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I Like Your Argyle Sweater: Chapter 2


"So I think we need a plan," Danielle was sipping her morning coffee, leaning over her cubicle wall.

"A plan? For what?"

"Duh, to get you with the Argyle Sweater Guy. What else would I mean!"

Corey sighed, "You're still stuck on that?"

"Why wouldn't I be? That guy is hotter than the sun and he looks like he's pretty much perfect for you."

Corey chuckled dryly, "There are some flaws in that statement. One, we don't know that he likes guys. Two, we don't know that he's single. Three, we've never even spoken to him. He could be a complete tool bag. And…"

"You're being all glass half-empty again!" Danielle cut him off. "I get a vibe off of him. Trust me. My instincts are good with romances when they're not my own."


"Hey guys, get to work," their boss interrupted.

"Sure thing Jim!" Danielle turned to Corey and whispered, "This doesn't get you out of it. We're talking about this later."

She wasn't lying.

About halfway through the day, Corey got an e-mail from her. The subject was innocuous, but the content was a list of ideas of how to approach the man. Some were fairly normal and some were downright ridiculous.

Operation Get Argyle Sweater Guy:

1. Meeting him

A. Bump into him at the check-in

B. Go to the drinking fountain when he's there

C. At a machine, wait for him to finish saying you need it next

D. Ask him to spot you

E. Ask him if he needs you to spot him

F. Tell him you like his tattoos

G. Tell him you want to lick his tattoos

H. Comment on his weightlifting capabilities

I. Tell him you want to climb him like a tree

J. Tell him you like hair metal bands (those are all the shirts he wears)

K. Ask him if he likes tall bottoms

L. Follow him into the locker room to change

M. Ask him is he wants to shower with you

N. Ask him if he needs a hand in the shower/drying off

O. Ask if you can rub his bald head

P. Ask him "Apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?"

Q. Tell him you give excellent head (yeah I know you do. Those walls were thin in that apartment we shared senior year of college)

2. The Perfect Date (installment of the plan coming soon)

Corey leaned over the cubicle. "Seriously?"

She raised her eyebrows at him, "You know that's right!"

"How long were you doing this crap on company time?" He joked.

"Hey! That list is gold right there! Those are fantastic tips!"

"Sure Danny, I'll definitely be using them."

"You better, bitch," she winked at him.

"Okay, well we better get back to work before Jim's slacker radar catches us."

Corey could hear her laugh as he slid back into his desk.

Only a couple more hours until it was time to go.


When Corey and Danielle entered the gym, they saw that Argyle Sweater guy was already changed and last in a long line for the drinking fountain.

Danielle elbowed Corey in the side. "Get in line for the drinking fountain! This is your perfect moment to say hi to him," lucky for him, she kept her voice a whisper.

"Fine. But I look really stupid filling my water bottle before I change my clothes."

"Oh no one will notice or care. Go get him tiger!" She headed towards the locker room leaving Corey standing awkwardly in line.

Corey glanced at the Argyle Sweater Guy. He hadn't been this close to him before. He was a little but taller than Corey, but not by much. His skin looked so smooth and pale, those tattoos accentuating those qualities. Corey couldn't help staring at the man, until he realized that the Argyle Sweater Guy had noticed. Their eyes met and Corey could feel his face warming and could only imagine how red his blush was. He attempted to smile and was going to speak, but words were caught in his throat and his tongue felt heavy in his mouth. The Argyle Sweater Guy remained impassive, not even a smile, but his eyes didn't leave Corey's.

Argyle Sweater Guy gestured towards one of the drinking fountains and Corey realized that they were next in line.

"You go ahead," Argyle Sweater Guys said. He had a nice voice, low and clear.

"Okay, thank you," Corey managed to mumble looking away. He filled his water bottle. His eyes met Argyle Sweater Guy's again before he walked away and he felt the bitterness of disappointment.

He changed and met up with Danielle.

She took one look at his face and said, "You chickened out didn't you." It wasn't even a question, she knew him that well.

He nodded.

"Oh sweetie…"

"I'm not like you Danny. No matter how much I wish it, I just can't approach a stranger and start a conversation. It's hard for me. I'm just not wired that way."

"You can be though! You're the best person I know and other people should recognize it too! You just need some practice before approaching Argyle Sweater Guy. Let's go to a bar tonight and get talk to some strangers together," she suggested.

