Chapter 32 "Day with Karissa"

The entire car ride to the hospital was silent. Mitch fell asleep after he finished his ice-cream and so I was left to think about Lilly by myself; not that Mitch would be a big help if he was awake. The only scene that continued to play in my head was Zander's facial expression after Lilly had told him that he should tell me their secret.

If I trusted Zander, like I said I did, I didn't have a problem. But Lilly, that girl looks like she has one side of her head just to mess with people; I would actually like to know what really happened between them, but knowing Zander he'll get mad for me asking. He'll say 'Cadence, I can't believe you don't trust me.'

"Mitch, you should probably wake up now." I said parking the car and tickling my brother.

Mitch finally woke up after five minutes of tickling and asked, "Cady, I don't think mom would like where Zander was putting his hands."

I was taking a spoon on my ice-cream and choked it out and turned towards Mitch, "Mitch don't you dare talk about that inside."

"I have a price," His left eye-brow rose and he chuckled evilly, "I want the rest of your ice-cream."

I handed the bowl to him and we got out of the car and into the hospital. That little boy was out of his league trying to blackmail me, I didn't care if my mom knew but I didn't want my grandparents hearing the details of my boyfriend trying to feel me up.

Mitch ran into the room and started jumping on my mom's bed, but kept looking back at me. Little kid knew that I didn't want him to mention what had just happened but he was testing me, so I flicked his head and sat next to my grandma.

"Cady, I knew that you were coming but what took you so long?"

I looked over at Mitch and he started to laugh and I quickly replied, "Traffic and the ice-cream lady wasn't going fast enough." I knew that my mom didn't believe me, but as long as my grandparents did I was ok with it. "How are you?"

"Well, I'm bald and I threw up twenty minutes ago; but I'm doing great. The doctor is really good looking and now that I have my kids and ice-cream, the world is shining in a different light." My mom paused and put her hand on mine, "How are you?"

I quickly said, "Great, couldn't be better; how is your ice-cream," before my mom could read anything wrong in my face. Something that she was really good at doing, but I think she got it from my grandma.

"Sure you are sweetie," My grandma and mom replied in union. God I hated it when they knew something was wrong with me.

The next morning was probably one of most bizarre mornings ever, only because I woke up with someone sitting on the bed next to me. My eyes were basically still shut but I could see the label of Louis Vuitton on her shoes, I sat up and saw that it was Karissa.

"You know you sleep like a dead person," Karissa laughed. I sat up and blankly stared at her, "I twirl all over the place, and if I'm sleeping with someone it's even worse. Like when Zanny used to try to wake me up, I'd like scream at him."

I nodded and tried to fix my hair, "I hate to interrupt, but what are you doing here?"

"I was just wondering if you'd like to hang out; I mean you're dating my brother. Shouldn't we become like the best of friends?"

"Yeah, but couldn't you wait until, I don't know it is noon. Karissa, it is nine o'clock in the morning, what could we possibly do at this time?"

She laid her bag on the bed and pulled out a black card, then walked over to my closet and chose something. "Let's just go crazy, I mean I'm leaving in three days so we have to make my visit worthwhile."

Karissa started clicking her heels and I got up and made my way for my bathroom, "By the way who let you in?"

"Your little brother and your grandma, you're little brother is going to be really cute when he grows up."

I growled and walked into the bathroom, I'm really going have to stop my family from letting people into my room. Or else hobos would be seeing how terrible of a sleeper I am.

Fifteen minutes later I came out of the bathroom ready, but Karissa was nowhere to be found. I walked down the stairs and found her eating my grandma's pancakes.

"Oh, you look fabulous Cady. Thanks for the breakfast grandma; it was beyond amazing. Bye gramps and Mitch don't forget to call so I can get us tickets to the baseball game." Karissa was acting like this was her family, I don't know if I was shocked by it or pleased.

We walked outside and instead of parking her car in my driveway she walked over, so that meant that we had to go inside her house.

"Zander's in his room, I'll be quick," Karissa said running into her room.

I walked over to Zander's door and knocked but I guess he was still sleeping, since that's what normal people do in the morning.

Karissa was passing me and plopped Zander's door open and pushed me in, I turned to walk away but he woke up. "Karissa, seriously why are you up so early?" Zander growled.

"When she came to my house this morning, I asked the same question." Zander looked up and saw that it was me and not Karissa.

"Oh," He said sitting up, "Hey, sorry I thought you were my sister, what are you doing here?" I softly chuckled and he quickly changed his question, "I mean why are you all dressed up?"

"Your sister wants to spend the day with me." Zander patted the bed and motioned for me to come sit down, but I shook my head no, "Sorry I can't stay, your sister will have a fit if I don't spend the day with her."

"My sister is odd, just saying, you should probably ask her what her motive is for doing this." Zander said as he got out of bed and kissed my forehead, "By the way good morning."

