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Chapter 1: Hole in the tree

Rule 1) Never talk to the princes

Rule 2) Never go into one of the princes rooms

Rule 3) Never fall in love with the princes

I broke all three of them, too bad i dont give a damn. I'm angelique van dyke but you can call me angle, even though thats far from what i am. I come from a world of nothing but pollution and death, a world were everyone needed to kill to survive.

One day i came across a weird looking tree while trying to get away from some muggers, it looked so old and twisted with no leaves on the branches. There was a hole on one side of the tree, making a kind of door way. As i was looking at it i was reminded of 'Alice in wonderland', my couriosity got the best of me and when i heard the shouts of the muggers i knew that if i wanted to live i would have to hide in the hole.

I ran into the hole and stayed down, suddenly i felt like i was falling before hitting the ground with a hard thud. I landed on my hip and i knew it was going to bruise. I looked around but it was too dark to see anything, I got on my knees and put my hands infornt of me untill i felt the rough soily wall. I kept crawling, thinking about the stories my brother use to tell me when i was a child about alice in wonderland. He told me his own versions of it, how he saved alice and had so many adventures together, i then remembered how he said he found wonderland after falling through a hole in a tree. I felt a giddy smile touch my lips.

'Maybe I will find wonderland and have a adventure like my brother' but i knew it was all a story, something to get me to go to sleep at night. something to give me hope when i was down. Wonderland couldn't possibly be real just like how neverland isnt. But still, it dosnt hurt to believe. So i kept crawling untill i saw some sort of glow and i heard thumping and ticking.

'Just my imagination' i continued to follow the light untill i came out of the whole and into a green clearing.

'Oh god! were am i? this isnt home! Death Hollow is not like this!' i was panicking now, i didnt know were i was and i wasnt sure if i was alive.

'Maybe this is heaven'.

I look around me and see nothing but grass and trees, its been a long time since i have seen such beauty. I vaguly remember my mothers garden, full of beautifull roses and delitious strawberrys. A sad smile graces my lips as i think of my mother. Brother says i look exacly like her. Brown hair, blue-green eyes, red lips, pale skin, petite figure.

"Oh my!" i turn to see a teenager around my age with long whire ears and white shaggy hair stairing at me. He had a watch in his hand and he looked so frazzled and in a rush.

"I'm going to be late!" he screeched before running past me and into the green heaven.

"W-Wait! please tell me where i am!" i called after him, running in the direction he went to. But i end up running blindly and getting lost, i find myself in a green clearing were the only sound was my breathing and the occational cherp of the birds in the blue sky.

"WHERE AM I?" I scream and fall to the ground in tears, shaking in fright. Why? why did those muggers have to deside i would be their next victum. I want to be back home. I'm my small warm bed in my one room flat, Tigalilly purring at my side. Tigalilly. My ginger cat, she has been with me since my parents died, since my brother disappeared. Remembering them all brought a whole new wave of sadness wash over me and i sobed and sobed until my throat was hoarse and sore.

"If you want to go home...You'll have to see the Queen" said a voice in the shadows. My head shot up from were it was resting on my arms and i looked around, searching for the voice.

"Who are you?" I made my voice stong and emotionless, trying to blank the pain in my heart.

Suddenly a shadow of a man came from my right.

"I am..."

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