Reach up, reach out.

I was flying.

This isn't a dream, though it could certainly pass for one.

I'm not delusional, though some would argue that point.

My heart was pounding in every atom of my body; I could feel its beat in my toes. My world had frozen around this one moment.

Then my body was curling; curving in the air as I descended back to earth.

The moment snapped as sharply as a rubber band and I was brought from slow-mo into fast- forward. The roll brought me down on my shoulder and within the second, I was back on my feet. A sense of pride washed over me.

I did it! I could do parkour! I did it!

… And then I watched as my twin brother, who had been behind me, watching to see what I could do, did a graceful flip off our porch railing and rolled to his feet.

"Good," He said smiling. "Now do it again so I can see it wasn't just luck."

I rolled my eyes at him, "Whatever man."

For now I would always have to settle for second best, I guess.

Reach up.

I got back onto the porch and sank into my starting position. Malcolm hauled himself up onto the railing to watch. I launched myself forward.

Reach out.

I wrapped my right hand around the rough and flaking wooden railing. My legs swung out and around to my left. I let go of the railing….