Chapter 1 "I'm Finished"

My name is Cadence McKinnley, Cady for short. I'm seventeen years old and I just experienced the worst break-up, not between my friends but between my parents. My parents have been married for about twenty-five years and now all of a sudden they sit my little brother and I down, to tell us that they've been having some arguments that just can't be fixed. I never understood love, it wasn't that I didn't believe in it; it's just that I didn't think people actually fell in love.

"Cadence, are you even paying attention?" My mom snapped at me, she tends to do that a lot but it never really occurred to me that my dad would divorce her for that. I nodded my head and continued to listen them discuss the living situations. My brother and I would live with my mother and we would see my dad every two weeks, of course dad didn't agree with that but apparently he had no say in this.

"So, I'm guessing I'm going to a new school, in April?" I couldn't sound more snarky but I had to clarify that I would seem like a loser for switching schools this late in the year. I didn't get an answer, but I wasn't surprised, my family isn't known for talking but more thinkers.

Our plane landed around eight o'clock eastern time, in Fort Myers Beach Florida. My brother laid on my as my mom yelled at my grandma wondering where she was. "Mom," I finally shouted, "She's right over there." My mom gave me a look of disappointment, but she got our bags and sat in the front seat.

"Cady, Mitch how are my two favorite grandkids doing?" My grandma could already see how we were doing, but to ease the tension in the air, she asked anyway.

My little brother ran passed my grandma and to my grandpa, "Joe, how you doing, son?" My grandpa and my brother had a strong bond, I was my grandma's favorite but she made me promise not to tell anyone.

My grandma's house had always been exceptionally big, big enough for both my brother and I to have our own room. My mother didn't even go to the house; she went straight to her new job as an assistant in this hospital. "Grandma, what school am I exactly going to?"

"Sleep tonight and I'll tell you when I wake you up in the morning. Goodnight Cadence." Then she shut the light, and left. I could've slept but as they say who can sleep on their first school night? I leaned over a balcony my mom used to sneak her boyfriends in and jumped on the ledge. From up here I could see everything, even our next door neighbor hooking up with some person.

I tried to hide my face by slowly looking away, but he saw me and walked over to the window and shut the curtains. He was rather built well, but I was much more thinking about what would happen if I saw him the next day. After a while I went downstairs to get something to drink and I heard a knock, on the front door. Either my grandma was rather popular to have guests this late or my mother was coming home and forgot her keys.

"Hello." It was the next door neighbor that I had accidently seen engaging in sexual activities.

"Hello, can I help you?

"I just wanted to see if you enjoyed the view of me hooking up with my girlfriend? Or did I close the curtains too early?" He had green eyes and very dark hair, somewhat attractive but seemed rather cocky, and absurd for showing up at my door.

"It was an accident; it's actually not my fault that you didn't close them."

He smiled and put his hand on my shoulder, "I didn't think it would take very long, but now thanks to you I'll be shutting my curtains."

"I'm glad that I saved a bunch of unfortunate soles, from ever witnessing your six minute sex adventure." I really didn't know what else to say, but I could already see that I was going to be stuck in Fort Meyers Beach, with a neighbor who feels that his limits aren't limited.

"Zander Knight, and who might you be?"

"Cadence, I don't think we're on the last name base yet."

"Alright, then when do you think that we will be on last name bases? Never mind, I'll see you around Cadence. Try not to peak through peoples windows anymore." And he left, leaving his Dark Temptation Ax cologne on my porch.

The next morning as my grandma said, she woke me up screaming the name of my new school. "Grandma, am I taking the bus?"

She didn't answer and just pointed out the window, and I saw the bus pulling up. "Grandma, are you serious? Why didn't you wake me up earlier? How am I ever going to make it on time?"

"Your mom's old Nissan Pulsar is in the garage, you can drive her to school. Remember to turn the key three times to get it to start, and don't press the gas pedal too hard. Have fun today; try not to think of the past."

I rushed into the bathroom and found the cleanest clothes I found in my suitcase and put it on. Not even eating breakfast I ran out of the door and into my mom's 1952 piece of crap of a car. I got to school at eight ten and to make it even worse, I was running in the hallway looking for my class. When I finally found it, I was sweating and reeked of seasoned fries that I found in the back of my mom's car. "Is this Physics 3?"

"Welcome to class, Miss. McKinnley. You can take a seat anywhere you want, and since the only seat available is in the back; I'd prefer you sit there."

"Thanks, sorry I'm late," I oddly whispered, trying to wipe the sweat off of my forehead. I sat down and put my head on the desk, until I head a familiar voice.

"You have a French fry on your back." I looked next to me and it was Zander, the one person I was hoping to never see again was sitting right next to me.

"This may kill your mood even more, but everyone in this class has a partner, so now that you sit by me. Well, you're going to be my Physics partner for the rest of the year." I slammed my head back on the desk and for once I really did want to commit suicide.