Okay, so the first thing I would like to say is that this is NOT the epilogue to Fated. I have only received 11/15 reviews (so close guys!), and am therefore still waiting.

But don't go away! I published this on Nick's story mostly for the people who have reviewed, and have been waiting patiently for the epilogue. Thank you so much! This is actually a story based in the universe of A Change of Race, an original story of mine that I have started and will be putting up soon. Therefore there is no fate (what?) and therefore, Nick is...*sigh*...forever alone.

In this short story, Nick is an eighteen year old college student (and need I say, virgin?) coming unwittingly to the brothel, Hemner's, which is the prime environment of A Change of Race. There are different races and all that that exist in said story, and magical beings to boot, but I have decided to take a little licence and made Nick ignorant of this so it doesn't have much impact on him or the story (oh, how I love keeping Nick ignorant). I have taken a few of the characters from A Change of Race, and a couple other characters of mine and placed them in this fun, sex-filled story.


Nick stepped down the carpeted hallway uncertainly, approaching a lobby. He had been told about this place by a few friends, and that's why he wasn't too certain about this place. Even though he had moved all the way to New York for college to get away from the embarrassment and hell of high school, he still had to bring himself, which was guaranteed to make sure he had a miserable time. He just wasn't cool enough to really get into the crowds he wanted, and the partyers always made fun of him because he got drunk so easy. But they had told him to come here. Maybe they really did want to become his friend this time.

Nick stepped up to a young woman who smiled down on him kindly. She had long, dark hair and a lot of makeup on. He shoved his hands in his pockets and blushed as she winked at him. What kind of a place was this?

"Hello, sir, welcome to Hemner's! How may I help you this evening?"

"Um…" He blushed deeper, unaccustomed to being called "sir." "I…uh…don't really know." He was such a loser. Why hadn't he even looked into this place before just coming and putting himself on the spot? He'd seen the restaurant on the lower floor and had just assumed this was a big diner, since the guys had told him to come up to the second floor. But there were no tables or waiters or even scents of food on this floor. It looked more like a hotel, actually. Had he even brought enough money for this place?

A mischievous light filled the woman's eyes. "Oh, don't worry yourself now; we get that all the time." With a knowing grin that Nick wished he could read better, she asked, "Your name?"

"N-Nick…Nicholas Lan."

The woman looked down at a keyboard and typed his name out on her computer. He was kind of concerned. What was she signing him up for? He couldn't afford a suite or anything. But he didn't want to look like an idiot, so he kept his mouth shut. There was always the credit card, if he needed.

"Can I have your phone number, for our records?" she asked brightly, and he gave it in a worried voice, watching her tap on the keys.

"Alright, and your age?"

Age? "Uh, eighteen."

She grinned up at him, even after he'd fetched out his ID like she asked and shown it to her. Thank God. He had been worried for a moment that this was a bar and the guys had sent him because they knew he would be too young.

"Great, Nicholas. Now, do you think you could describe your tastes?"

"Tastes?" he blurted out without thinking, then tried to recover his show of ignorance as quickly as possible in front of this pretty older woman. "Uh, yeah, sure….Well, I don't actually, uh…" He bit down on his lip, looking down on the desk. "I don't really know."

"Men or women?"

"Men?" he answered uncertainly, lifting his head. That was the only thing the guys had been clear about when talking about this place. 'If someone asks you, don't answer women, or you'll seriously regret it.' His brows pressed upward quizzically. But…what was she talking about? The guys hadn't explained that for him, even when he'd asked. The woman only smiled, and tapped something else out.

"There's no reason to be shy about your preferences, Nicholas. Now," The woman gazed straight into his eyes so he was forced to look up. What did she mean preferences? He didn't under— "I have a very special offer for that I only bring up for certain customers." Nick's questions immediately fled his mind as the woman gestured for him to lean in closer, causing his heart to palpitate uncomfortably. She almost had her lips against his nose by the time she found him close enough.

"So," she began in a sultry voice. Nick's brows quirked. What— "You're a little undecided, and I'm going to help you figure out just what you like. So, for a bargain price, I'll offer you a 'taste test.'"


The woman hushed him, the smell of mint rolling from her mouth. Nick shut up immediately.

"For one hour, I'll send you through a range of our employees and have them individually service you for a short time. Whomever you approve of the most, you will be given a following two hours with. All for a very reasonable price."

This was starting to sound more than a little shady. Service him? And what was this "very reasonable price?" He didn't dare ask, though, and risk humiliating himself.

"O…okay," he gave in, trembling slightly. How long could he pretend that he knew what was going on before he slipped up?

"I'll tell them to be careful with you," the woman reassured him with another wink. "Now, please wait in the lobby until your name is called. It'll be about half an hour to forty five minutes before they're ready for you."

Nick nodded, and turned around, going to sit amongst the cushioned chairs and couches the woman had indicated. There were a few other men and women there, all of whom were older than him and wearing expensive looking clothing. Nick gulped, letting his eyes roam over the lobby. One of the men, probably in his thirties, was snacking on a plate of refreshments in the middle of a glass table. There were small pastries, all exquisitely decorated with cream or icing, and fresh fruit and vegetables which sat on the sides of the fancy array of cupcakes and danishes. This spectacle was enhanced by the large erotic paintings hanging on the walls, the pictures so explicit that they had Nick blushing. A heavy crystal chandelier lit the expansive lobby, its dangling fixtures shivering delicately in the breeze of the AC. Nick swallowed down a lump of regret, feeling the weight of his wallet in his jeans pocket. There was no way he could afford this. He felt more out of place in his plain jeans, football jersey, and scuffed tennis shoes than was even remotely comfortable. Thankfully, no one looked his way as he sat down on a black leather couch, even to shoot him a look of disgust.

He tapped his feet idly, wriggling his toes in his shoes. The large gold clock on the wall told him only five minutes had passed. Sweat gathered under his arms as he looked over at a very composed middle-aged woman who had found it necessary to don a red cocktail dress for whatever occasion this place elicited. Maybe it was just a special restaurant where you had to wait longer for a table? Maybe the taste test the hostess had been talking about was just that? Nick sighed. At least he'd get good food out of it, even if it cost him a fortune. Maybe the guys would think differently of him if he pretended it had been an easy thing for him to afford this when he went to class tomorrow.

Nick fiddled with his phone absently as he waited, until one of the men pulled an iPhone from the inside of his suit coat. Face flushing with shame, he quickly pocketed his cheap flip phone and dropped his eyes to the ground, tapping his fingers against his knees instead.

"Mr. Wilson!" a voice piped up suddenly. A small boy with pink hair—pink hair?—stepped into the lobby and waited, his face blushing enough to relieve Nick of his own self-consciousness. If this guy worked here and he was still this nervous, Nick couldn't be too bad off. The man who had brought out the iPhone returned it to his pocket and stood from his place on a loveseat, walking over to the small boy and immediately dwarfing him with his height. The boy seemed to become even more uncertain, and Nick breathed out in relief. He was definitely not the worst off here.

"Right this way, sir," the boy murmured, before turning around and leading the man out of the lobby. Nick tried to discreetly follow them with his eyes, but they turned down a corner and out of his sight.

Just as Nick was craning his neck to maybe catch a glimpse of them so he could figure at least something out about what went on here, the couch he was perched on sank under the weight of another. He automatically snapped his eyes over to a young woman who smiled back at him shyly.

Nick gaped. "Um…hi."

"Hello," she answered in a breathy voice, playing with the ruffles on her polka-dotted silk blouse. Even she was dressed up. "Is this your first time?"

Nick nodded nervously, admitting that much. He didn't want to get caught if she started questioning him.

"Me too," she gave, and Nick blinked in surprise. Well, that made him feel a little better. The girl flushed, and then nervously asked, "And are you, uh, a virgin?"

Nick went bright red, so unprepared that he answered her honestly. "Uh…y-yeah?"

She nodded. "So am I. I'm here to…lose it…you know."

Nick eyed her uncertainly. No, he didn't know. The girl was pretty, about his age, with blonde hair. What should he say? He didn't want to look like an idiot in front of this girl who was so obviously out of his league, he was practically choking on the distance.

"Uh, same here."

"I…" The girl was shaking strongly, her small shoulders tensed in apparent fear. "I…asked for a gyuren." She looked to Nick with wide, undefended eyes, as if searching for his approval, or more likely expecting a lack thereof. Before he could get anything out, she rushed out, "I know it was stupid, and the lady at the desk even warned me against it, but he was just so…attractive, I did it anyways." She lowered her eyes at this, her teeth chattering. "But now I'm really afraid. The lady said we didn't have to go for it right away, that we can just do smaller things first and build up slowly over more visits, but I'm still so scared." She bit down on her pink lip.

Nick was so unbelievably confused and desperately tried to appear anything but as he replied, "I'm, uh, sorry."

"Do you think it will be okay?" she asked, obviously hoping for reassurance.

"Uh, yeah," he answered dumbly, avoiding her pleading eyes.

She nodded her head. "I know, I know, it'll be okay…"

The girl was quiet after that, although she looked like she had a lot more she wanted to say. Nick gratefully tore himself away from her and focused on a spot of the carpet. He had been staring at it long enough that he was counting the individual fibers, when his time finally came.

"Nicholas," a low voice called out, and he almost jumped out of his skin. Fearfully he looked up to a man whose tall, muscular figure, cut in a dark suit, had him trembling in his tennis shoes. After giving up on the idea of pretending he wasn't Nicholas at all, he stood slowly, walking over to the man to fall under his insane height and spiteful grin. Nick's brows pressed together in anxiety. The guy was so masculine and cool and confident, Nick could hardly look up at him.

