The sound of your breath,

When you went through me,

Still felt in my nape…

Brought me thousands of unbelievable feelings

That we ever stood so close to each other


Your cheerful laughter,

Still heard in my ear…

Made my lips form a smile and laugh with you

Yet you don't know


Your shining eyes,

Still be visible in my cover eyes

Drown me into endless happiness


I still remember too,

How your scent could drive me crazy

How your voice made me imagine things that I never did

How your anger made me want to cry

How your kindness made me melt in instant


Yet now, those things lost.

You had gone to your destination

While me, I was left behind you,

Standing alone,

Being shadowed by the illusion of you



Do I need to walk?

As if I have no loads to carry?


My feet are so heavy to walk.



I may have no teardrops,

Yet the image of you kept emerge in front of my eyes

In dream that I had, you smiled

And it made my lips form a smile too

But I knew, it was unreal

The truth is, you are not in front of me

You're not standing in front of me

Lost without trace

Even though I waited…


Is this a mistake that I'm still waiting for you?

Waiting for you to come;

To live up my illusion once again

And let it be real


I want to ask you this:

Is there me in your heart?

Just a bit is fine, is there?

No, I am not capable to ask


And even I cannot find you

Left the question unsaid



My Love is simple.









And I live my life like a lost puppet

Lost purpose

Without you


Just one, I want to tell you,

If you ever there

Please don't run away

Don't even turn your back

I want to face you gently

Let the feelings transferred

Do not want another regrets

Hear me:


I Miss You.