Chapter I

In a distant land of mystic and magic, the country of Eden thrived. For many centuries, Eden has been a land of things most beautiful and exotic – a land of things that cease to exist to those that do not have an eye to such majesties. A land of beauty, Eden was, among a chain of islands, being the smallest. Eden was a land of magical and mystical creatures, and yet, not a single human being thrived upon the island. Surrounding Eden were the countries of Braun, Sophica and Bane.

Braun was a land of chivalry and strength. Ruled by the noble and brave King Courage, Braun was the barrier island that protected the other three. Braun was also the largest of the islands, and home to the deadly and dangerous Swamp of Despair. The Swamp of Despair was never entered, even by the bravest of Braun's knights, for when the swamp was entered, it was never exited. The rumours of the swamp are that the unsuspecting victim that travels through the swamp suddenly realizes that he is lost, for the trees of the swamp are quite thick. The beasts of the swamp, the Devil-Horned Mighty, tends to find likings in taste of the unsuspecting and lost victim, and with a scream in the night, the poor man has become victim to the Mighty. No one has ever seen the Mighty before, for no one who has seen it has ever lived to tell the tale.

Sophica was a land of wisdom and wit. Ruled by the wise and clever Queen Rowena, Sophica tended to be land where the wise were spawned. Sophica was not exactly a large island like Braun, but it was not small like Bane or Eden, either. The citizens of Sophica tended to be clever swordsmen and knew a thing or two about fencing, but the citizens knew more about reading an opponent. Sophica citizens were hard to defeat, whether it was a simple fencing match or a challenging game of chess, a Sophician could read an opponent's mind judging by their facial expressions. The Sophicians loved riddles, and thus, if you were not a Sophician, you would be met by a riddle that was hard to decipher. The dangerous aspect of Sophica was that most of the people were to clever not to trust, and if you did not possess the mind of a Sophician and happened to have asked for directions, you might just end up in the Labyrinth of Absence. What made the Labyrinth so deadly was the fact that once you had entered, it was near impossible to find your way out. Never once has a Sophician – or any other type of race – navigated themselves back out of the Labyrinth.

Bane was a dead and barren place. Ruled by the clueless and unworthy King Baffley, Bane had nothing special about it. Bane was the smallest of the islands, and yet, it had the largest population – of peasants, that is. The heroes of Braun and the geniuses of Sophica refused to set foot on such a barren place, so the peasants were isolated from the rest of the islands. But what set Bane off from Sophica and Braun was the magnificent view of the beautiful island of Eden. Eden was so reachable and yet, so far from reach that never before in history has a single human being set foot on an island so glorious. But other than that, Bane was a wasteful island with nothing but poor peasants desperately trying to grow enough food for them to eat. The Banarians have asked themselves for centuries, "Why haven't we left yet?" and for centuries, the answer was unknown, but never in the history of Bane has a Banarian left the island. But one day, the island of Bane became a very special place. But how, you ask, can such a barren wasteland suddenly become so special?

He was born; the hero of Eden.