"Follow me," the man sneered, and Nick dropped his head, shuffling his feet after the man's long strides. The hostess eyed the guy reprovingly as he led Nick along.

"So, Nicky," the man spoke up after they had turned the corner. Nick swallowed, blushing nervously. "Are you a virgin or something? You were apparently all but passing out when you made an appointment."

Nick bit down on his lip, not really sure about the connection. Either way though, he couldn't admit the truth to this man who had his brown hair gelled back, and his cool grey eyes held aloft. That and a confident, white-toothed smile on his face had him almost looking like Superman. He would laugh at Nick for sure if he found out Nick had no idea where he was.

"Uh, no," he answered. "I'm, uh…not a virgin."

"Liar," the man snapped back, grinning contemptuously. Nick swallowed. "It's written all over your face. So, you're here to spread your legs for the first time, huh? Ready to give yourself up like the little fainting pansy you are?"

Nick's eyes shot to the man's in shock. "Wh-what?" he choked out, his heart thudding.

"I don't understand guys like you…" The man gazed down at him meaningfully, and Nick dug his hands down further into his pockets to hide his shaking. "Well, if you can even call yourself a man. You're practically a woman, begging for a dick up your ass."

Pale faced, Nick desperately worked to keep himself together. "I…" he began. "I don't know what you're talking about." He hated himself, he hated himself. This guy thought he was gay, because that was just how pathetic he was. Nick hadn't gotten a single girl to be with him in all his eighteen years because he was the poorest excuse for a man that existed. Nick fought back tears, hating himself even more because he had to resist crying at all. A real man didn't have to deal with things like this.

"Don't even pretend, princess," the man spat cruelly, looking like he was enjoying tying Nick up into knots as he pressed the up button on the elevator in the hallway. Nick shivered.

"I-I'm not gay…"

The man laughed. "Whatever. Just 'experimenting,' right? Bullshit. You almost look like a girl with your face. How long are your eyelashes, exactly? Are your lips as plump as they are from giving out so many blow jobs? And your arms are pathetic. If I were you, I'd wear clothes to cover up how skinny you are. You could always go for cross-dressing. It's not like anyone would be able to tell you weren't a woman."

Nick was trying to be unobvious about scrubbing tears off on his shoulder as he stepped into the elevator. Only someone as lame as him would get treated like this.

"And now you're crying like a baby. There's no hope for you." The man pushed the button for the fourth floor. There was a middle aged woman and man with jet black hair in the elevator as well. Nick slumped into himself, leaning against the silver railing, hoping the guy would just stop talking. Nick had no such luck.

"Okay, so listen up," the man ordered in a no-nonsense voice as soon as the doors shut behind them, forcing Nick to look up. "You've got fifteen minutes with each person. You stay in there any longer, and I'll drag you out." The man grinned. "Clothes on or not. So save the fucking for your two hours."

"Fucking?" Nick burst out, concerned, and the man laughed derisively. Nick flicked his eyes back and forth, hoping the other two in here hadn't heard.

"Oh, don't worry, I know you won't be doing any of it, but you get the idea. Keep the pants on unless you want to be pulled out of the room on your bare ass."

The elevator dinged for the fourth floor, and Nick immediately stepped out of the elevator, glad for the excuse to get out of the enclosed space with that man. He had his head lowered and his mouth shut, hoping the man would just leave him alone.

Nick was getting seriously worried. What the hell was this guy talking about? Fucking? Nick was starting to wonder tensely if the "are you a virgin" question was more relevant than he had thought. They moved down a white carpeted hall in relative peace, past other people leading other men and women around—much nicer people, Nick noted bitterly. Of course he would get stuck with the bully. But, as much as that made this experience even more uncomfortable than it otherwise would be, the real issue was, where exactly was he being led? What "services" was he paying for?

"Hey, um," he spoke. It was getting to the point where asking and being humiliated might be better than the alternative. "What do you mean—"

The guy abruptly slammed his hand against a door, stopping Nick in his sentence and his steps as those grey eyes leveled on him. "So, kid, listen. My name's Eric, got it? I'm taking your gay little ass from place to place tonight, and if you tell anyone I wasn't very helpful, I'll smash your face in."

Nick trembled. He was practically a midget at only five foot eight, especially compared to this guy whose stormy eyes were burning with promises of violence. Nick wrung his wrists. There was no way he could stand up to a man like this. He was way too weak.

"O-okay," he answered.

The man jerked open the door he had leaned against, and pushed Nick inside. "Get in there, and hurry up. Enjoy your fifteen minutes, bitch."

Nick stumbled into the room, eyes still on the floor, and face still flushed. Why did he have to be like this? What was wrong with him?

And then a voice spoke up, urging him to lift his eyes.

"Hey, sweetheart. How are you this evening?"

Nick looked up to a shirtless man sitting on a bed with his legs splayed in a position that Nick seriously suspected was supposed to be seductive. Nick's heart hammered as he looked with an equal dose of envy and worried curiosity over the man's tight pectorals and abdominals. What kind of place was this?

The room itself wasn't as decked out as the lobby, but there was still a small chandelier to dimly light the room, and the large bed, which was the only piece of furniture in the room other than a set of shelves beside it, looked like it was spread with silk blankets.

"Hey," the man spoke again, and he smiled kindly, his green eyes lighting. "Don't be so nervous. Come over here." He parted his lips, arching his back sexily and ruffling back his brown hair. "My name's Cedar, and I want to make sure you get your full fifteen minutes worth, Nicholas."

What was his "fifteen minutes worth?" Thrown off by the man's attitude, he decided to stay rooted where he was. This guy was definitely a lot less intimidating than Eric, but he was acting really…strange.

Cedar rolled back his well-developed shoulders comfortably, getting off of the bed in a languid movement. He approached Nick with unhurried pads of his bare feet, before taking Nick's hand. Nick was frozen, not daring to look into the man's eyes.

"I don't mind coming to get you," Cedar whispered softly into Nick's ear, a definitely suggestive edge to his voice. Nick's face went pink, his heart beating sporadically. They were both about the same height, and that made him overly aware of their bodies so close together, the man's face against his cheek, the man's thighs inches away from matching up against his own. What was going on?

And then the young man pushed Nick against the door before simultaneously capturing his lips and cupping his junk.

Nick went rigamortis as the man stroked him through his jeans, even grinded up on him a little. His face went pale, and a sick feeling tightened in his stomach as realization dawned on him.

This had been a trap.

Everything clicked together now. Those odd questions from the hostess. That weird conversation he'd had with that girl. Eric's treatment.

The guys had tricked him into hiring a gay prostitute.

He was an idiot. A complete idiot. How had he not figured it out earlier? His tastes? His preferences? Are you a virgin? Now he was stuck here with this guy who obviously had sexual intentions for fifteen whole minutes.

And those intentions had rendered him all but helpless. A wet tongue was delving into his mouth, making it impossible to speak, and the man had switched out his hand to grind against Nick's crotch with his thigh. Nick was hardly getting enough breath through his nose as he went into panic mode. What the hell was he going to do to get out of this?

A groan pulled from his lips as Cedar temporarily released him.

"Don't be so anxious," the man calmed him, dropping his palms over the contours of Nick's upper body so the teenager's breathing hitched. "I've got you. How about I make you come before we're done here?"

Alarm flashed in Nick's mind at the suggestion, but that was entirely eclipsed by Eric's warning: "I'll drag you out, naked or not, so keep the pants on." Nick gulped. He couldn't let this guy—

Cedar was already unbuttoning his jeans.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of you," Cedar murmured before sliding down Nick's body, leaving a trail of kisses down his abdomen.

Nick's heart thudded. "Um," he tried, horrified at the clear bulge of his erect cock against his jeans. He practically was acting gay; no wonder this guy had the wrong idea. "I—"

His breath stopped as Cedar unzipped his pants and mouthed his erection through his boxers.

"Don't worry," Cedar reassured him with a naughty grin. "I locked the door, so Eric won't be disturbing us, even if we go a little over time."

Nick gaped, and Cedar winked at him. "Only for sexy young boys like you, Nick darling." And he kissed Nick's erection wetly, causing Nick's breath to stutter.

"I hope you'll choose me to take your virginity," were the last words the man spoke before he brought down Nick's pants and boxers in one quick motion.

The teen gasped, blushing down at Cedar between his legs, at the man's tongue coming forward to lick the swollen head of his penis. What…what could he do? This needed to stop, this was exactly the kind of situation the guys were hoping he'd get in, and he needed to…

Cedar stroked a hot tongue down the length of Nick's penis, and the wet heat rushed through him like electricity. "You…um," he tried, before choking on his breath. Cedar lathed saliva over the head of his penis with a deft swirl of his tongue, a hand coming up to fondle his balls. Nick groaned, opening his mouth to speak again, "Can, uh…"

His cock disappeared into Cedar's mouth.

"Oh," Nick moaned, pulling a hand back through his dark brown locks and looking up at the ceiling to keep from reaching his fingers into Cedar's honey brown hair. His chest rose and fell. This…this was not good. His lashes dropped over his cheeks as Cedar sucked on him, engulfing him in inescapable warmth and slickness that had his cock burning with need. This…felt good. Too good. It wasn't okay, wasn't okay at all. What was he, a faggot?

Those tight lips pulled off of his standing penis.

"You don't need to hold yourself back," Cedar reproved him lightly, and Nick gazed down at the man with fear in his eyes. Fingers stroked over his hips and thighs reassuringly "Come on, baby, let it all go. It'll get me so hot, hearing your voice…"

Nick's face was red up the roots of his hair, his lips trembling. Why…why was his cock leaping so eagerly at that? Cedar smiled and, keeping Nick's eyes as he did so, swallowed down Nick again.

