Chapter 26 "911"

I laid my head down in 4th period with the thought of me saying yes to Zander, playing over and over in my head. I didn't even know why I said yes; I mean I liked him but to say yes just seemed a bit farfetched.

"Hey, you might want to lift your head up. Mr. Footebilli will throw a fit if he sees your head down."

I turned around see a kid with dark brown hair and glistening grey eyes, "Thanks for the heads up." He chuckled and I realized that what I said had significant value to the conversation.

"I'm Edmund, Edmund Napoleon." He said reaching his hand out from behind me.

"I'm Cadence, Cadence McKinnley. How come I've never seen you before, are you new?"

He shook his head and moved his stuff to the desk next to me, "No, I uh…. went to go visit my mother in Manchester. She had a little discomfort in her upper abdomen, but hey it happens."

This guy probably had one of the calmest voices ever, the way he said words made me almost want to laugh but the sympathy in his words made me smile. Obviously he wasn't born in America; a person with that thick of an accent couldn't be from here. "Is she going to be ok?"

"Ughh, well I'll just say that she isn't living in the United Kingdom anymore; but another one. Somewhere she'll be happier." He turned his head towards the desk and started to pack his stuff.

"Are you leaving early?"

He put his hand to his mouth and quietly laughed, "Cadence," He cleared his throat, "You've been asleep for a while because class is over in three minutes."

"Wow, well that just means that my next class is lunch. What lunch do you have?"

"Same as you, this is blatantly that's first." He replied in that oh so soothing British Accent.

"You should sit with me, I mean if you're not too busy." He looked up and nodded yes, I didn't want to seem pushy so I stood up and said, "Really you don't have to, I don't want to make you seem like you have to."

Edmund stood up and walked over behind me, "It's quite all right, I would love to sit with you for lunch. Personally I don't really care; as long as I get some grub I'm good."

I put my head down, and couldn't help but feel rather embarrassed. His unbearably cute accent made me feel like whatever I did was stupid.

We walked out of the class and told him that I was going to stop by my locker and that he should meet me up at the table. I walked to my locker and he went the other way, "CADENCE, you're dating Zander now!"

I loved how Liz seemed to be more excited about this than I was, even though she was the one who when I first came here told me to stay away from him. "Yeah, I guess so. Liz why do you seem like you told the whole entire universe?"

"I didn't need to, everyone knows who Zander dates, and now that's you. So hurry up so that we can get some lunch; I want to see if he'll sit with you."

"It's fine if he doesn't, just because we're dating doesn't mean he has to leave his friends." Liz rolled her eyes and started to walk ahead of me, "Oh yeah, someone is sitting with us at lunch today."

"Please tell me that Nick….Want to explain why people are staring at you?" I shrugged not knowing why either, I grabbed Liz's arm and headed over to our table and sat down.

"Edmund, this is Liz, Liz this is Edmund. He's in my 4th period class." Edmund stood up and shook Liz's hand. "So Edmund, what grade are you in?"

"Same as you, a junior."

"How'd you know that?" He took a bite of his apple and pointed to my I.D. on the hook of my binder. "Wow don't I feel stupid," I muttered.

"May I ask you two questions?" I nodded yes, "Why is that people are staring at you?"

"Oh um, I…." And before I could even finish my stammering answer, Liz answered for me.

"She's dating him, Zander Knight." Liz said obviously pointing him out, and chuckling afterwards when realizing that he was coming over with Ramon.

"That's not why, don't mind her Edmund. She's a bit crazy; they're probably staring at someone else who's near me."

Edmund put his apple down and his left eye-brow rose as if he didn't believe me, "Sure, I totally believe you."

I ran my hand through my hair and watched as Zander and Ramon got closer and closer to our table. I looked up and saw that Edmund had been reading my expression the entire time. Liz on the other hand, was sliding one seat down from me.

Relax yourself, Cadence. Edmund mouthed at me, yet how was I supposed to remain calm; everyone in the fricken cafeteria was glancing over.

"Hey," Zander said pulling the chair next to me out. "So, do you see people are staring at you too?"

I moved closer to him and his arm went over the arm of my chair, "Yeah, do you know why though?"

"Nope, people don't usually stare like this. Maybe they're surprised that you said yes." I was shocked that Zander would say that, it was more like the other way other around.

People were probably shocked that he asked, but I liked the position that Zander and I were in at the moment. Just being this close to him and having his arm barely touch me, sent shivers down my spine.

