Chapter Three


The night air was cool on Victoria's face, she felt as if someone was splashing her with water. It was annoying. Around her she could hear nothing but the sound cars on an old street. As she looked around, she found she was standing behind the club she loved so much. The Night Life. She knew the area well since it was where she had first met Sal. The Bouncer who let her into the club whenever she wanted.

A gust of wind caught her attention. It carried the smell of perfume, soft and pleasant, like a mixture of apple, oranges, and vanilla. Victoria found herself drawn to the smell. She moved through the wind like it wasn't there. Feeling as if she were floating over the cracked gray asphalt. Her legs found their way to the side of the club. Pausing, Victoria looked around, trying to remember why she was there. Failing, she pushed forward.

The alley between the night club and the neighboring bookstore was a little wider than most allies Victoria had seen. It could easily fit three huge dumpsters front to back with enough room to shimmy by them. Thankfully, there were only two dumpsters. One for the club, one for the bookstore. The clubs dumpster was closer to the side door. The one that the 'talent' used to enter and exit the club.

Victoria could see three shadows up against the clubs wall. One was tall and slender with long, flat, dark hair. One was a little taller with shorter hair, while the last shadow seemed to blend in with the wall too much for Victoria to get a good look. She pushed closer, catching the end of the conversation.

"… I think you'd been great." It was a woman's voice, silky smooth. Victoria knew it at once. It was the singer from Bloodless Night! The Goddess in human form!

"I don't know what to say." The hidden shadow murmured, looking away.

"Come on, I'm just asking if you'd like to join us. Become one with the Bloodless Night." The female went on.

"Jess, leave her alone." Victoria also recognized that voice. It was Henry the new kid!

"I was only asking." Jess said innocently. "She doesn't have to join."

"Thank you for the offer, but I should be getting home," The girl was still to hidden to see, yet Victoria was sure she had heard the voice somewhere before. It was way to familiar. "I've got a report due in the morning."

"When you make up your mind," Jess said with a smile in her voice. "Call me." She held out a piece of paper and handed it to the girl.

"I will." The shadow-girl whispered.

"Come on, I'll take you home." Henry offered, nodding his head towards the other end of the ally. Most likely where he had parked. The shadow pushed off from the wall, her hair catching fire in the street light. Victoria felt a sudden burst of annoyance. She would have to my hair color, wouldn't she?

"Victoria!" Henry shouted. "Victoria?" He sounded too close to be on the other end of the ally. Without warning, Victoria's head began to throb again. She couldn't think straight. Had Henry really called her name? He had to have, but he was to close.

To close…

Victoria jumped awake. She was in the nurse's office with an ice pack in her lap. No, the ice pack had been on her forehead. She was freezing. The room was spinning. Nothing made sense.

"Victoria," Mr. Spindale stood next to her, he grabbed her shoulders to keep her from falling. "Look at me, Victoria."

Victoria did so, but could see him. She was still to dizzy. Colors melted in together and sounds were too much for her. The sound of heels on the floor made her want to cry.

"I called your godmother, she's on her way." Spindale was saying. "How do you feel?"

Victoria closed her eyes and hung her head. She couldn't speak. It hurt too much. Her head throbbed like it was a drum. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.

"Should I call an ambulance?" Nurse George asked in a low voice.

"No, when her godmother gets here she'll decide what to do. We'll have to wait." The heels got closer, Victoria exhaled through her nose, wishing she could cover her ears.

"Mr. Nit, you should get to class. Tell Mrs. Ulla that I needed you. She'll understand." Spindale instructed in a low voice. "She'll be fine." He promised when Henry hesitated.

"Yes, sir." Victoria could hear Henry's shoes as he walked away. The door shut softly behind him.

"Would you care to go wait for Ms. Lovins for me, Mr. Holder? Spindale asked the nurse.

"Sure." Nurse George left the room, leaving Victoria and Spindale in silence.

"Alright Victoria," Spindale turned to face her, speaking in a low whisper. "I know your head hurts, but you have to tell me what you saw."

Victoria opened her eyes to look up at him, wishing he would go away. Didn't he have a class to teach?


"It wasn't... Any…Thing bad. Just people… talking about… joining a band." Victoria found her voice was hidden in the back of her throat. Making it hard to say much. She also found that she had been holding her breath in hopes to ease the pain… It only made her dizzier.

"Nothing bad?" Spindale's soft eyes had the same worry that filled his voice.

"Nothing bad." Victoria nodded slowly. Then she put her head down, holding it in her hands.

"You said you hadn't had an episode in three months."

Victoria went to agree, but lost her voice again. So she nodded.

"Is this headache worse?"

Another nod.

"But nothing bad in the vision?"

"Not. Bad."

"I'm sorry." Spindale meant it. Victoria knew he hated seeing her like this. "I wish there was something I could do to… Take it away."

Victoria took a deep breath and looked back up. "It's… not your f-fault." She stated blankly.

Spindale shook his head. "I just wish…" The door to the nurse's office open and Victoria's godmother hurried in, her heels click-clacking on the floor.

"Hey, G," Victoria smiled weakly.

For a moment Ms. Lovins just stood there, her eyes full of concern. Then she nodded once and crossed the room.

"Let's get you home." Said the middle-aged woman.

"Amy, if there's anything you need…"

"Thank you, Mr. Spindale, but I think I can manage." Ms. Lovins cut him off. Nodding, Spindale took a step forward and helped Victoria off the bed.

"Hope you get to feeling better soon, Miss Snow."

Victoria nodded as she gritted her teeth. It took all her energy to keep her knees from buckling under her as she walked with her godmother. Nurse George followed behind in case they needed any more help.

"Victoria!" Joey's voice caught her off guard. "Hey, the new kid said you went to the nurse's office, you okay?"

"Sorry Joey, you'll have to talk later." Ms. Lovins nudged him out of the way.

"I'll call you later." Joey called after them.

"That boy." Ms. Lovins shook her head. "He's nice enough, but I still don't see why you're dating him. Thank you, George I've got it from here."

"I'll see you later Amy." George nodded. "Take it easy, Miss Victoria."

"Thanks George." Victoria tried to smiled, but gave up after a second. Slipping into the back of the small car. She buckled the seat belt and then curled her legs up to rest her forehead on her knees.

"Don't worry, sweetheart, we'll be home in a little bit" Ms. Lovins smiled back. "So, how was your date last night?"

"Joey can't handle a good club."

"Told ya he was to jock."

Victoria chuckled once.