Last Laugh

Where's my tongue?

Asked the snake

Where's my tongue?

He weaved through the grass,

And came across a blotch of gray

He saw a forked tongue,

And darted forward


The mouse scurried into its hole,

Taking the forked tongue with it

The snake tried to follow,

But the burrow was too narrow

Sorry, this space is small,

too small for serpentine circumference

Hissed the mouse from the shadows

Was that a hiss or a squeak?

Asked the snake

You are a peculiar creature

Where is my tongue?

What wizardry have you cast?

Perhaps a hiss-y squeak,

Squalidly you surmise sorcery,

Still you may see what you've subsumed

What do you mean?

Asked the snake

I scoff at your stupidity

Sure, it's adequately ghastly,

So secure yourself a silph scope

The mouse laughed a squeaky laugh

I promise with all my heart,

If I shall ever catch you out of safety

I shall sink virulent green into red and gray

Snapped the serpent

But where is a snake's heart, but in his tongue?

The mouse laughed harder than before

Consummation isn't scored through

Surreptitious sensation,

Spears must softly sink before I shrivel

Striking a cyclops daily doesn't satisfy Aphrodite

Or help you see

A winged creature swooped down,

Clutching the snake in malevolent manus

It screeched and flew off

The mouse laughed harder than before