Losing sight of the shore, I need more of my corpse bride. Built to break straight from the start, my pride makes me appear weak. Flying with broken wings, my soul is unable to stand on her two feet. Worthless, she is nobody special and the halo hanging above her head means nothing at all. Pride is a bittersweet taste in my mouth. I don't understand why my youth is in such a haste to waste away. The storms of life reveal my real self and I can't hide behind the veil anymore. My psychological wounds are too deep, therefore time can't heal and conceal them. Just like a car, my mind is an experiencing a breakdown. Undergoing transition, I am in this position because I don't know my own strength. I give up and surrender, life lessons come in the form of lavender gems. Loosening the reins, my veins are tender to the touch exposing my sensitive side. I am strong and yet sometimes I can't do everything all by myself. Barely holding onto my sanity, I take pity on myself. Somehow in a strange way, there remains a light at the end of the tunnel where the insanity finally ends. God sends someone my way to be a my ray of sunshine and I don't whine anymore because the holy spirit is my helper.