The Island

Trees as tall as skyscrapers,
towering over their knotted manes.
A blanket of greenery,
cushioning the sun in its slumber.
Let them stand on their tip toes,
and tilt their heads to the sky.
No chance of survival,
but that's between you and I.

Their toes bounce off my floor,
their hands grip the trees.
They start climbing up,
finding nothing but leaves.
They climb, they climb,
until they dance above the trees.

They hear the birds singing,
they see the blue sea.
It wraps up like a blanket,
engulfing the sandy beach.
They listen to my story,
and see my movie play.
For once I was a lonely island,
but now I have children to aid.

They run along my cliffs,
and dance into the day,
for once they get back home,
they won't have time to play.
The flowers swirl around them,
and contrast the sky's haze.
They run the ever beach,
and play, and play, all day.

The boys, they run and sing ,
all into the night,
before cuddling into my grasp,
and wishing away the moon's sight.
Again they raise,
the laughter and cheer,
playing all day,
until my eyes shed a tear.

I let them have their fun,
I let them seize the day,
for their ignorance is bliss.
We all have debts to pay.

A/N: Disclaimer: It's MEIN. No seriously, I wrote it all by myself. Tell me what you think and I love constructive criticism. :) xx