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"I promise that I will give you a more respectful grave and funeral." Aira said as she faced the stone mound in which Arlette's body was buried under. Calix was on his knees, begging and praying for his beloved sister to return. With a raise of her hands, Aira casted a barrier around the grave, protecting it from harm. "Wait for my return." She whispered.

Hours later, Aira, whose eyes were blank followed Calix through the forest, following the marks she had made earlier into town. Suddenly, Calix halted to a stop.

"You can let it out." He said. "You don't have to pretend to be strong." Calix added on in a soothing voice as he turned around to face the girl.

Aira stared into Calix's sincere eyes and broke down crying on the ground. She didn't know why Calix didn't leave her yet. She killed his sister. Why didn't he hate her? Arlette died trying to protect her...

Calix leveled himself down to where she was pulled her into his embrace. "You can cry all you want. Let all the frustration and anger out." Aira screamed in her high pitched voice as she cried, awakening all the birds in the forest as the sun rose up. She cried herself to sleep as Calix carried her on his back and made their way into town.

The town was truly different. Everyone was in a different style of clothing, as if they were people from different eras pulled together to form this place. Calix ignored all the differences and walked into an inn. He dropped a few gold pieces at the counter and a female around Aira's age brought them up the wooden stairs and up to their room. Calix looked around the room. It had a cozy feeling to it, with a small fireplace made of wood off to the side. In fact, he noticed that the entire inn was made of wood. Calix laid Aira down in the bed and tucked her in as he helped himself to a long shower and slept on the ground, where the girl from earlier had placed an extra mattress and blanket. Although it was only almost noon, Calix and Aira fell into deep sleep.

Calix woke up to see that the sky was already somewhat dark and that Aira was still asleep. He left her alone and wrote a small note for her and got dressed."

"Be back later. Don't go anywhere, okay?

I'm going to get us something to eat.


Half an hour later, Aira opened her eyes, sweating. She still could not get over the loss of her close ones in a matter of a few days.

Aira spent no time getting changed out of her sullied clothes and into cleaner ones. Reading the note Calix had left her, she wrote one for him as well.

"Out to explore.


She clearly ignored his request to stay put and walked out the inn, with a stern expression on her face. Her pale skin and beautiful face illuminated under the flawless full moon. People on the streets stared at her perfect figure and face, awing her beauty. Aira didn't care about what they thought of her. A group of five walked up from behind Aira as she reached a path that no one really took.

"What." She demanded as she turned around. She examined all of them. Tall, they all were. The male with dark blue hair walked up to her and leaned in. He wasn't bad looking she thought. The male pushed her against the wall of a shop.

"You're a beauty." He whispered seductively. Aira placed her arms around his neck . His friends called out from behind him. "I like your type." He chimed in as he swung his arms around her thin waist. She grinned as she pressed his pressure points, making his unable to move. "W-what are you doing?!" He yelled and demanded. Going on her toes, she placed her mouth on this warm neck and bit. At the same time, his friends, puzzled, ignored her actions and continued cheering on. The male grunted at the stinging and undying pain that shot form his neck. Though paralyzed, his senses were still clearly functional.

Minutes past as she continued to drink his warm blood. His body lost strength and slammed against the ground. He was dead. His friends rushed over in an instant.

"What did you do to him?!" A brunette yelled.

She walked around them, in a circle.

"You crazy-" A blonde started but could not finish before Aira pressed his points. "I can't move!"

The three slowly backed away as Aira bit into his neck and drank, with excess blood trickling down. The blonde cried for help. Aira paused and glared at his friends with her cold red eyes and bloody lips. Frozen, their eyes widened and scrambled away. She finished her meal and left her dead preys on the ground.

She tilted her head and stared at their dead bodies and smiled, as she wiped her mouth with a handkerchief. She was thirsty. Thirsty for blood.

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