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Hello everyone~ This is Rainali and this will be my first story ever! The first few chapters will probably be horrible. I will admit that it may be boring at first for I am a person who likes to include a lot of details. Please be nice~


"The Queen is pregnant," the pureblooded vampire King exclaimed, turning towards the oracle, "Tell me, what is to happen with my child?" The oracle looked up into the stars and pondered for quite some time.

"You will not have one child, you are to have identical twins," The oracle paused for a moment, turned to the ruler of vampires and wolves, and in a low voice said, "Kill the younger daughter the moment she is born." The King of the Shadowz stood there, stunned, unable to believe what he had just heard from the oracle

"D-did I he-hear you cor-correctly?" The King could not believe what the oracle had just said. "Kill my own daughter the moment she is born? How am I supposed to do that to my own flesh and blood?" The King was devastated as he looked down, closed his eyes and started to shake his head as if it was a nightmare.

"The younger twin your wife will bestow to you shall cause the fall of this powerful kingdom, ripping it into shreds."


9 months later

The lycan Queen was to give birth to a pair of female twins soon, feared as each hour went by. The cold winter night of the last day of the year chilled the kingdom to its bones. The clock stroke 10 o'clock at night. The Queen, who was returning from her night stroll with her 4-year-old son and the King stopped in the hallway, looked down onto her white dress, and saw as a red patch of liquid formed and dripped down from the dress. Her water has broken.

"The Queen's water broke! Get the nurses and physicians!" The moonlight shone through the window as the Queen's attendant hollered through the bare halls.

After about three hours of labor, the first female was born at right before the clock stroke for a new year. The second the child was born, an attendant wrapped the baby and put it inside a crib. Two minutes into the new year, the younger twin was born into the world. The attendant, not knowing about the dangerous prophecy wrapped the baby in the same cloth as her sister and put it inside the same crib. The King burst through the doors the second he heard of the cries. As he rushed beside his queen, he saw the twins. He towards the crib to see his two daughters.

"Which is the younger twin?" The King, confused and anxious confronted the attendant who had no idea who was who, pointed at one of the princesses. The oracle's words rang in the King's ear as he picked up the child. Although he was to kill the infant who shall cause the kingdom to fall, he could not bear to murder his own child. He waited for the Queen to awaken.

"My beloved queen, we are to kill this child." The King and said in disbelief as he held the female in his arms.

"No, that must not be so," the Queen teared up as she said, "Isn't there something we can do?" She avoided to look at the child and did not set her eyes on the newborns.

After considering the fact for awhile, the King rushed everyone out as her said in a low voice, "I shall do something to save this little one's life," and started out the chamber.

"WAIT!" the Queen, still avoiding looking at the princesses exclaimed, "We should at the very least give her a name."

"Aira and Aila, how does that sound? This child shall be known as Aila." With that, he walked out the doors, closing them behind him.

The moment the King walked out, the Queen walked over to the crib and looked at the baby girl. Her heart skipped a beat and could not believe what she saw. From her gut feeling, the female ruler knew something was wrong. A mother could recognize and identify her child from a mile away. This was the younger twin. This princess was supposed to be in the arms of her father! She rushed out the door and fell to her knees. The King was already miles away… with the wrong twin…


Hours later, the King returned to the castle and went to his wife who was lying in bed. He sat by her bed and comforted her.

"What did you do to Aila?" The Queen said emotionlessly as she wrote in her journal.

"Flowing down the Shade River in a basket, I followed her until she crosses the border of out kingdom."

"She was the wrong twin; Aila was not supposed to be in that basket flowing down that bone chilling river." The King, confused at what the Queen had said, shook in disbelief.

"No… NO!" Was all he could say as the Queen started to cry. Seeing the Queen cry, her took her by the hand and said, "Pretend that we never had twins, Aira is the only daughter we have and the only sister of Lucen, who shall take my throne. I cannot send both my daughters away; sending one was hard enough. I will erase the memories of everyone here tonight." He hugged his wife and said in a comforting voice, "let this tragedy be forgotten…"


Rainali's Note:

Yea, yea, yea, I know, that was super boring intro. However, let me clear this up for those who are uncertain where this takes place. This story sets place in the Kingdom of Shadowz, a prosperous kingdom that formed centuries ago. Shadowz was made up of 40% vampires, 35% werewolves and 25% other species/races. So yea! Please write a review for this boring intro! I promise the next chapter will be more interesting.