Did you see her?

The pain in her eyes?

Are you ashamed?

That you looked away?

You watched as she crumbled

She broke slowly

Her resolve slowing falling apart

Did you hear her?

As she screamed?

Are you ashamed?

That you ignored her?

You walked away from her

Left her alone with her sorrow

And it slowly ate her up

Did you not feel her?

Her frantic grasps?

Are you ashamed?

That you let her slip?

And she fell down

Falling to her fate

You watched

You stood

You blinked

And then she was gone

Consumed by her doom

You saw her

You heard her

You felt her

And you let her slip

And now she watches from above

A rueful look in her eyes

And the guilt killing you

Just like the pain killed her

You caused this

Are you ashamed?