Involuntarily Nick pushed himself forward into that hot, moist mouth. He'd never had a blowjob before, ever. Well, he'd never had much of anything except for his hand while he watched porn. Most of his "experience" was from watching free videos that he downloaded online, so this was definitely not what he'd envisioned for his first time being sucked off. His imagination had created something more along the lines of some girl begging to have his cock in her mouth, and then him thrusting into her, and her choking on his dick while calling for more…

Nick gurgled out a moan as Cedar reached up to clutch his ass, pulling him further down his throat. Cedar brought Nick's hips forward and back, and it wasn't long before Nick was doing the thrusting himself, his hands somehow on Cedar's strong shoulders.

"Mmm," the man hummed, and Nick cried out in surprise as the vibration stimulated his hardened cock. He was losing control, bit by bit, throwing himself hopelessly down Cedar's throat, whimpering softly as the man's tongue lapped at the head of his penis every time he drew out. This was too good, too good… He was going to…

"Gah!" he shouted, spurting into Cedar's mouth. His legs trembled as the most satisfying orgasm he had ever experienced slammed from the head of his cock. He almost collapsed in both disbelief and pleasure when he felt the man swallow. "Oh…oh my god."

Cedar pulled off of him, smiling. Self-loathing shot through Nick as strong as his orgasm as his knees trembled weakly in response to the satisfaction on the man's face.

"Was that your first time having that done for you, Nick?" Cedar asked. Nick tossed his eyes to the side. It hadn't even been fifteen minutes, had it? Eric wasn't even yelling for him to come out yet. He'd come that fast

"Of…of course not," Nick answered, mortification darkening the flush within his cheeks. Suddenly Cedar was standing, his body up against him, and Nick blanched as he felt the clear shape of the man's erection against his own slackening cock.

"I'm honored, Nicholas," Cedar breathed into his ear, dragging a hand slowly over Nick's waist to cup his ass. The man's other hand was zipping up the teenager's pants. "I want to give this to you too…" Cedar pressed his erection against Nick indicatively. "So come back to me for your two hours, alright?" He buttoned up Nick's jeans like he was tying up the deal.

"Uh, I…"

"Time's up!" a deep voice roared from outside. He heard Cedar click the lock and turn the doorknob.

"See you later tonight," he spoke confidently, kissing Nick lingeringly one last time before opening the door wide.

Nick stepped out, feet wobbling slightly as he moved out of the room. He couldn't look Eric in the eyes.

"Hey, Eric," Cedar addressed the tall man, looking up at him with an irritated look on his face. "Be nice to him."

"Whatever, bitch," Eric bit back, flipping Cedar off. "I hope you enjoyed this kid's dick in your mouth."

A smile gradually pulled up Cedar's lips. "Oh, I did." The man turned his smile to Nick. "Later, sweetheart. Ignore this asshole." And before Eric could do anything to him, Cedar drew back into the room quickly and slammed the door.

Leaving Nick alone with Eric. Nick dropped his eyes to the carpet and bit his lip. Why did he have to let that happen? He should have just walked out and asked for a girl instead. Say it had all been a misunderstanding so he wouldn't have to feel this man's condescension weighing heavy on his shoulders.

"So, that was quick," Eric mocked him. "It took you, what, five minutes in that dryad's mouth to spill?"

Nick threw his hands down into his pockets, not answering, even though it was true. It was just like him, so desperate that he even came for a guy.

"I bet you that was your first time, wasn't it? You came here and booked an appointment because you couldn't get anyone to be remotely interested in you, didn't you? Is that why you're gay? Because every girl you ever tried for rejected you? I can't blame them, not being interested in a girl like you. How short are you, exactly?"

"F-five ei-ten," he answered miserably, following after Eric. He deserved this, for being such a faggot. What was he going to tell the guys tomorrow? Maybe he could say he just didn't go.

"Well, here's your second room. I guess I don't have to tell you to be quick, since you already are. Get in."

Nick opened the door obediently, prepared to tell whatever guy awaiting him that he wasn't interested as soon as he got inside. Eric wouldn't make fun of him if he heard him saying no, would he?

Eric shut the door behind him, almost clipping his heel so Nick stumbled forward, barely keeping from landing on the floor.

"H-hello…Nicholas," a voice piped up a moment before he'd regained his footing.

Nick looked up, his face flushing.

To his surprise, sitting on the bed was that small, pink haired boy he had seen before. Nick squared his shoulders. This he could deal with. If Eric thought he was a girl, well this trembling kid was way more of one. Nick's eyes narrowed angrily.

"Whatever," he answered, folding his arms over himself and standing in the middle of the floor. "Just leave me alone."

The boy stood up, lowering his eyes submissively while still managing to make eye contact.

"Eric is escorting you, isn't he?"

Nick bit down on his lip. "What about it?" he snapped, trying unsuccessfully to tear his eyes away from the boy.

"He says some pretty mean things, but…don't listen to him." The boy had sashayed over to Nick until they were inches apart. Nick flushed.

"Yeah, well, I bet he says worse things to you," he bit out petulantly. This stupid pink fluff could pass for a girl way easier than Nick ever could.

"Yeah, and it's pretty scary," the boy answered, voice trembling. "But…I don't care Nicholas." The pink fluff brushed Nick's thigh lightly, ducking his head in embarrassment. What a wimp. "Because I want you, I want you, Nicholas, so much…"

The boy looked up at Nick from under thick pink lashes and a fray of fuchsia hair. Nick was disarmed. He…what? The boy stroked his thigh again tentatively. The kid was so short, about a head lower than Nick. Someone who looked tiny next to him was probably made fun of so much by Eric, had probably cried so many times…

"No thanks," Nick answered stubbornly, turning his head away. He was way better than this kid.

A finger traced lightly over Nick's crotch, and Nick fell back in surprise.


The boy gazed up at him. "N-Nicholas, I want you inside of me…"

Nick accidentally bit down hard enough on his lips to draw blood. "Uh, I…" No one had ever said anything like that to him. He'd only heard words like that on porn.

"I…I think this does too," the boy observed reticently, stroking his small hand over Nick's strengthening erection.

Nick gaped.

"Can I see it?" the boy asked, and Nick could only try to speak as the boy, with his soft blue eyes and cherubic cheeks, unzipped his pants expertly between two fingers.

Nick's erection immediately sprung against the confines of his underwear, and the boy drew him out, holding him in his hand. Even Nick's meager six and a half inches looked decent next to this kid.

"You're so thick," the boy noted, a little fear touching his eyes. Nick's chest puffed up proudly in spite of himself. "It…it might hurt a little, but it's okay, I want you anyway." He blinked up at Nick innocently. "I want you to fill me up."

Nick's heart was hammering so furiously, he was afraid it was going to give out. The boy kissed the head of his penis lightly.

"Will you p-please? When you come back?"

Nick was shaking. "I…I…"

A small tongue slipped from between full pink lips to taste the head of his cock. Vulnerably eyes gazed up at him.

"D-during the two hours, y-y-you can do whatever you want...even if I cry…" He threw his gaze down bashfully, lapping at Nick's cock again. "Because I want more of you…"

Nick was trembling so fiercely, his eyes locked to the boy's, so that he hardly heard Eric shouting that the fifteen minutes was over. The boy tucked Nick back away reluctantly, before zipping Nick up.

"I-I'm sorry," he murmured shamefully. "I didn't do my job right, I was just…" He shot his eyes up to Nick. "Come back, Nicholas, and I'll do it right, I promise…and if I don't, you can punish me…"

Nick's teeth were chattering on his way out the door, and his was pleading with his erection to go away so Eric wouldn't see.

"Hurry up, before you get blue-balls. Next room." Eric was starting to look bored, and Nick went red. "That is, if you have any." Eric sighed as Nick bit down on his tongue at the insult. "Jeez, taking you from room to room is so unnecessary. You could probably find these rooms yourself, and then I wouldn't have to deal with this." Eric gestured to Nick's tented pants irately. "I don't need to see you hard to know you have a puny dick."

Nick tried thinking about anything, anything that would make his erection go away. Humiliation washed through him, doing little to alleviate the problem. He stepped into the next room willingly, glad for any excuse to get away from Eric.

The man inside was already standing, much to Nick's disheartenment as he gaped, wide eyed, gaze traveling up and up. This man was tall, taller than Eric. He had warm, gold eyes, and feathery gold hair that stuck up naturally around his face. His lean, almost…pretty features were made more distinct by high cheekbones and parted, pink lips. Somehow, this just made him cooler, instead of girly, which made Nick really uncomfortable. He put his hands in front of himself, hoping that he could maybe somehow hide his obvious problem.

"Nicholas," the man breathed, dropping a hand down his chest. Nick observed with small spikes of jealousy his strong shoulders and toned arms. The man's long torso was wrapped tightly by a sleeveless green vest, and long, golden brown pants hung off his hips. "You're beautiful."

Nick blushed, highly aware of his continued erection. The man looked down on it, his eyes lingering for a moment before he brought his eyes back to Nick's.

"Would you like me to take care of this?"

Nick bit down on his lips, his eyes shifting back and forth. "Um…"

"Don't worry," the man spoke, stepping toward him. "It's normal to react like this, so you don't have to be embarrassed." The tall man reached out, taking Nick's hand. "Come on, over to the bed."

"Uh," Nick interrupted as the man was leading him to the edge of the mattress. "We, uh, only have fifteen minutes…"

The man wrapped long, muscle bound arms around Nick's waist, hands dropping so they hung at the small of Nick's back. Lips moved to his ear, and he flushed when warm breath caressed his neck.

