Ch. 1


"Justin is looking at you rosaley" one of the girls that I sit with in English class told me. But I did not want to believe it so I peeked over at him and sure enough he is looking straight at me. So I looked away and stared down straight at the papers that my teacher just put in front of me.

"what should I do?" I asked dadae because she is the only girl that I rely even kind of know.

"about what?" she asked me like I am stupid and don't know about boys and how to deal with them. Which in facet I don't know how to deal with them. They are so wired and I cant figure out why they look at me at all. Yea I am blond, with blue eyes and I am very pale even though I try to get tan nothing that I have tried will let me be tan. But why are the guys looking at me I am nothing a freak. I have been one ever since I was in kindergarten non of the other kids wanted to play with me. I guess it was because I always told them that I am a princess. That was when I was little and my parents use to call me princess so I guess I just had to tell the hole class that I a princess. O well my life just sucks now and I have to deal with it.

"is he still looking at me?" I asked dadae. She looked passed me over 2 Justin. Then she looked around the room.

"yes he is and so is every guy in class looking at you." she told me. O grate this is just what I needed now is for every guy to look at me. What do I have to do to get them to stop looking at me? I guess I better tell my parents that the guys are looking at me again they will know what is going on with me better than I would.

"thanks dadade for telling me." I told her. Since I had my backpack next to me I opened it up and pulled out my hooded and put it on and left the hood up so that I would not get distracted by the guys looking at me. What guy would be staring at me like I am something that they will be able to have no mater what they do.

When class finally was over I packed my stuff up as quickly as I could before the bell rang so I could get out the door first so that guys won't bug me. But un fortunately Justin got out the door before me. As soon as I got out of the door I tried 2 walk to my next class with out being followed by Justin but he caught up to me. He keep up my pace I tried to lose him but he was right there next to me.

"what do you want?" I asked in an angry tone.

"I want to know you better Rosaley." Justin told me. O grate just want I all ways wanted. A guy wanting to know me better. And not just any guy but the captain of the football team wanting to know me better. That is just lovely. This is not what I needed right now after my all the stuff that has been happening lately to me and my family.

"what ever you say." I told him walking away to my next class. He cute up to me and keep pace with me. Grate and he can look so cute when he was fallowing me around like a lost puppy. Did I say that out loud? I look over at him. He is looking start a head. Well that is good that I did not say that out loud.

Since I am not looking ware I am going I by accidentally bumped in to a another jock and I fell straight on to my butt. All my stuff is scattered every where. Justin started to pick up my stuff. I helped him and then he keep every thing he picked up.

"and what do you think that your going to do with my stuff?" I asked him.

"if you agree to go and have lunch with me on the bleachers out side than I will give it all back to you." he told me with a smug smile on his face. Grate what I just needed even more. I forgot my jacket at home to day and it is cold out today and he wants to go out side and he wants to eat out in the cold.

"um it is cold out and I have forgotten my jacket so I guess nope sorry I can't at all." I told him happy that I had an excuse not to go out side and eat with him.

"I can take care of that." he told me as he walked over to a table and put my stuff down and took off his jacket and handed it to me. "now you can go out side and eat lunch with me."

"are you not going to be cold?" I asked him as I put his jacket on. It smells so good.

"I have another jacket in my locker that I can wear." he told me.

"ok. I don't know why you want to have lunch with me so badly all of the suddenly I mean I have been in the same grade with you since at least 6th grade and now all the sudden I am some one that you want to get to know better." I told him feeling better getting that out of my system.

"the reason why is because today was the first time I really saw you for who you are and not some random girl that I don't know and don't want to know." he told me. What did I do to him to make him see me as a real person to day? I am all ways very careful about how I go about what I do and who is near me.

"what did I do that made you realize that?" I asked him because it is bugging me to no end to know what it is that I did in front of him.

"you helped some people when they did not know when the next meal was going to come from especially with the little children who were afraid. I thought that is some thing rely nice and helpful I like seeing people help out others." he told me. Great so he saw me this morning before school helping out that needy family that I all ways help out. I feel bad because I got mad at him for wanting to know me better than he did.

"yes I will."

"yes you will what?" he asked me. O I forgot to tell him that I meant to eat lunch with him to day.

"that I will eat lunch with you and let you know me better than you know me now." I told him.

"grate I will meat you in the cafeteria and then we can go to the bleachers and eat there because no one will bother us there." yea I don't rely care where I eat lunch as long as I eat and not freeze to death.

"ok that is fine with me." the bell rings " grate now I have to get a tardy slip and you need one too. So let so go and get one together." I told him

"ok that is fine with me because I will be able to spend more time with you. Un less you want to skip this period?" he asked me.

"hmmm spend time in a semi boring class or spend time with a cute guy hmm so hared to chose" I said out loud

"fine we will go get the tardy slip . And go to class."

"no no we r going to skip class I don't want to go to that very boring class that you are not in." I fell the blood going in to my cheeks and them get very warm fast. I knew that I just admitted that I like him just a little bit. That is not good he is not saying any thing he is just looking at me like I am crazy. "um I mean that is if you still want to."

"yea lets go get in my car and go to the park to hang out at." he put his arm around my shoulders.