"Yeah, good morning", I replied ruffling his hair up a bit.

He pulled me to the bed and started chucking, "I was hoping that when I say that you would be on the bed next to me."

I laughed and pushed him off of me, "Sorry, but today I belong to your sister."

"Cady's right, you guys can finish this later. Come along Cady, we have a lot of things to do, like for starters we are so getting you some highlights for the dark head of yours."

Karissa took me to her hair/nail/massage salon and oddly enough we already had reservations.

They pushed me into a seat and Karissa whispered something into the ladies ear and they both nodded with an apprehensive look in their eyes.

"So, Cady tell me something what do you think about Ramon?"

The lady turned the chair so that I can face Karissa and she just stared at me with that look of hers again, "What do you mean? He's just my friend."

"Cut the whole act I know everything, my brother might hate me but he still lets me in on the gossip of his life. So you and Ramon, tell the truth did you kiss him while dating my brother?"

I shook my head no and the lady wacked my head with a brush, "No, I didn't; it was way before."

"Now tell me this, did you by any chance fall for him."

"I didn't like Zander at one point and Ramon was always there for me, that doesn't mean that I fell for him."

Karissa snickered and took a picture of me, "So what you mean is that you did fall for him, but won't admit because you have feelings for my brother. Don't worry sweetie it happens, and don't worry I won't tell Zander; I just want to get to know you better."

"Tell me this, if Zander tells you everything about his life; then what is he keeping from me about Lilly?"

Karissa looked up from her phone with a confused expression, "There's something going on with those two?"

"Last night she interrupted us in the parking lot and told Zander that he should tell me about their secret, but he won't say anything."

"MMMMM," the hairdresser sighed, "Sweetie last time a girl told my man to tell me what's going on, I found out that my man had three children on the side with that girl. You better ask Zander what is going, before you have children comin' o'er to your house every night."

Karissa didn't say anything and typed something into her phone, now I know that Zander is hiding something. "Cadence, I'm only going to say this once because I don't want to choose sides. But once that little vagrant girl comes into his life, he decides to drop everything."

"Amen sweetie, keep your man intact, or else you'll be a fool that got played."

Karissa was right and so was the hairstyle lady, I had to ask Zander what was going on and if he won't talk I'll just have to go to Lily.

After a day of hair and nails and massages, Karissa and I finally just went out to eat at KeKe's.

"So, why do you and Zander fight so much? Why does he say that you made his life a living hell?" I asked while eating my cheese steak Panini.

Karissa took a bite of her pancake and shrugged, "I left him. He didn't mind that I left for college but I went a year earlier, and he was stuck with my parents. Music is my life and he needed someone to stay with him, while my parents questioned everything he did; after finding a box of condoms in his room at age 15."

"Well, your back doesn't that mean something."

Karissa shook her head no and sliced her pancake up, "No, I haven't been home in four years. I haven't even called; I just send them Christmas gifts and birthday gifts. And I missed my uncle's funeral and didn't come to three of Zander's birthdays."

"That doesn't make you a bad sister, just means you don't want to face something here."

"You should be a therapist," Karissa laughed, "Because you can read people like crazy. Except you can't see that my brother is in love with two people, I'm sorry Cadence but Lilly is just going to keep coming back."

"So what I do?"

"You talk to my brother and you make sure that if he cheated on you, you make him pay. Zander doesn't understand that when he hurts someone that puppy face smile isn't always going to work, and I like you so if he hurts I'll have to kick his ass."

I looked down at my plate and smiled, "Thanks for today, I had fun."

"Sweetie, who says our day is over yet?"

I didn't know what Karissa meant but when she called for the check and some boxes, I knew that we were going somewhere else.

Karissa drove straight to her house and I saw another car parked in the driveway, actually I saw two cars parked in her driveway. When we walked in, I saw Ramon and then I saw her.

"What are you doing here Lilly?" Karissa said throwing her jacket near her.

Lilly threw her jacket on the floor and giggled, "It's always nice to see you Karissy, finally home after what; oh I don't know nine years."

"Hey," Ramon said sliding over to me, "I called you."

"Sorry, my phone is dead, what's going on?"

"I don't know Zander called me to hang out and then she came," Ramon paused and looked at my hair and smiled, "I like your hair."

I blushed and replied, "Thanks."

Karissa grabbed my hand and dragged me upstairs, into her room. She was rampaging through her closet and pulled out two dresses, "The blue one is yours," She said angrily. "Go talk to him, now."

I opened the door and walked downstairs, and saw Zander hugging Lilly goodbye. Ramon was standing there with his hand over his mouth, and behind me I could see Karissa standing there with her arms folded.

Zander shut the door and turned to face us all, "Ok, is this an intervention?"

I slowly walked over to him and shyly folded my arms, "We need to talk."

"About what?"

"About Lilly and what you two are hiding from me."