you've sold your sad soul
and i hoped to buy it back for you, but
the witches made me wait,
the queen got you engaged,
and you told me not to stay,
you told me "not today."

so i'm erasing all these false-fed words,
verbal vomit of a two-year-old hipster.
you inspired oceans and tsunamis
both from my lips and my eyes, i cried
over you like i promised i wouldn't, but did
so much, too much
and i can't say i never will again but i'm
promising i won't let you fool me,
phase me, possibly, but
i refuse believe a word you say
about anything,
perhaps that will be my downfall.

but i'll keep lookout, keep dreaming,
just let me have my fantasy, leave me in peace if you
must leave, you mustn't but
believe what you will, i'm done trying,
i tried to be
for you, i tried to be
whatever you liked,
but in the end all i ever could be
was myself, not good enough, not a girl worth fighting for,
at least, not to you.

so, sorry i can't be rosie, with her harem,
lines of boys to swallow, inhale like cocaine,
they're waiting for her, watching her every eyelash flutter and
smile, giggle, grin, letting them swoon (like you did, too, i'm sure),
unbeknownst to them who she is, and is becoming.
(i could say they're all changing, but that would be hypocritical,
i'm sure i'm changing, too.)

i'm going to put my love
in a safe, hope that someday i can
open it, and put it to use.
until then, i still can't forget
i still can't believe in never,
but i'm starting to think maybe i can't
believe in you
for much longer.
when i said i'd never give up,
never give in,
i guess i was lying.
i guess i learned something from you,
after all.