I wrote this for a little contest my friends and I were having haha, and I decided to post it here to share it with all of you. Once again it is featuring my fallen angel character Xaphan. Enjoy!

It Won't Fit

She drew in a shaky breath as his hand left it's place on her trembling knee and trailed it's way up her inner thigh. He had insisted they take tonight slow, make her first time special. His lips were leaving soft kisses all over her neck and collar bone, but she was too preoccupied by the feeling of his long slender fingers slipping into the leg of her shorts and toying with the pretty lace panties she had worn for him.

"Xaphan. . ." he paused and looked up at her, his lips still brushing against her neck.

"J-just take them off."

Her cheeks turned a darker shade of red.

"Are you sure? I don't want to go too fast, things are on your terms tonight."

"I am sure. I'll let you know if you are going too fast."

He nodded before he hooked his fingers in the belt loops of her shorts and tugged them down her hips. He threw them to the ground before he took her ankle in his soft hands. Starting at her toes, he kissed up her leg. She watched him do this from her reclined position on the bed; a soft sigh escaping her lips when he allowed his tongue to come in quick contact with the warm skin of her inner thigh.

With his teeth he took her panties, slipping those down her slender legs too. Xaphan secretly enjoyed the deep scarlet blush of her embarrassment. But she looked slightly scared and tentative.

"Am I going too fast?" He whispered huskily, his breath tickling her nether regions.

"No." Came her soft reply.

He inclined his head and dragged his tongue along her slit, her whole body flinched and she arched her back off the bed.

"How about now?"

She shook her head, smiling before she tilted her hips towards him.

"I see." He returned the smile. She moaned loudly when he dragged his tongue along her once again, but this time he didn't stop. He work her soft folds with his tongue and lips, her moans growing louder. Her breath in short gasps. She was so close, and he was in control. Why not tease her and draw things on. He stopped and pulled away.

Stella moaned.

"Xaphan!" She pushed her hips up further towards him, eager for the feelings he had been sparking deep within her. He chuckled softly.

"If I were to continue, where would the fun be later?"

He adjusted so he was hovering over her. His body created a dark shadow across her in the already dim lighting.

"You're wearing too much." Stella was smiling. Xaphan situated his knees between her legs and sat up.

"What will it be? Shirt or pants?"

Stella followed his hand motions; she watched how when he motioned to his dark jeans, he seemed to be motioning more specifically towards the large bulge causing great strain on the jeans. She was turn on greatly by the sight, yet somehow she wasn't ready to see that yet.

"The shirt." She leaned forward and grabbed the hemline of his black shirt, lifting it just enough so she could make him shudder by kissing his lower stomach; just above his belt line. He assisted her in slipping off his shirt, revealing his beautiful muscular abdomen.

His joints cracked as he unfurled his jet black wings. Stella was in awe; they were beautiful. Each feather looked soft to the touch, and had a glossy look to them. Xaphan let out a sigh,

"So nice, letting those free after so long."

"They're beautiful. . . Can I touch them?"

"Of course," A wicked grin spread across his face. "You can touch anything you want."

Once again he had her blushing.

"Maybe I will."

"Mmm," he laid down, pressing his hips and his hardened manhood against her through his jeans. "Then let's get to it."

Xaphan took her face in his hands and swept her away in a breathtaking kiss. About now he began to grind himself into her, bringing collective moans from the two. They both needed release, and the kiss was enough to make them grow frantic to get each other's clothes off. He wasted no time in grabbing her tank top and pulling it over her head, breaking the kiss long enough to get it out of the way. He stopped though when his hands didn't come across any bra straps, but instead he felt her smooth back. She brought a hand up to her face to hide her blush as his eyes wandered her bare body. He watched her plump breasts rise and fall with each breath she took. He wanted so badly to rip his jeans off and have his way with her, but he couldn't. He had to be gentle for her; he wanted her to enjoy every minute of tonight.

"Your body, you. You're magnificent."

Stella let out a nervous laugh.

"Thank you. . ."

"Stella, don't be so nervous. I promise I'll make sure you have a good time."

"I know, I am just nervous because. . . I don't know." She thought for a moment. "It's my first time, I guess that's just why I am nervous."

Xaphan kissed her on the lips.

"Well, that makes sense. If it makes you feel any better, remember that I love you, and I'll be gentle."

It did make her feel better.

"I love you too Xaphan."

She kissed him again, but got distracted from the kiss by his hand massaging her; his finger slipping around near her wet entrance.

He slowly worked one finger into her tight entrance. She shifted uncomfortably for a second.

"I need to prepare you, you're so tight Stella."

She nodded, then closed her eyes to take in the feelings. Once she had just began to feel comfortable with one finger, he pushed in a second. She gasped, now stretched even more. She focused on the in and out motions his fingers were making. Stella opened her eyes when he withdrew his fingers; he looked into her eyes as he slowly unzipped his jeans. She grew nervous once again, 'Here it goes.' She thought. When he pulled down his jeans it was revealed that he had gone commando. Her eyes widened when she saw how large he was.

"Xaphan!" she gawked, before whispering "That's not going to fit, it - ah - it won't fit. . . Will it?" She was in too much shock to be embarrassed at herself.

"It will," He smiled, "At least I hope it will."

She reached up to slap his arm,

"Xaphan! That doesn't make me feel any better!"

"I am sorry, that's not funny. It will fit, I promise."

Stella raised an eyebrow at him.

"It will, just trust me."

He positioned himself in between her legs.

"You ready?"

She took a deep breath and nodded. For a split second she couldn't believe the night had actually come; she was finally sleeping with the man who meant everything to her.

Stella drew in a sharp breath as he slowly pushed into her; breaking the thin layer of skin in his way and taking her virginity. She took deep breaths to cope with the stretching of her inner walls as they adjusted to Xaphan's large size.

"I'm alright." she assured him, and possibly herself. He withdrew leaving her feeling empty, but just as quick as he had left, he was already pushing back into her; this time at a quicker pace. He picked up a slow and steady pace. Once she looked as though she wasn't in any pain, he sped up a little, letting himself go with the feeling. Stella was well adjusted by now, and things were starting to feel good. Every movement by Xaphan pushed her closer and closer, until her orgasm washed over her. She called his name every time a new wave of her orgasm took over. She had never felt anything like it, and she was enjoying every minute of it. Just as she was coming down from her own orgasm, Xaphan's started, his thrusts became erratic and faster, along with his breathing. He tensed up, then shuddered; resting his head on her chest, groaning and taking deep breaths of air. He remained there for a moment to catch his breath before he looked up at Stella. She lay beneath him, her eyes looking back at him with love.

"That, was amazing." She reached up to wrap her arms around his shoulders and pulled him nearer to her. He rested his head against her chest, slick with sweat, rising and falling with each breath she took.

"It most definitely was."

She laughed, bringing Xaphan's eyes up to her.

"What's so funny?"

She smiled proudly at him.

"You were right! It did fit!"