"We can have longer, Nicholas." The man sat him on the mattress with a gentle push, then leaned him slowly back until he was lying down, his legs dangling off the bed. His eyes rounded in dreadful uncertainty as he searched the golden eyes above him.

"You are truly very beautiful," the man assured Nick, admiration darkening his eyes as he looked over Nick's body. Nick flushed. This…this was so weird. Beautiful? Was that even a compliment?

A hand cupped his erection, lightly squeezing as soft lips feathered almost-kisses down the length of his neck. A spare hand slipped under his shirt, bringing it up gradually so he almost seemed to feel the individual goosebumps forming as his skin was exposed. "Uh," he spoke, his voice oddly breathy and high. A steady blush spread through his cheeks as the man kissed and licked down the length of his body, opening his pants so deftly that he wasn't even aware of his erection being freed until it was loose from his boxers.

"Nicholas," the man urged him, and Nick threw his head up from where it had been sunk into the blankets to face the disconcerting picture of this man, with his smoky gold eyes and heated expression, holding his cock. "I would be very pleased if you chose me as your first." The man blinked slowly, still managing to keep Nick's eyes despite the break in contact. His dark blonde locks were like a golden halo of pixy sex hair. "I would think only of your pleasure," he promised sincerely, and Nick's penis jumped at the desire rising up in the man's face in the form of a gold blush.

"You…you'd actually want to?" Nick questioned, wincing slightly in fear of the answer.

The man only reached up to splay a hand over Nick's bare stomach, bringing it down lightly so those fingers tingled down his skin until they were wrapped around the base of his cock. He gulped.

"Of course," the man answered honestly.

And then, inexplicably, the man's hand was slick with lubricant. "H-how—" Nick began, until that hand started to stroke up and down his dick in full tugs, twisting off at the end so the man's thumb brushed over the already dripping head of Nick's penis. Nick watched in indecisive fascination for a moment, his brows rising higher and higher in disbelief as the man worked up and down his length. After the man brought brief flicks of his tongue into the equation, however, Nick gave up and dropped his head right back against the bed, throwing a hand over his mouth in a vain attempt at muffling the desperate sounds pulling from his throat.

His legs had begun trembling uncontrollably, and no matter how hard he tried to still them, they continued to shake. He whimpered, smothering it as well as he could behind pressed lips. This was pathetic. He might as well have the word "virgin" stamped across his forehead.

The man increased the pace, the friction heating Nick's shaft. "Nicholas," the man whispered, and Nick shuddered, clawing a hand through his hair as he began to jerk his hips upward.

"I…" he panted as the man pumped up and down him vigorously. The pleasure was rising up in his swollen cock, and he arched his hips so he could thrust himself faster into the tight cavity of the man's encircled hands. Lips fell over the tip of his penis, sucking him briefly before his head was swathed over by a slick thumb. "I…uh!"

He came with a gasp over the man's hand.

Heaves of breath drew in and out of his lungs as he collapsed further into the bed, exhaustion weighing on him. He lifted his head when the man snapped his fingers for no apparent reason, and that snapped him out of it too. He sat up on the bed with a blush, yanking up his underwear and fastening his pants. After that was done, he dropped his eyes, not really sure what to do. Once again, he'd orgasmed way too easy.

He was about to bite his lip anxiously, when another pair of lips came down to take his. Shocked, he blinked rapidly, until hands came up to play through his hair, and bring him further into the kiss. To his humiliation, he felt that stirring between his legs again. He'd just come, so it didn't amount to much, but still. Couldn't he keep cool for even a few seconds? Just a kiss, and from a man, none-the-less, and his cock was jumping eagerly again.

A tongue tapped at his lips, requesting entrance, and Nick didn't think before he was opening his mouth to welcome a deeper kiss. As he tentatively explored the length of the man's tongue, strong arms clutched his body, grasped his shoulders, his waist, his hips, traveling in strong, confident movements over his form.

"Nicholas," the man breathed as he pulled back. Nick felt long lashes whisper over his eyebrows as the man blinked. "Come back to me."

Nick's heart stumbled at the seductive air in the man's voice. "Uh, I, um…I…"

"I want you to be mine, Nicholas. I want to sink you into endless bliss." Soft lips fell on his forehead.

He trembled, and the man held him tighter in response. Long fingers stroked soothing designs on his back until there came the inevitable call,

"Time's up, Nicky! Get the hell out of there!"

Nick shivered, pulling out of the protective circle of the man's arms to step over to the door.

"Goodbye, Nicholas," the man called to him before Nick opened the door to Eric.

"So, have a good time?" Eric asked, grinning as Nick clicked the door shut behind him. Nick swallowed. "You know, maybe we should have dropped your time from fifteen to five. Think, next time you can get a better deal, since it only takes you about two minutes to come." Eric laughed, but Nick sunk down into himself as much as he could while still standing, sagging his shoulders and dropping his eyes as far into the light design of the carpet as possible. "Well, here's your next room." Nick started to enter, eyes still downcast, when Eric pressed a hand to the wood. "Good luck, Nick," the tall man spoke, chuckling mischievously. Nick looked up in alarm.


Eric shot him a white-toothed grin. "Oh, you'll see. Enjoy your next fifteen minutes."

A chill went down his spine at the cruel humor in Eric's eyes, but before he could say anything, Eric had opened the door and shoved him inside, still chuckling.

After the door slammed behind him, Nick reticently lifted his green eyes.

And was immediately looking into the coldest, most frightening blue eyes he had ever seen.

"Nicholas," the possessor of the eyes spoke in a gruff voice, striding forward. Without thinking, Nick drew back against the wall like a cowering kitten. The man threw his thick, blonde hair out of his eyes, his brows low, his lips parted. Nick's gaze flicked down to note that the man's hands were clenched in fists that tightened the sturdy muscles of his bare biceps and forearms. His tight sleeveless shirt sculpted a broad, toned chest that Nick would have been ashamed to be compared to if he wasn't so afraid that the guy would bowl right through him. The man looked about Nick's age, and wasn't much taller than him, but his fierce determination and solid build made him pretty unapproachable. And…Nick really wished he wasn't approaching him.

A hand reached forward to grab the front of Nick's jersey. Nick's teeth chattered, and he threw his eyes down unsteadily.

"Look at me," an icy voice hissed. Nick trembled, but obeyed slowly, only to be jerked forward into those pale blue eyes as soon as he had complied. "Now," the man began, authority ringing through his voice, "pants off. Quick."


"Do I need to repeat myself?" the man hissed, pressing a substantial hard-on against Nick's crotch. Nick whimpered. "You're going to take your pants off, and I'm going to fuck you."

Nick was thinking about melting into the floor when there was a light tap against the door. The man's eyes flicked up abruptly.

"Sorry to rain on your parade, Evan," Eric's voice spoke up, "but no fucking unless you're chosen for his two hours. Poor baby's a virgin. You wouldn't want to break him, as funny as it would be."

Tears were rising up in Nick's eyes. "P-please…" he begged. "D-don't…" God, he was crying, and Eric was listening in. He hated this.

Evan gripped Nick by the hair, his eyes darkening. "Okay, then, virgin. We have fifteen minutes and we're going to use them. Now, take off your pants."

"But—!" Nick began to protest, but Evan was already tearing down Nick's pants himself, unbuttoning them roughly before jerking them down Nick's legs. "No, wait!"

Evan stuck two fingers in his mouth, and pulled them out a second later, dripping with saliva. Nick blanched. "What…what are you…?"

Crystalline blue eyes plunging down into his, Evan reached down and pulled apart Nick's ass cheeks, pressing those slick fingers against his asshole.

"No!" Nick shrieked, shoving on Evan's shoulders, which were about as immovable as boulders. Evan glowered at him, before shoving those fingers up Nick's ass.

It hurt. Evan shoved his fingers up there before Nick could even take in a breath, and it was such a fast stretch, and it felt weird, and the man's nails scraped him inside. He cried out, begging Evan to stop as those fingers thrust up in forceful motions. Nick could hear Eric laughing from outside the door.

"Relax," Evan commanded, knocking Nick's legs further apart. "You came here for this, so you should be prepared for it—Jesus Christ—"

Evan slapped off Nick's protesting hands, and then, before Nick had time to register what was going on, the man pulled his fingers out and took Nick under the knees. Nick collapsed to the floor on his back, and, Evan re-wetting his fingers first, threw those digits right back in Nick's ass.

"Listen, you're going to cool off, or this isn't going to feel any good," Evan seethed. "I can hardly get up you because you're so tense. Now spread your legs—" Nick only trembled in response, so the blonde shoved Nick's knees apart with his free hand "—and breathe, for fuck's sake."

Panicked tears trailed down Nick's cheeks. "Please, please stop—"

"That doesn't sound like breathing!"

Evan spat violently on the fingers working Nick's ass, and they became even slicker, riding down Nick's asshole against his will. He didn't want this. He didn't want fingers up his ass. He just wanted to leave, he just wanted to go home…

Nick gasped, his green eyes going wide.

"Finally," Evan snapped, and pressed his fingers up vigorously against this strange spot up inside Nick that was…strange…and electric…and…

"Ah!" he shouted, and suddenly he was bucking his hips under Evan's heavy ministrations. Suddenly…suddenly he was riding down Evan's fingers without meaning to, and Evan was working that spot mercilessly as he grabbed Nick's balls and jerked his hardening penis. "Oh, god!"

Another finger went up him, and Nick yelped in surprise, until his hole adjusted to the extra girth, and he actually started…

Liking it.

