Akira was in his room, listening to the silent ticking of the clock. It was 8:46 PM going on nine; he finished all his books and really didn't have anything to read. Tomorrow I'll go to the book store, he planned.The young 18 year old teenager thought sitting back in the chair, "What to do…" He whispered to himself then got an idea. The young Japanese, American grabbed 20 pieces of lined paper and a pen. For a minute Akira paused about what he was going to write, then it hit him, he was going to write about Abel!

Akira closed his eyes then opened them again, before drifting his hand across the paper.

. . .

I reached into the microwave grabbing my cup of tea, it was a cold night and I couldn't sleep. I just hoped something warm and soothing would help me. I let out a yawn even the smell was making me tired. I blew on the hot tea trying to cool it down and took a small sip to then burn my tongue! "Etai!" A gasped in pain, speaking Japanese at the moment when I heard the hotel kitchen door open. I half expected it to be one of the older men of the hotel getting up for a midnight snack. I quickly turned, "Gomenasai, I'll leave right awa-"I stopped my sentence to see Abel, he was wearing a very loose white shirt which revealed part of his chest and some baggy Pajama pants.

Abel looked just as surprise as myself before he flashed his cute smile. "Konbawa Akira-Kun."

I bowed my head slightly. "Ah~ Konbawa." I watched Abel walk over to the refrigerator and grab a water bottle. His brown hair was all messy and his dark eyes clinged onto sleep, he must have woken up. "Did I bother you when I walked passed your room?" I asked sipping my tea, holding it with both of my hands which were covered by my blue pajama sleeves.

Abel stopped drinking to look at me. He shook his head. "No, I woke up on my own. My throat is just dry, that's all."

I smiled in relief, happy I wasn't the one who disturbed his sleep. "Make sure you drink your water then." I said before taking another sip of the herbal tea. Abel watched me. "You like that stuff huh?" He commented. I looked at my cup; a quarter of it was already gone. "I guess, I really wasn't raised on coffee until I went to America." I thought about what else to say as I set my tea down on the counter since my hands were growing to warm. Abel just watched me with the same soft, and familiar brown eyes. He then set the water down as well and walked over to me. "Say Akira-Kun, can you stroke my hair before I fall asleep?" He asked.

I blinked in surprise at the question. I said. "Sure I guess, but wait, you mean now?"

Abel nodded.

I nodded as well. "Alright, if that can help you fall asleep easier. I'd to anything." I looked at Abel as he guided me onto a chair. I sat down without questioning then watched how the man, only one year older than me dropped onto his knees and pressed his head against my chest closing his eyes. I couldn't help but smile at how cute he was acting and began to stroke his soft brown hair. "Thank you Akira-Kun." Abel murmured eyes closed. "No problem." I replied gently when Abel's arms hooked around my neck. I stared at Abel in surprise as he snuggled against my chest. "Hold me close." He whispered almost too soft for me to hear. I only blinked feeling my heart begin to race as the larger teenager climbed onto my lap; it felt a bit awkward a first until he curled up against me making him seem smaller.

I couldn't help but rest my head onto his closing my eyes. Right now this is all I wanted to do, be with Abel, I could hear my inner thoughts. I wanted him to be all mine, I really was greedy in some ways. But Abel, Able probably had some other man he loved, someone probably older and more experienced. Then I was I wanted to cry because I just thought about losing him. I could feel my eyes beginning to burn underneath my eyelids when I felt something warm and soft press against my lips. My eyes snapped opened and I saw Abel right in my face, hands on my cheeks. He was kissing me. The teenager pulled back eyes sadden. "Please don't cry Akira-Kun." He whimpered.

I just stared, was I really that easy to read? I shook my head then smiled at Abel patting his head. "I'm fine Abel, please; you have no need to worry about me."

Abel's voice then hardened. "You mean I can't worry about you?" He questioned, his tone surprising me. I gulped. "N-No that's not what I meant-"

"Then what did you mean?"

I didn't know how to answer Abel, for I didn't even know myself. I was just being stubborn. I just sat there looking for words that wouldn't come when Abel kissed me once more, this time on the cheekbone, which sent shivers down my spine, then the tip of his tongue glided down my neck. "A-Abel." I gasped clenching a handful of his shirt as I felt his cool hand slide up my shirt and rub my chest. "Your mine Akira-Kun and I don't like sharing with anyone, not even if it was Master."

I opened my mouth to speak when his thumb began to brush against my shoulder blades and his teeth nibble ever so softly on my collar bone. I bit my tongue holding back a moan. I dug my fingers deeply into Abel's skin and I felt him tense up then relax at the pain, after all, he was the masochist and I was the sadist. I clenched more of his shirt in my fist as he sat in my lap, leg's spread out wide. He removed his face from my chest, brown eyes warm. Then he grabbed my cheekbones with his hands and pressed his mouth against mine, tenderly his tongue slipped into my mouth and he began to play with mine. It felt so gross feeling his tongue, yet, it felt so well. Pleasure rose from deep within me and my glasses slid down from my face onto the lower part of my nose. Abel opened his eyes and broke free, a silver line of salvia dripped from our lips and I just sat there, eyes almost watering with intense pleasure, my face was burning red and I fought to catch my breath.

Abel pushed back my spikey blond, brown hair from my eyes and grabbed my glassed and put it on the table. "I can't see." I choked out through my breath. I could barely see Abel but I knew he leaned forward since I felt his soothing warm breath on my ear. "Even better…" He purred before nipping at my ear lobe. I dug my fingernails deeper into Abel's skin biting my lip almost hard enough to draw blood. Then I felt a hand trail down on my pants which made my almost erected member twitch. I heard another purr from Abel, I bet it was because of my face, I felt so embarrassed, and it felt as though my face was on fire.

Then the sound of the door opening broke the silence and as quick as light, Abel bounced off of me and leaned against the table drinking his water. I heard the door as well and reached for my glassed and slipped them on, us young boys looked around eyes wide praying no one saw us. And then our hearts almost shattered. It was just the wind from the open window outside the kitchen. Some idiot must have been smoking again and have opened it so they wouldn't get ashes on the floor. I looked slowly over at Abel who gave me a shrug; his eyes were filled with disappointment. Abel then finished the bottle of water as soon as I was finished with my tea. "Maybe we'll finish this another time." His eyes were twinkling then he waved. "See you in the morning Akira-Kun." Then just as quick as I blinked, he winked at me before bouncing out of the kitchen. And I just sat there with my empty cup of tea before I let out a loud sigh I had built up for so long.

. . .

Akira looked at his story, he was blushing slightly. He wished this would happen. Then the door knocked, and in stepped Abel. "Yo Akira-Kun, I'm going out for a walk wanna joi-" He stopped to see Akira holding a pen and paper. "Oooooh, writing a story? Lem'me see!" He smirked walking over and reaching for the packet of his story. Akira gasped. "No!" He yelped jumping upwards on the chair and holding it high up. Abel pouted. "Why not?"

Akira couldn't help but stick his tongue out playfully. "Because it's a secret." It's my dirty little secret.