Through the forest,

The little girl skipped,

She began picking berries,

Until her finger got nipped.

The smell of her blood,

Drew the big bad wolf near,

Peering through each tree,

Following her with a sneer.

A cottage he found,

With Grandmamma waiting inside,

The wolf ventured in,

Seeking to feed his pride.

He ate her up in one big bite,

But the old lady was small and tough,

So the wolf's hunger grew with a wail,

"That's simply not enough."

Impatiently, he waited,

On little red riding hood,

Dressed in her grandma's clothing,

Until she returned from the wood.

The wolf sat in the rocking chair,

When in came the little girl in red,

She stopped and stared,

And then she said.

"What big ears you have, Grandma."

"All the better to hear you with, my dear." the Wolf replied,

"What big eyes you have, Grandma."

"All the better to see you with, my dear." he then implied.

He sat there watching her,

Putting on a smile,

Then crudely he thought,

I'm going to eat this child.

Alas what the wolf did not know

The girl clad in red

Had an older brother who followed

A wood cutter who enjoyed seeing evil things dead

As the wolf moved to eat the small child

In came the brother with axe in hand

His reaction to the wolf not being mild

The beast could not react when it lost its head

No the grandmother did not live

After all she had been eaten

So while the siblings mourned they still felt slight joy

For the great and dark wolf had been beaten