"Fuck," Evan growled, bending his head to grab the side of Nick's neck in his teeth. Nick drew in a sharp breath as the blonde began tearing at the muscle and sucking it into his mouth. It hurt, and Nick cried out in vain, but…the way Evan was lapping at Nick's skin with his hot tongue, and the way Evan's body rolled forward so he could reach up and bite Nick's ear was…suffocatingly…pleasurable. Their bodies were so close, Evan only keeping himself up enough to keep from crushing Nick under his weight, and Nick could distinctly feel Evan throwing his hips forward with the rapid movements of his fingers. Oh, god, he couldn't like this, he couldn't like this…

Evan banged his fingers against Nick's weak spot aggressively as he rocked his pelvis in time. Nick was hyperventilating, pulling for breaths in between the vehement kisses Evan was now crushing over his mouth. A tongue broke through his lips, twisting in angry exploration. Those fingers moved in him, hard and strong, but still Nick involuntarily arched his spine in a subconscious plea for more. And Evan gave it to him, squeezing Nick's cock as he slammed his fingers down Nick's asshole.

"When you come back," Evan hissed into his ear, "I'm going to take you from behind so hard you'll scream."

Nick yelped with pleasure, not knowing why that sounded so good.

"E-Evan," he begged. "P-p-please."

"You come back and I will."

And with that, Evan pounded Nick's weak spot impossibly faster so Nick's cock surged tightly with explosive orgasm. Those crashing fingers had him over the edge in seconds, and he shot in rough spurts that had him all but shouting in release.

Panic followed his orgasm instantly. As the pleasure melted through his body like dying embers, Nick suddenly became aware of his situation. There were fingers, up his ass. Fingers. Up his ass. He had come. With fingers, up his ass. He had—

Evan pulled those fingers out and turned Nick's face to the side. Nick grimaced both at the slick fingers and the ache in his neck that came to life at the swift motion.

"This marks you as mine," Evan stated, pressing a thumb to a sore spot on Nick's neck. Nick hissed in pain. "If you see anyone else, they'll still know." Those icy eyes shot to Nick's, and Nick trembled. "You will choose me for your two hours."

What…what kind of mess was he in? He'd just come from a guy fingering him. Shame rose up in his face, and he turned his eyes from Evan. He'd tried to stop this guy, he had, but in the end, that didn't matter, because Evan had just proved Nick was as big of a fag as everyone always teased him about. And now this guy was…threatening him…What would Evan do if Nick said no?

It wasn't just physical fear that had Nick anxiously trying to come up with a way to tip-toe out of this, though. When Evan had been fingering him and kissing him and touching him, Nick had felt so much pleasure that it had almost been pain. He'd been so desperate for orgasm, but more than anything, he had been desperate for more. He didn't want to have to face this…this feeling. He didn't want to have to admit that he was a faggot. Maybe…maybe it was a fluke? Maybe it was all just a big accident. He still liked girls after all. He liked girls a lot. If he could only be with one that was…his type, it would definitely be a lot more satisfying. Reassured, he got up on his elbows to sit himself up.

A hand slammed against his chest, pushing him right back. Nick's heart pounded, any concrete thought fleeing his mind as he was captivated by those azure eyes again.

"Don't get up without me telling you you can"

Nick blinked, and flushed. "Um…" He would have asked if the man was joking, if it weren't for the severe light in Evan's eyes and the tenseness of his jaw. Nick sunk back into the carpet submissively. This was so pathetic, how easily he was being bossed around. Eric would probably have just laughed and gotten up anyway, but here Nick was, totally whipped after a matter of minutes. He choked back tears, stung by his defeat.

"Hey!" Eric shouted out, rapping at the door. "Time's up!"

"Shut the fuck up!" Evan snapped right back.

"I'll come in if you two faggots don't finish up right now."

"I dare you," Evan ground out. "You do that and you're next."

"Fuck you, Evan. Hurry up. I know you're already done."

"I'll say when we're done, bastard."

And then Evan turned back to Nick, and, grabbing him by the front of his shirt, which had ridden up all the way to his chest, the man spoke in a deadly tone,

"I'll see you soon. Now get up, and go."

Legs shaking violently, Nick stood up, only remembering to pull up his pants when he almost tripped over them on his way out.

Eric smirked at him when he tripped out the door, barely keeping his feet under him. His ass still felt kind of strange from fingers being up it, but he tried not to make it obvious.

"Nice hair," Eric noted, and Nick immediately scrambled to tidy his hair, not even wanting to know what kind of odd angles it was sticking out at. The back was already halfway down his neck, and those stupid curly-cues were forming at his ears and neck. He cursed himself for not getting a haircut like he'd meant to before. "—and hicky—" Nick clasped a hand over his neck, eyes going wide. "So how was your first time with something up your ass? Did it turn you into a full-fledged girl already, or do you think you need the whole dick for that transformation?"

Tears gathered in Nick's eyes, and he tried to blink them away, but they only spilled down his cheeks. This guy was right. He practically was a girl, letting someone stick fingers up his ass.

"I…tried to stop him," he spoke through badly concealed sniffs. "It wasn't…my fault."

Eric raised his eyebrows. "Well, you wouldn't have signed up for a guy if you didn't want cock, would you? Stop sniveling, and just choose which one you want to take you for your first time…minus Beni of course, 'cause I'm sure you won't want him. If he tried to top, he'd probably go limp from lack of prostate stimulation."

Nick didn't want to look stupid, but his brows wrinkled at that. Prostate stimulation? What did the prostate have to do with anything?

Eric rolled his eyes, like he'd read Nick's mind.

"Whatever…anyway, choose." He led Nick into a larger room down the hall. It was actually furnished, with a loveseat and a coffee table. The cream walls and lacy curtains were kind of comforting, and it was a lot better lit with a much larger chandelier. There wasn't a bed, though…only a small screen in the wall.

This time, Eric walked in with him, his looming presence at Nick's back. Nick shook with fear, sitting down on the couch with an awkward jerk when the man told him to.

"Now, don't start getting all excited just because I'm in here with you," the man chastised him with a smirk. "I'm getting out of this room and into some pussy as soon as possible. So tell me who you want so I can call them over."

Nick tossed his eyes down on the carpet, a sneaking suspicion already rising up in him, one that he'd managed to avoid for most of the night so far.

"Want for…what?" he whispered in question.

The man dropped his face against his hand exasperatedly, before looking down on Nick. "What the hell do you think, pussy boy? Hide and go seek?"

Nick gulped. He was just making a fool out of himself.

"Tell me which guy you want to fuck you, and I'll bring him over here, alright? Is that clear enough?"

Nick nodded hurriedly, hating himself. Why couldn't he just be cool about this?

"Um…" Obviously he couldn't actually let himself be fucked by a man. That was the exact situation the guys had meant to land him in by sending him here. But, what could he do… Refuse? Say he was done, that he had found out he wasn't actually interested in men? What would Eric say to that? Nick winced. The tall man would think he was indecisive and stupid. Nick tapped his fingers on his knees uncertainly. What should he do?

"If you don't hurry up and pick, I'm just going to hand you right over to Evan and call it good. I'm sure we'll hear your screams from downstairs."

Nick's cheeks went a deep red at that, and an uncomfortable heat moved through him. His brows knitted together and he bit down on his lip to keep from moaning at the thought. What the hell was wrong with him?

"So who will it be? Cedar or Arian?"


"The tall Eralis with gold hair. Cedar is the bitchy dryad."

Nick gulped, and he pulled a hand back through his hair.

"Okay, seriously kid. You need to…Whatever, I'll choose then."

Nick's eyes flashed up in alarm. "What?"

Eric was already on a strange device that looked like a cross between a walky-talky and a phone. He pressed down a two-digit number, then waited impatiently for the other side to pick up.

A cheerful voice answered, and Nick un-tensed. Not Evan.

"Hey, Cedar," Eric snapped into the phone. "You owe me one. The kid couldn't make up his mind, so I chose you."

There was some chatter on the other side that Nick couldn't make out, and didn't dare lean in closer to hear.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm sure you're so excited to bang his faggot ass. Probably the first time you've ever done the honors, right? But I mean it about the compensation. I get the room to myself for a week."

This time Nick heard it:

"A WEEK?!"

"Yeah," Eric replied with a smirk. "I'm not only setting you up with a good fuck, but you get paid for it. So shut your trap and take the deal. If you don't make up your mind soon enough, I'll use your bed while you're gone."

There was some grumbling, and Eric pulled the walky-talky thing away from his face and pushed a button, looking pleased with himself.

"Excuse me," Eric spoke to Nick with a mock bow. "But I have vaginas to fill with my enormous dick. Enjoy taking it up the ass, bitch."

And the tall, dark haired man left.

Nick trembled in silence for a moment, before the tears built up in his eyes, warping his vision until they broke over his eyelids and fell down his cheeks. He threw his face against his arms, his shoulders shaking. This wasn't fair. He hadn't meant for any of this to happen. He'd been tricked. He didn't deserve to be called a faggot by Eric.

But, he did, didn't he? He'd proved that well enough tonight. He'd come, over and over, for those gay prostitutes, just like any homo would. He'd even let a guy finger him. Three whole fingers had gone up his ass, and all he'd done was moan. Like a fucking girl.

The door clicked open.

Nick jerked around, simultaneously dashing the tears out of his eyes with his arm. Geez, this guy was going to come in and find out he'd been—

"Hey, sweetheart," Cedar spoke from inside the doorframe. A sympathetic look stole over his face, softening his smile as he stepped forward. "Poor thing," Cedar spoke, sitting next to Nick on the loveseat. "It's not fair that you had to be escorted by Eric. He really should be fired. It's okay if you tell the people at the front he was horrible to you." Cedar grinned. "Consider it a favor to me."