"I guess we can try," Corey agreed.

' They went to the machines to start their workout. While they were completing their regimen, Corey watched the Argyle Sweater Guy and he felt as if the guy was kind of watching him back.

"I think he's been looking at you," Danielle told him.

"Really? I thought I was imagining it."

"Nope sugar bear. I'm pretty positive that he is scoping you out. Maybe you didn't blow it and we can still complete Operation Get Argyle Sweater Guy!"

"Did you really have to give it a name? And that one? I swear, I think you and I have used the word 'Argyle' more in the past three days than I have my entire life."

"Well, we could call him the Tattoo Guy, but I thought that it would be far too obvious. Argyle Guy is more inconspicuous. And Argyle is a fun word to say."

Corey considered her points. "You know that's right," he ended up agreeing with her.

They finished off their workout and agreed to meet at a local gay bar later that night.


"Hey, you look familiar."

"What?" Was Corey's response. He was sitting at the bar with Danielle when a guy approached him. He was a little shorter than Corey, but was much more muscular. He wasn't bad looking, but seemed a little rough around the edges.

"Yeah, I think you go to the same gym as me, Planet Fitness right?"

"Oh. Yeah I do," Corey attempted to smile and be friendly.

"I'm Aaron. Can I buy you a drink?"

"Sure, thanks." Corey began to feel uncomfortable. This usually happened when he talked with strangers.

They chatted about the usual introduction topics, jobs, music, movies, etcetera.

"So, you wanna go someplace else?" Aaron asked Corey. Corey was fairly certain this guy was trying to get him to go home with him, but something in Corey's gut was telling him to turn tail and run.

"Umm…Well I'm here with my friend and I'm doing okay here," he tried to nicely decline.

"But nothing's happening here. It's dead."

"No, I don't think so."

Aaron seemed to get agitated at that. "What you can't be spontaneous? You're so boring. You don't even play video games! I bet you're a boring fuck anyways." He leaned into Corey's space as his voice got louder.

Danielle took notice at this point. "Hey!" she started, but Corey stopped her.

"It's okay Danny." Corey turned back to address Aaron. "I'm not going anywhere with you!"

Aaron scoffed at him. "Whatever. You have no personality." Luckily he turned and walked away.

"What the fuck was that!" Danny exclaimed in disgust.

"I think it's time to go home." Corey felt worse about himself than he did when he went in the bar, the opposite of what they were intending to accomplish.

"Do you want to have a sleepover?" Danielle suggested softly.

Danielle had a few pairs of sweatpants and t-shirts at Corey's apartment for emergency sleepovers. Usually Danielle was the one that needed the comfort, but Corey could really use some at that moment.

"Yeah Danny, I'd like that."


"You know not to believe anything that guy said to you right?" Danielle was petting Corey's hair. She was sitting Indian style with his head on her knee as they stretched on his king sized bed watching a movie.

Corey shrugged. "Sometimes I think what he said is true. I can't seem to find anyone who wants to spend more than a month with me besides you," he mumbled.

"Sweetie, that guy doesn't even know you. If he did, he'd know that you are a wonderful person! You're reserved and quieter sometimes, but you're definitely not boring. You know I wouldn't have been your friend this long if that was true."

"I mean, I like myself just fine, but why is it so hard to find someone who likes me and wants to know everything about me? When I can't it just makes me doubt myself and wish that I was different."

"I wouldn't like you different. I like you just the way you are. Don't ever feel like you have to change."

Corey was so touched, he was sort of tearing up. "Thanks Danny. You're the best."

"I know sweetheart," she teased. "Now we just have to get Argyle Sweater Guy to know that you're the best too."

"Oh God, tonight proved to be such a disaster, I can only imagine how interacting with the Argyle Sweater Guy will be. You might have to call FEMA afterwards."

Danielle laughed and hit him with a pillow. "God stop it you downer! I just know that Argyle Sweater Guy is perfect for you. I feel it in my bones! He's the one for you!"

"If you say so Danny." But Corey couldn't help smiling. He was glad to have a friend like her. Having someone that cared so much and thought so highly of him was almost more rewarding than having a romantic partner. "Thanks for staying over Danielle."

"I made you feel better?" She ruffled his hair with both hands.

"Yeah," he laughed. "Of course you did."

They cuddled up together to sleep and Corey felt a little lighter and that things might turn around for him.


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