The lady in the white Dress

The lady caught my eye with the way she danced. Her body fluently moved across the dance floor, as if she were water in a bowl. Her white dress seemed to draw all the light and make her the center of attention. Everyone else seemed pale in comparison to her wonderful white dress.

Now she sits in the lobby of her hotel, just chatting with some friends. She does not know how long I have been admiring her, like someone admires a fine piece of art. I watch as the lady in the glowing white dress makes her way up the stairs with me behind.

I watch her as she slides her card and opens the door to her room with me by the one next to it. Just before the door closes I make my move. I grab the door swing it open and quickly step inside and shut the door. The look of fear on the lady with the phenomenal white dress fills me with excitement.

The look on her face as I pull the knife out of the sheath makes fills me to the brim with happiness, just as when a small child receives a piece of candy. The sound of her screams is a sweet lullaby I would listen to every night if I could. The lady with the blood red dress lies limp on the bed.