Nick looked down at his legs. Like he would actually report Eric. He was way too much of a coward.

"So, Nicholas…" Cedar began, ducking his head to smile up at Nick's lowered face sweetly. "Have you enjoyed yourself so far?"

Nick cringed and immediately broke eye contact. This wasn't okay, this wasn't okay, this wasn't okay. He was not a fag. He was not, he was not, he was not

"Oh, come on, don't cry," Cedar soothed, stroking away a tear that had snuck its way down Nick's cheek. Nick turned his face away immediately, wiping the remainder of his stupid tears away himself. Cedar, undaunted, wrapped his arms around Nick and pulled him down against his chest. "It's okay. Eric's just a homophobic jerk. There's not a single person in the world who wouldn't be better off just ignoring everything he says."

Nick sniffed, wiping his nose on his arm. But Eric had been right. Nick was so pathetic. He was a pathetic, girly faggot.

Lips pressed to his cheek.

"Do you want to know what I think about you, Nick?"

"What?" Nick asked disconsolately, brows low over his eyes. Like anything this homo would say would help.

"Well, Nick," Cedar spoke, grasping Nick's hips. "I think you are very sexy. Being shy totally works for you. I'd be surprised if you don't have guys falling for you left and right."

Nick sulked, not bothering to mention that he didn't bat for that team, and that, even if he did, he probably wouldn't get any more attention than he did from girls now.

"I also love your hair." Cedar ruffled it affectionately. "It's really cute how it curls around your ears like this." Cedar tugged on one of the small ringlets that Nick hated. Nick folded his arms stubbornly.

"And your cock." Cedar threw in, shocking Nick out of his gloomy attitude by suddenly grabbing his crotch. Nick turned pink as he felt his penis slowly fill with blood in reaction. "That's right," Cedar encouraged him, nibbling at the edge of his ear and rolling the teenager's stiffening organ in both of his warm, able hands. Reluctantly, Nick groaned, dropping his head against one of Cedar's muscled arms in partial surrender.

"Yeah, cherry, just relax. It feels good, doesn't it?" Nick dimly noted Cedar popping open the button of his jeans and smoothly bringing down the zipper. A whimper slipped from Nick's lips when those hands moved under his boxers and gripped his bare erection. Cedar had pulled up his own legs to place them on either side of Nick, and, taking advantage of their proximity, he began grinding his large erection against Nick's back. Nick squirmed away, not so sure about any of this. He…he needed to get out of this. Was Eric outside the door again? Was he listening?

Cedar dragged Nick right back against him. "It's okay," he whispered. And then, drawing his hands away from Nick's hot organ, he hooked his thumbs over Nick's waistline. Nick gulped.

"Um, I don't want to, uh…" Nick watched helplessly as Cedar slid his pants and boxers down his legs, urging Nick to lift his ass and then kick them off his feet. Nick immediately brought his legs up against his chest as soon as his lower half was entirely naked, trying to hide as much of it as possible, especially his increasing hard-on.

"It's alright, Nick," Cedar promised him, bringing his knees apart. "I want to see."

Nick turned away, embarrassment heating his face. Why did the man want to see? There was nothing impressive about him.

"Oh, wow, look at you. You have some nice muscle here." Cedar gripped his thighs, and Nick nearly bit through his tongue, though he did look over to see his legs, just to check. He didn't see anything. "You work out, don't you? Are you in a sport? You're wearing this jersey." Cedar tugged on it with his teeth. "Football, right?"

"I…play football," Nick admitted. "Or whatever is in season."

"Wow, all year round then? I bet you have a killer ass." And, before Nick could scramble for a reply, or an escape route, Cedar's hands dropped right down to cup his cheeks.

Nick choked.

"Oh, yeah, definitely. So tight." The man parted them slightly, kneading Nick's ass before lightly brushing Nick's hole. Nick hissed, pressing his face further into Cedar's arm.

"You like that, don't you? Here, throw your legs over the arm rest. I'll finger you right here."

Nick froze. This was getting into the danger zone. He needed to seriously find a way out of this, and quick.

"Uh, I don't actually…do that…" Nick spoke up uncertainly, hoping that would work.

"Don't be silly," Cedar replied calmly. "It's normal to be nervous, but look at how well you respond to me just barely touching you." Cedar scraped a thumb lightly over Nick's asshole, and Nick let loose a shaky breath that he tried, unsuccessfully, to mask as a cough. The man chuckled affectionately. "Nick, you're adorable. But you don't have to hide it, you know. Now, can you put your legs up for me, or do you want me to do it instead?" The question was an honest one, but Nick couldn't help picking up some underlying threat. Was this guy going to force him if he refused?

Obediently, Nick lifted his legs, hanging them over the edge of the loveseat so he was lying out on the cushions, far too vulnerable for safety. Cedar adjusted a little too, bending his legs up so his knees were in the air, and sitting further back against the side of the loveseat, bringing Nick's ass with him. Nick lay back against Cedar's upper body after a bit of urging from the man, feeling enclosed and a more than a little self-conscious with his legs spread the way they were and his obvious erection lying against his stomach.

"Okay," Cedar began, reaching out an arm toward the coffee table. Nick threw a look over, noticing for the first time the numerous small bottles placed underneath the tabletop on a wide shelf. Cedar reached for one, gripping it in his hand securely before ruffling the other hand through Nick's hair. "Have you ever been fingered before?"

Nick instantly began trembling. "Hey," Cedar spoke sweetly, hugging Nick tighter to him. "Hey, what is it?"

Nick clenched his eyes shut for a second, feeling blood pounding through his cock, tightening it. This was so…disgusting. What kind of man acted like this?

"Um, E-Evan did…"

"Evan?" Cedar inquired. "Is that your boyfriend?" Cedar turned to look down at Nick's face, his brows suddenly crumpling. "Hold on wait, when you say Evan…" Cedar blanched, then asked, "Evan? Evan Evan? Our Evan? Evan?" The man's eyes widened, concern rising up on his face. "Evan fingered you for your first time? What were they even thinking, giving you him? That's probably where this hickey's from, isn't it? That's so unprofessional. I'd hoped it was just something I hadn't spotted before… I'll make sure you get a discount because of that… Well, now I can definitely understand why you're not so keen on fingering. Evan's never been known for his gent—"

"I liked it," Nick confessed miserably, dropping his eyes.

Cedar was silent for a brief moment. "Oh," he responded at last. "Okay. So you like it a little rougher then?" The man sounded slightly disconcerted. "Alright, um…" The man suddenly shook his head, and then pulled Nick's ass further open. "How about we do this? I'll do it a little different than Evan did, and then, if you like Evan's way better, just tell me, and I'll switch it up." He sounded doubtful toward that outcome as he popped the lid off the small bottle in his hand over Nick's stomach.

"Okay, the first thing I want you to do is take off your shirt," Cedar instructed, sounding a lot more composed. "No reason to get it all sweaty."

Nick obeyed, fearing there was no way out. He settled back against Cedar's chest awkwardly, blushing at the hot kiss of dewed sweat when their naked skin met. Cedar's fingers were being prepared above Nick's now-bare chest, and Nick watched them in a sunken panic, observing in what seemed like slow motion the slickness of the lubricant on those fingers, the length and width of them, the confident, easy way they folded and stretched.

"Now," Cedar spoke, startling Nick out of his scrutiny, "I want you to relax your body completely. I want you to lean back against my chest, completely sink into me…that's right, that's right…No, don't tense up when I speak. Calm down, and release all of your muscles. That way, it's easier for me to enter you without it hurting. Can you close your eyes? That's good. You seem to get really freaked out when you watch my fingers. It's a pity, since you have such beautiful green eyes." Cedar kissed Nick's temple lightly. "I'm going to go in now, alright?"

Nick immediately clenched up against the fingers nudging at his entrance. No, he couldn't let them in, he couldn't…

A single finger breached his puckered hole in a clean slide. Nick gasped as it drew up easily, even his tightening muscles no defense against the slick intrusion. All that harsh friction that had been so prevalent while Evan's spit-coated fingers had been hammering inside of him was replaced by a soft warmth. It still felt weird though, like it had with Evan…at first. That finger worked inside him, and Nick opened his eyes to look down at Cedar's hand between his legs in stomach-rolling trepidation. He paled, wrapping his arms around himself. It was only a matter of time before this man found that spot and found Nick out. Found out how gay he was, how much it turned him on to have fingers banging up his ass…

Nick grabbed the man's wrist tightly, and Cedar froze.

"What is it?"

"Stop," Nick ordered shakily. "I don't like this."

Cedar's clean hand grabbed Nick by the chin, turning his face up so his eyes were locked with the man's. Cedar's mouth fell on Nick's briefly before he pulled back, smiling and pressing his brows together in patronizing kindness.

"Nick, be patient. I promise you'll like it." And that finger went back up, Cedar easily shaking off Nick's grip. Nick exhaled in dread, devastated, his body trembling. No, no, no—

An abrupt swell of pleasure shot through his cock, and Nick released his pending cry of fear as an open moan.

"Is this what you wanted?" Cedar asked, pressing up against the spot again. Nick's balls dropped heavily against Cedar's palm, and Cedar squeezed them lightly, before attending Nick's weak spot with circular motions of his fingertip. His free hand, also heavily lubricated, went to Nick's standing shaft and began stroking up and down. "That's right, just give into it, relax…"

Nick's brows crumpled upward as he squirmed, whining softly. He tried in vain to close himself off, to stop the feeling that slowly but surely was bringing him to inevitable climax. He couldn't. He couldn't…

He came in the man's hand, white semen shooting over the fingers around his cock. Nick groaned, dropping his head further against the man's chest in miserable defeat. He was such a fucking loser, and now he was a faggot too.

