The dark green grass waves softly in the slight breeze. Bare, sun kissed feet run ramped on the over grown river bank. The clear water trickled smoothly and she bent over beside an eddy in the warm water. Her hair was like a cape on her back as she dipped her fingers into the current.

Summer is here.

Birds whistled in the sky, and the warm wafts of air blowing across the prairie smelled sweetly of the distant sea. Summer smiled to her self as her hair swayed in the wind. Leaping up from the bank, she galloped across the river, running along side the sandy bank as the river weaved across the land.

Her careless frolicking was halted by a spray of water that splashed on her cheek. Her dress dipping in the water, she climbed the slippery rocks of the water fall until she was at the top, looking down upon the emerald green carpet of land spread out from the river, the large willow tree a speck in the distance.

Stepping out into the rapids before the water fell, Summer's dress swirled around her, her hair whipped wildly in the wind, the sun lighting her hair aglow as high noon came upon her. A corona appeared above her head as her hair was whipped on end. She flung her head back and took a breath of the hot wind flowing around her, falling off the water fall and into the cool waves below.

A cloud of bubbles enveloped Summer and she parted the curtains of her hair to see fish darting back and forth before her eyes.

Kicking her legs, she swam up to the surface of the water, blowing a fountain of water with her red lips. Her bronze skin gleamed with water droplets as she stepped out of the fast flowing current.

With the sun at high noon, Summer set herself down in the thick grass and fell asleep to the sound of the birds chirping above her in the majestic trees that started the never ending forests.