There goes a dove soaring away on sky-spanned wings
Through the rainbow that pierces dark clouds of rain
And brings a little life into a city all grey.
It invites the children to dance under its light:
Little green children with pointed hats
And a long long tail to sweep up the shiny gold
As it falls from coloured skies with the rain-drops.
Frogs hop along, on their way home,
Passing by with a happy croak while soaking fineā€¦
And there, the dove again. She flaps her wings hard,
To shake off the extra weight while soaring on.
An artist flicks and dips her brush into her pellet,
Painting a picture that fails in insignificance
To the magnificent splendour that not even a camera,
Snapped opportunely, could capture in time.
Flower buds open up merrily to gulp
Before gently shaking their petals dry
And feeling the soft warm light upon its lips
As an umbrella snaps shut and the sky brightens
And the darkness continues to fade
While the rainbow presses on beyond our sight,
Leaving gold dust on the floor for the leprechauns.