"Very good," Cedar praised him, kissing the top of his head. The man pulled a box of heavy-duty looking Kleenex from under the coffee table and wiped off his hand, before throwing the tissue away in a small trash bin beside the couch. "Now how about we try for two fingers before moving on?"

Nick distinctly remembered Evan's two fingers and gulped. Oh god, oh no, he had to say something…

"C-can we just, uh, be done?" Nick pleaded.

Cedar just ruffled his hair, and Nick didn't think that was a good sign. "Nick, you're too cute. You paid for two hours, remember? I'd be ripping you off if I just stopped now."

That painfully reminded Nick that he was paying for every minute of this. Nick swallowed. How much did it cost to hire a prostitute anyway? For two whole hours? Plus that other stuff? And he wasn't even liking this. What a waste of money. Were prostitutes always this pushy?

"Maybe, we can just, um, cut it off here?" Nick asked, feeling dumb. Was that even allowed?

Cedar only wrapped his arms around Nick.

"Sweetheart," he murmured in Nick's ear. "I can see that you're really nervous. But I'm here to take good care of you, alright? You don't have to be scared around me."

Despite Cedar's words, however, he propped Nick up in a sitting position, and stood up from the cushions. Maybe the man was going to let him go? Cedar, with small bow of his shoulders, reached out his hand for Nick to take. Doubtful, Nick slipped his hand into the man's palm, blushing when the man bent his head to kiss it.

Cedar's dark green eyes gleamed. "Come on, Nicholas. Why don't we take this somewhere a little more comfortable?"

Nick's heart thudded. He was definitely not being let go. Beyond control, Nick let himself be walked over to the small white screen, which was painted with silver flowers. The man pulled it back, gesturing for Nick to go through.

Nick gaped. In front of him was probably the hugest bed he had ever seen, or at least bigger than any he had ever slept on. It was actually covered with a blue comforter and a mass of pillows, where the beds in the other rooms had only had sheets, and a single pillow. An enormous chandelier too big for the small room hung on the ceiling. There was a window too, letting in more light through lacy curtains.

"I, um…" he forced out, turning around to Cedar, who was smiling as he nudged Nick forward. "I…"

This was a bed. A bed. Somewhere a little more comfortable. Because of Eric, he knew now that this was what Cedar was going for, but…but he'd told himself he wouldn't. He didn't bat for that team. He wasn't… But…but this was a bed. Cedar had taken him to a bed. A bed big enough that it almost took up the entire room… But that was probably the point, wasn't it? Because this room had only on purpose, and he really couldn't push aside impending reality anymore.

"I, uh…" His eyes were filling with panic. Cedar was just watching him patiently and walking him over to the edge of the bed. "I—" He couldn't go like this. He couldn't. He'd already let himself get fingered, but this was a whole other thing. This was…this was…

Nick whipped his head around with a cry and split into a run.

He rushed out of the room, over to the one with the sofa, and was about to grab the door out when two arms grabbed him by the waist and lifted him off his feet. He shouted when one of those arms dropped to slide under his knees and whip his legs up. He protested in the cradle of Cedar's arms, his face a mask of fear. Cedar was eyeing him in shock and concern.

"Whoa!" His brows pressed upward as he carried Nick back over to the room with the bed. No! He couldn't let this happen! He couldn't! He wasn't—! "Whoa, okay! You need to calm down, sweetheart!"

"I can't, I can't…" Nick blubbered, trembling. He looked down on his naked body, only then realizing that he had almost left the room without any clothes on. His eyes filled with tears, and he started sobbing gracelessly. "I can't lose my virginity to a guy!"

Cedar squeezed him to his chest. "Shh, shh, it's okay." Lips fell into his hair. "You don't have to worry about anything. We can even take more than two hours if you want. I'll just call and have it extended, alright?"

Nick shook his head, lifting his tear stained face to look up at Cedar. "No…I mean…I mean…" He choked on a cry. "…I'm…I'm not gay."

Cedar's eyes went wide. His brows tensed, like he was thinking about how to drop the truth without hurting Nick further. But Nick already knew the truth, and it was that he was. He was. Today he'd come for the first time from something other than his hand, and it was because he was fucking gay. It's not like he hadn't tried with girls. He and Erin had dated in high school for about a year, but every time he had tried to have sex with her, he'd been nothing like the guys in porn, and he'd been nervous, and it had just made him nauseous touching…it…and he couldn't keep it up as much as Erin had touched him, and they had always given up before getting anywhere. But as Nick rested, naked, in this man's arms, against this strong chest, he was devastatingly aware that he was aroused. Because he was a fucking faggot, a fucking loser, just like the guys had said. That's why they had sent him here. So he could become even more pathetic.

"Okay, Nick," Cedar spoke, and Nick felt himself being lowered onto the bed. "I'm going to do something special for you, okay?"

Nick sat up on the bed, bringing his knees against his chest.


"We're going to talk for a little bit, free of charge, and when you're settled down, we'll get to the rest, alright?"

"Can't I just…"

Cedar smiled at him softly and wiped his tears. "I don't think you really want to leave."

Nick blinked, his shoulders shaking, and dropped his face against his folded arms to cry some more. Vaguely, he heard Cedar walk over, open a drawer, and begin talking.

"Hey, Cedar here. In the V-room, yes. I'm going to make an extension—no, no, put it on my tab… Yeah, I'll cover it. Mmhmm. He's just a little shaken up about his first time is all—Huh? No, no, he'll be fine, he just needs some extra time. Yeah, an extra hour should be good. Just don't schedule anything right after. Mmhm. Bye, Annabelle."

Cedar was suddenly wrapping his arms around Nick, and Nick was too afraid to look up. This guy had just paid for an extra hour because he was a crybaby.

"So, tell me what's going on," Cedar spoke, stroking his fingers through Nick's hair gently. "Was it Eric? He's a big jerk, but there's no reason to—"

Nick sniffed before admitting in a soft voice, face still against his arms,

"I…I was tricked."

"Huh? Tricked? What do you mean?"

"My…um…friends...tricked me."

"Into what?" Cedar asked in a whisper. "Into being gay?"

Nick trembled, but shook his head. "Into coming here." He lifted his face, shame rising up in his cheeks as he caught Cedar's surprised expression. "They told me to come here, even though I didn't know what it was, and I did."

"Oh…" Cedar replied, blinking confusedly. "So you…um, wow, okay. That would be a shock, yeah…" His brows pressed upward quizzically. "But…how didn't you figure it out?"

Nick blushed, hating himself. Only he wouldn't figure out something so simple.

"Because I'm stupid," he answered gruffly, tearing his eyes away.

"Oh, come on Nick." Cedar gave a short, awkward laugh, before bringing Nick's face back. Nick's cheeks burned when his gaze fell on Cedar's strong chest before they slid up to the man's eyes. "Well, there's got to be something else going on besides coming here by accident. Why didn't you just have Eric take you back after you saw me for the first time?" Cedar smiled knowingly, and Nick gulped, hating the answer that spoke for itself in those green-gold eyes. Cedar didn't really need an explanation, because it was obvious.

"I, um…" Nick shifted nervously. "I…I…"

"Hey," Cedar cut in, tousling Nick's hair playfully. "Don't get like that again. You're not gonna run away again, are you?" The man grinned good-naturedly when Nick blushed. "I'd really rather not catch you a second time, hun."

"I'm…not gonna run…"

"Good. So what is it?"

Nick's brow creased, and he lowered his head. "I…I can't do it right. With girls. I go to the parties and stuff, and I try, but…but maybe it's 'cause I'm just drunk, but I have a hard time, uh…" He blushed deeper "…getting hard." He knew it wasn't the drunk part that kept it from happening, because of Erin, but he didn't want to admit that. "It's probably just 'cause I haven't found a girl who's my type," he explained to Cedar in clipped, rushed words, hoping to come off as less gay than he was feeling right now.

After a short pause, Cedar asked, "Well, why do you keep trying?" Nick shot his eyes up, taken by surprise.


"Why do you keep trying to get with girls when you don't like it?"

Nick's eyes went wide in alarm. "I didn't say I didn't like it!"

"Unless you're past sixty, that's usually what not getting an erection means."

A sick feeling churned in Nick's stomach. "But…"

Cedar reached out and, taking Nick in his arms, brought Nick into his lap. He kissed Nick's face, securing Nick's lips when the boy shyly turned his face. Slowly at first, the man started stroking his rising cock between Nick's ass-cheeks. Nick gulped, heat flooding his vision as he felt Cedar grow beneath him. Even with the separation of the man's jeans, Nick felt so open, so exposed by the firm hard-on grinding against him.

"Now tell me how that is," Cedar questioned in a whisper just at Nick's ear. Nick shuddered, his eyes flicking down to catch a glimpse of his own shamefully tight erection.

He was a fag, simple as that.

Cedar rolled him off his lap so he landed on the bed on his stomach. He lay there, unmoving. Here he was, already the worst loser ever, and he had to be gay, too. Why did this have to happen? What the hell was wrong with him? He heard Cedar unbuttoning and unzipping his pants, and he didn't even care. What the hell. He was a homo anyway. Might as well get fucked up the ass like a pussy. He'd probably like it anyway.

He hated himself.


He buried his face in the silky blanket, lips pursing. A hand touched his shoulder.

"Nick, turn around would you?"

He didn't move. Cedar chuckled, kissing the edge of his ear.