"Oh, Zander, Ramon this is Edmund. Edmund this is Ramon and Zander." Zander turned from me and looked over at Edmund with a smirk on his face.

"Cadence, uh you don't need to introduce us. I know Edmund pretty well; actually I'm pretty sure that everyone knows Edmund pretty well." Zander, Ramon and Edmund got up and started talking and punching each other. Finally Zander came back and sat down, "Dude how come you didn't tell us that your back."

"I was going to, but I just got back yesterday afternoon. Zander, mate how come you didn't tell me that you were dating such a beautiful tidy, as Cadence?"

"Because it happened this morning, how do you two know each other?"

I decided that I should interrupt this little get together, "He's in my 4th period class. How do you guys know him?"

Ramon lightly punched Edmund in the arm, "This guy is kick-ass at Lacrosse. He was the team captain; you should see this kid play. But when he left Zander took his place, yet no offence Zane but this kid can eat you alive. "

Zander took one of my cheetos and threw it at Ramon, causing me to lightly laugh. "Oh is Zander's sidearm laughing at me?"

I stretched my foot out and stepped on his, "Yes she is." Ramon playfully rolled his eyes at me and ate the cheetos that were thrown at him.

"Edmund how's your mother? I loved momma Jules, lady made the most amazing turtle cookies I know."

Edmund looked down at his bag and looked back up with a shy grin on his face. "She passed a couple of days ago." Ramon and Zander expressions dropped and Liz turned a bright red, "Yeah, it's quite alright mate. She had good years on her and fate decided that, she had enough. Don't feel bad for me; I got to be there right before she passed. Her last words were, "Eddy, I sure as bloody hell will miss cooking for you", the best thing she ever could say."

I could see the tears forming in Edmunds eyes, so I got up, just as the bell rung and gave him a stern hug. That he surprisingly returned, but quickly let go with a small smile on his face. "You should be doing this to your boyfriend, not me."

"I don't he'll mind." I said grabbing my stuff and walking out of the cafeteria with him and Liz.

That afternoon, I got home and realized that I was left all alone. I didn't where everyone was, so I just grabbed a cookie on the counter and ran upstairs to my room.

I dropped my stuff on the floor and examined my newly created room, only to find my mom on my bed. I jumped back and shut my eyes for a moment trying to catch my breath. "Mom, you scared me. What are you doing here?"

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you, but I just came in here to see you before I go back to therapy. How was your day?"

Being around my mother was still painful, but Ramon said I had to make her last days memorable so that's what I planned on doing. "It was good; it went by pretty fast though. Where is everybody?"

"Oh, um your grandparents took Mitch to a movie. And your dad and Frendline went out to dinner, so we have the house to ourselves."

"Great, you like my room?" My mother started to laugh as she looked around my room; it was good to see her laugh. I loved her laugh, just the way her nosed scrunched up and her high cheek bones perked up.

The rest of the night, my mother and I just laid on my bed talking about everything that we couldn't talk about in front of people.

"Mom", I said while sticking my hand into the bag of gummies, "Why don't you want to get treatment?"

She took a deep breath in and planted a smile on her face, "My doctor told me that at this point it wouldn't do much. He just said that I need to rest and try to live life, but wasting all that money on treatment wouldn't do much good for you. Those were his exact words, and I don't have a medical degree so I trust that I'll just go when the time comes."

A tear fell down my face; I wanted to scream at her. It was like she was giving up on life, like she didn't care. "Oh, well you should um live life like he said." I got off of the bed and took the popcorn bowl, "I'm going to go refill it. Do you want caramel flavored or just butter?"

"Caramel, it will taste good with these gummies."

I ran downstairs, trying not to think of my mother avoiding treatment, and put the popcorn in the microwave. Randomly my phone started to play, Travis Porter Ayy Ladies, Ok no Ladies, yeah, if you know you bad

Ramon: P
Cady: wow so mature
Ramon: what are you doing tonight?
Cady: hanging with my mom
Ramon: well tomorrow night we should hang out, you know as friends. What do you think?
Cady: sounds like a plan

As I was typing the rest of the message I heard a huge thud coming from upstairs. I ran upstairs to find my mom on the floor, "MOM! MOM! MOM! Mom are you ok, Mom?" I started to shake her, but she was unresponsive. I pulled my phone out and dialed 911.

After going through all that crap that they usually do, they finally asked, "What is your emergency?"

"I think my mom just collapsed, she's unresponsive."