Tittle: Blue or Green?

A/N: I wrote this the other night, my first attempt at a real poem so no flaming. Constructive critism is appreciated though. Thanks for Clicking :)

Which do you prefer?

Blue or Green?

Maybe Something in Between?

Why should we Ponder things like these

While Millions scream desperate pleas?

Peace is needed War is Not

But we seem to use it an awful lot.

Many go Hungry, Many are dying

Yet we are the ones crying?

They say we must assist the homeless

But they have not stopped their greediness.

They preach it every day

But it hasn't gone away.

When it comes to them, we couldn't care less

Then we fret about a stain on our favourite dress.

Out of tests and deaths, we think grades matter

But couldn't give a damn about the latter.

So Next time you buy an elaborate drink

Stop to have a quick think.

Think of those who need it more

And you won't be thirsty anymore.