I stood there, shocked. I couldn't move let alone breathe.

"L-Luan?" My voice barely above a whisper. My big brother.

When Luan and I were children our parents were slaughtered, we still didn't know the reason why. Anyways on my 11th birthday Luan and my uncle had a fight, something to do with me and what I knew about our parents.

"You told her didn't you?" SLAP!

I had no idea what was going on and hearing how angry my uncle was I ran away. Call me a cowered but we were all use to my uncle and his violent mood swings, especially my brother. I still don't know what he was taking about when he said you told her didn't you but whatever it was made my brother leave the house. Not telling me and making me believe he hated me, I never meant for him to get hurt because of me.

I spent the next 6 years believing that my brother hated me and that it was my fault he left. I cried myself to sleep every night after that. But here he was, standing in front of me with his tanned, Hench body. You would never have guessed that we were brother and sister, him being tanned and model-like and me being pale and petit. The only features we shared were our eyes and hair. Our hair was a very dark brown but at first glance would look black but if you paid close attention you could tell it was brown, our eyes a greenish-blue with a purple ring around the pupil.

My brother was here. Alive and wel- OH MY GOD!

"YOU HAVE EARS AND A FRICKIN' TALE!" I screamed at him.

"Very observant Angelique" my brother said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

"Luan. What the hell?" I said as I slapped him hard across the face.

"What the fuck? Where have you BEEN? " As soon as my little 'Melo-dramatic' moment was over I hugged him hard, never wanting to lose my brother again.

"Angel, I'm so sorry" he hugged me back. "I never meant to leave you".

"Then why did you? Why did you leave" I pulled back.

"It was uncle, he made me! He blackmailed me saying if I left and stopped all contact I had with you then he wouldn't tell the police about what happened in Idaho".

I remember. My brother was drunk one night when we went to visit my grandpa in the hospital, my parents had just been murdered and he blamed himself saying that he should have been there to help them.

My brother was in this abandoned car, drink driving. He ran over a little boy and uncle said he'd make sure he didn't go to prison. The prisons now days are terrible, sometimes they will execute you if your crime was bad enough. Just stealing could get you executed, but man slaughter would get you tortured in the most hideous ways. Life has never been the same since the new government has taken over the world, making it into a terrible and nightmarish place to live.

"Wait! What are you doing here?" Luan asked me.

"Its a long story. But i stole some bread and some guys tried to chase me, i came across a tree with a hole at the side of it so i climbed into it. Before i know it i was here" i shurgged. It didnt matter now that i was with my brother, but still i thought i was dreaming.

Let this dream never end then! I smiled for the first time in 6 years.

"I fell through that tree too"

before anything eles could be said we heard some men aproaching, Luan pushed me into a bush and put his hand over my mouth to muffle my suprised screech.

"...He's not hear..."

"..Her migisty will have our heads if we come back empty handed..."

"Shhhhh!" my brother shushed me and continued to evesdrop into the mens convosation. I peeked through the leaves to find oddly looking men in a queen of hearts deck cards uniform. Oh god, i have deffinatly lost it.

"Gards!" I heard a very femanin but firm voice before the owner stepped into the clearing.

"Where the hell have you been! have you found him yet?" When she got no answer she let out a very load "OF WITH THERE HEADS". Before the men could react they were dragged away, leaving the what i supposed to be 'queen of hearts' following after them.

My brother let out a breath and helped me up from my crouched possition on the ground, removing his hand over my mouth as he did so.

"Care to explain?" i asked Luan, well more like demanded.

"Thats the queen of hearts, and she's after me. I kinda called her a fat,un-desirable ingrate" he said rather hesitantly. I had to burst out laughing as this, its somthing my brother would say. Like me he is very blunt and to the point, he can also be hot-headed at times but not as bad as me. I guess she really pissed him off if he said that to the queen.

"Erm.. Luan? what is this place anyway?" i asked. This place seemed to different and yet so natural, i felt as if i belonged here some how.

"Well sissy, Welcome to WonderLand".


"Hello? Angel...Angelique..." My brother waved a hand at my face but i was too busy thinking about what had happened these last few hours. Falling down that rabbit hole and ending up here, seeing my cat-like brother. Thats when another questions surfaced my mind.

"Why do you look like a cat?" i asked him, cutting into his 'AngelAngeliqueAngie' annoying rant. (You know what i mean).

"Thats a long story, come. We'll go to my friends home and he'll tell you, I'm not very good at explaining this story".

So of we went. Him leading me down somekind of road towards his friends while i was in a kind of daze thinking about all of this. I'm deffinatly not dreaming, my imagination canot be this vivid.

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