped at the stranger.

"Yeah, it's too bad we're done with our workout. We should come later tomorrow to see if we can watch him work out," Danielle suggested.

"Creeper," Corey teased, shoving her shoulder. "I guess I wouldn't say no to watching him longer."

Danielle grinned. "That sounds like a plan for tomorrow then."

They walked by the tattooed guy and Corey could have sworn he saw the man watch them leave.


"So are you ready for the gym tonight?" Danielle peeked over the cubical that separated their desks.

Corey chuckled. "Oh yeah, I can't wait to see Argyle Sweater guy," he was half-sarcastic half-serious.

"You should ask him out. He looked like he could really give you a good time," Danielle accompanied the lewd comment with an over the top eyebrow waggle.

He rolled his eyes at her. "I'm sure he wants to give me a good time."

"If I was a gay man I'd totally do you."

Of course at that moment their boss, Jim decided to walk by. "A little less talk, a lot more action."

"Sir, yes sir!" Danielle saluted him.

"You guys better be thankful you have a cool boss," Jim grumbled as he walked away.

Danielle giggle. "Only one more hour."

That last hour seemed to fly by. Danielle and Corey got their stuff together and headed out.

"So I was thinking we could get coffee for like a half hour to an hour and then we can go to the gym in time to see Argyle Sweater?" Danielle asked.

"I guess we could. We don't even know that he'll be there."

"You're such a glass half empty! You need to think more positively! See that hunk of man-meat and snatch him up!"

"I don't know Danny," He jostled her shoulder. "Why don't you snatch up the man-meat?"

"Duh I'm a vegetarian," she joked.

He put an arm around her. He knew she hadn't been quite the same since her college love. She went through a phase where she had a lot of one night stands then dated some shady guys. For the past couple months, she'd been celibate, which was a feat since she was one of the most beautiful woman Corey ever met. Heck, he'd almost turn straight for her. She had gorgeous wavy red hair that was over halfway down her back, almond shaped brown eyes, a pretty, heart-shaped face, porcelain skin, and a body like a Victoria's Secret model. And under that pretty package was an outgoing, generous, loving woman that he adored. He wished he could be more like her.

They stopped at a Starbucks in the same plaza as the gym, ordered some Americanos, and flipped through some fashion magazines together commenting on each page. After awhile Danielle's phone rang.

"Oh that's my alarm. It's gym time sugar bear!"

"Really? You set an alarm for gym time?"

"Yep! Let's go."

They walked over to the gym, got changed, and met by the drinking fountain. Corey was filling up his water bottle when Danielle jostled his shoulder.

"Argyle Sweater just walked in. He looks classy today. He must have a good job."

Corey glanced over and couldn't help a sharp in-take of breath. The Argyle Sweater guy was wearing grey slacks and a tailored blue button down shirt. He was chatting with the workers at the front desk and was smiling, making him look less fierce, but somehow hotter.

"Wow," he whispered, hoping that his face didn't reveal his obvious attraction to the other man.

"Yeah. You need to wipe your drool sweetheart, he's about to walk by" Danielle teased.

"Yeah, yeah," Corey could feel his face flushing. He looked over to see the Argyle Sweater walking towards them. He moved with a rolling, fluid walk. It was kind of hypnotizing.

"Is he moving in slow motion to you too?" Danielle asked.

"Ummm…Danny, I think he heard you," Corey commented as the man walked past them and into the locker room.

"What? Why?"

"He totally winked at us as he walked by."

"Aw that's probably because he thinks you're a cutie-pie!"

Corey rolled his eyes, something he was starting to do all too much in her presence. "Come on. Let's just get to our workout."

They started their usual workout on the elliptical machines. For that twenty minute warm up it seemed as if The Argyle Sweater Guy was constantly on machines in their eye line.

Then he dropped down and started doing push-ups.

"Oh man, seriously?" Danielle muttered.

Corey didn't comment, he was kind of mesmerized by the Argyle Sweater Guy's smooth and effortless motion. Then he stopped and stood, his tank top bunched a little to reveal blue plaid boxers.

"Now I would take a bite out of that fruit-of-the-loom," Danielle joked.

Corey snorted. "Jesus Danielle, can you tone it down a little?"

"Nope. This guy has destroyed my filters with his perfection. And you love it because I'm saying everything you're thinking."

Damn it.

She was right.

"I guess so," Corey grudgingly agreed.

"You know that's right! Wow, he's going down again? Nice."

"Come on, warm up's done. It's lifting time."

"Good, we'll have a better view of Argyle Sweater."

They completed their workout pretty much completely in view of the Argyle Sweater guy. They never got close enough to interact, but they had sufficient eye candy for the duration of their routine.

"Okay, we're definitely coming at the same time tomorrow."

"Sure," Corey agreed.

"We'll get coffee again?"


"And you'll ask out Argyle Sweater?"


Danielle laughed. "I will get you with him! You know I will!"

"Of course you will," Corey sarcastically replied.

But he kind of hoped her words would become truth.


Well that's the first chapter. I think this one will be a short one, 5 chapters tops. I hope you all enjoyed it!