An Angel No Longer Bound By Earthly Chains

Under a quiet sky of peaceful dreaming

Her heart rose to greet her last breath

Her eyes beneath her sealed eyelids were still beaming

Even now her strongest love conquers death.

The chains that bound her to the ground

Are now nothing more than blocks of ice dissolved

And no torment or pain is to be found

Her heart sees itself in every familial mirror loved.

Her soul shook forever in beautiful bliss

As she released herself from this life's chains

And the deepest of her deep love gave a kiss

To a life that is now free from all pains.

Christ lifts her up from oblivion

Giving her the tongue to speak her soul

As it yearns for an eloquence divine

The heart within her heart reaches its goal.

Mrs. Bowles dreams her biggest dream

As a divine love gives her freedom

And everything to her is beyond what it may seem

If her heart gave up faith for life's fleeting home.

Her daughters watch upon her journey

As their minds seek to penetrate her eyes

In order to know what she could see

And tell the ultimate truth from the ultimate lies.

Her son closes his eyes upon knowing that tomorrow

His heart will travel across

A pain that is the deepest sorrow

Because he knows a deeper faith comes with loss.

She hears a knock upon the door

As Christ waits for her love to join his

In a journey to the place where love is something more

Than can be seen through the eyes.

Her family weeps a collective tear

A single drop that consumes their shared heart

As they look upon the sky and fear

No more as they are together even when apart.

She holds the hand of Christ as they walk

In a path full of heavenly light

And her heart speaks a silent talk

That tells her that everything is alright.

The time has come to say farewell

Until the remaining souls release themselves from their shell.