"I'm not going to go all the way right now, so you don't have to be scared. I was just going to stretch you out, so why don't you turn around and lie down on the pillows so you'll be more comfortable?"

After a brief moment of resisting, he grudgingly got up, moving up the bed and laying his head on the huge pillows. He didn't turn around though, because he was so hard, and it was embarrassing, and he hated himself so much.

"Do you want me to finger you like this, then?"

Nick flushed, lifting his head to look up at Cedar. The man was watching him with that stupid patient look again, and Nick didn't really want to be fingered at all, but there were the man's fingers, glistening with lube, and the man was just waiting, and Nick wanted…

Slowly he shook his head, brows knotting together over his eyes in a vulnerable expression. Cedar helped him onto a back with a light but still crushing, "Come on, sweetheart, that's what I thought."

His legs were spread, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't stop shaking. Cedar just bent down and pressed his lips to Nick's gently, moving into a deeper kiss when Nick began to still. Nick was so preoccupied with the feeling of Cedar's hand caressing his neck, his shoulders, his waist, that he was completely unprepared for the two slick fingers that slid right up him. He froze immediately, but Cedar continued to kiss him and touch him as those fingers pressed carefully upward, and, slowly, he relaxed.

"Oh, that's so good, Nick," Cedar expressed sweetly. "Just like that, cherry, just like that."

Nick's face heated, but then Cedar touched him there, and he moaned, his erection strengthening.

"See, Nick, it's not so bad, is it." Cedar grinned winningly. "Being gay has its perks. Straight men like Eric don't get to feel this." And he tapped Nick's weak spot again.

Nick squirmed, breathing raggedly as those fingers circled over that spot more forcefully. A third finger pressed to his entrance, and Nick inhaled sharply as it began to push through. This time he actually had time to think, unlike with Evan, and he wasn't so sure about three fingers getting up there anymore.

"Uh…" he panted. "It won't f—"

That finger slid in, and Nick took in a startled breath. He felt so stretched it burned. He clenched up, wincing.

"Relax, Nick. Relax."

He couldn't. This was obviously not working out, because he was too small, and these fingers weren't even really fitting. His eyes fell to Cedar's cock without him meaning to and went wider with terror, his pupils dilating.

"N-n-n-n-n-n-no," he stammered out, unable to pull his horrified stare away from the Cedar's standing cock. It was at least an inch longer than his, and much thicker. He…of course, he wasn't going to let Cedar go all the way, anyway, but…but what if it…did? What if Cedar tried to put that thing inside him? How bad would it hurt? Would it…rip him? Would he bleed?

Was it too late to change his mind? It sure seemed like it was, because Cedar's fingers were up him, and he was on this bed.

"No," he breathed again.

"What?" Cedar asked with a laugh. "You won't relax? You know that'll just make things—Oh." Cedar stopped mid-sentence, reached out with his free hand, and took Nick's chin, forcibly lifting the boy's line of vision from that huge cock to his face.

Nick was trembling all over again.

"Nick, it's okay." A single kiss lighted on his lips. "I'll make sure you're nice and stretched out so you're ready for me."

"Will it hurt?" Nick demanded fearfully.

"Well…" Cedar hedged. "It is your first time so there will probably be some pain… But!" Cedar caught him before he could give over to full-fledged panic. "But I'll be very, very gentle. And only after making sure you're a lot looser than you are now. Don't worry Nick, I know how to do this." Lips fell on his again. "I'll use lots and lots of lubricant, and I'll even bend the rules a little bit and skip the condom, and then it will feel so good, Nick, don't worry."

"C-C-C-Cedar…" Nick cried.

"I know, cherry, I know. Everyone is scared for their first time. But you have me, alright?"

Nick could only think that Cedar was the only reason he was scared at all. Those fingers moved inside him, and he couldn't take his mind off the fact that every deeper thrust, every adjustment of those fingers, every push against his weak spot, was just preparation for taking that huge dick between Cedar's legs. He couldn't, no, no, he just couldn't.

"Cedar?" Nick spoke up tentatively, a shiver going down his spine as his sweet spot was massaged lightly. "I'm not so sure about this."

"It'll be fine, darling. You just need to relax more."

"But what if it doesn't fit?" Nick questioned desperately. "What if…what if you…tear something?"

"I'm much too careful for that to happen," Cedar answered kindly, kissing the tip of Nick's nose. "Have a little faith in me, okay?" Cedar slid those fingers in an out in a short burst, and Nick seized up, clenching around them tightly, unable to stop even when Cedar asked him to.

"Okay," Cedar spoke after a moment, smiling lightly. "I think you need something to take your mind off of how scared you are. What do you think?"

Taking his mind off of that meant relaxing, and relaxing meant preparation, and preparation meant letting a huge dick up his ass. Nick shook his head hopelessly, brows pressing together.

"Oh, come on Nick, you'll like it. Now can you please cooperate, just for me? Pretty please?"

Nick flushed as he looked up to Cedar, who was entreating him with a warm smile and lifted brows. Those deep green eyes settled on his, each blink seeming deliberate.

Exhaling shakily, Nick nodded his consent. Cedar smiled wider and then bowed his head over Nick's penis, and Nick braced himself for that mouth on him, hot and tight.

And was entirely unprepared when a wet tongue lapped over his asshole.

Nick jerked back in surprise, but Cedar's free hand reached up and grabbed his hip, keeping him in place. Jumbled whimpers poured from his lips as that tongue slipped just past his entrance, those fingers still working his weak spot.

"O-oh," he breathed out, trying to escape the feeling shocking through him by arching away from the intruding tongue. Cedar pressed against his weak spot, and his evasive maneuver turned into an expression of desire as he thrust upward, grabbing the pillow behind his head to keep from throwing himself off the bed.

"Cedar," Nick whined helplessly. "I-I—" Cedar exhaled, hot, moist breath whispering over Nick's asshole and triggering a spike of pleasure even as that tongue delved deeper, stroking and tasting him from the inside. "Ah, Cedar, I'm—I'm gonna—"

He came with a high-pitched cry that was unsuccessfully muffled behind his pressed lips. A blush moved over his face, working its way all the way up to his ears as he turned his face to the side and ducked his head against his shoulder. A hand ruffled his hair, and he averted his eyes.

"See? Good things happen when you just listen to me, sweetheart. I promise." Cedar drew his fingers out of Nick, and Nick, realizing what was happening, threw away any remaining dignity he may or may not have had left, and curled up in a protective ball, bringing the pillow over his face so he wouldn't have to see Cedar's patient look.

"Oh, come on, honey. There's no reason to be scared." A hand tugged at the pillow, and he tightened his grip stubbornly.

"I don't want to," he spoke contrarily, curling up tighter when fingers stroked down his thigh.

"Nick, I won't hurt you, I prom—"

"You already said it was going to hurt!"

A sigh. "That's just what happens when you lose your virginity, Nick. It's inevitable."

"Unless I lose it to a girl," Nick grumbled, his self-loathing returning strongly. "That's what I'm—"

The pillow was suddenly wrenched out of his grasp. Nick gasped, turning his gaze up at Cedar, who looked on the verge of anger, though he still maintained a half-believable smile.

"Look, Nick," he began, "There's no reason to be like this, okay? I really mean it when I say I'll take good care of you, so you don't need to insult me by doubting me, got it?"

Nick's lower lip trembled, and with another sigh, Cedar bent down and pressed a kiss to Nick's mouth.

"You're a puzzle, Nick. Now why don't you let me give you the time of your life, okay?"

Nick crossed his arms over his chest, clutching his biceps. His eyes flicked down to where Cedar was rubbing lube down his cock, and he trembled. There was really no escape. None at all. His legs were brought apart again, and he bit down on his lip.

"Relax, Nick."

What if he didn't want to?

"Nick, I won't injure you in any way, I promise." Cedar looked down on him, and his eyes shyly met the man's. "I've kept my promises so far, haven't I?"

Nick shrugged.

"Oh, come on, Nick. That's not fair. Haven't I?"

He blinked up at the man for a moment, before hesitantly nodding.

"That's right, and I'll keep it this time too. Here—" Cedar suddenly grabbed Nick's hand and brought it over his slick cock. Nick tried to flinch back, but Cedar held him there. "Just feel it Nick, see what it feels like. It's not something to be afraid of."

For a moment, Nick just clutched the man's shaft awkwardly, until Cedar started bring his hand up and down. Nick blushed at first, but then he became aware of the texture of the tight skin, the heat pulsing through it, the shape, the unfamiliar thickness and length. Of his own accord, he brought his hand down to explore the head of it with his thumb, flipping his face up in astonishment when Cedar moaned.

Cedar smiled at him sweetly, his eyes clouded with lust. "That's right, cherry, you did that."

Nick gaped as forceful arousal surged through him, and suddenly he was curious what the man would do inside him. Would he moan and whimper and blush and gaze at Nick with those hungry eyes? Nick shivered, but this time it wasn't out of fear. Could he…could he be the cause of that?

The man pushed him back against the pillows, and Nick allowed his legs to be opened, watching Cedar's face raptly.

"Now, take a deep breath in, and then let it out."

Nick nodded, obeying as well as he could with desire washing through him.

It was then that he felt the tip of Cedar's penis press against his opening. The fear rose up again, tightening in his throat, but he breathed again, and leaned into Cedar's hand stroking down his face comfortingly.

"I'm going to start, okay? Just relax."


He felt Cedar push forward, and bit down hard on his lip as he felt himself being stretched. As the man nudged in deeper, an ache began throbbing through him, causing his breath to accelerate. Cedar was definitely not fitting, because he had just started, and it was already starting to hurt. He squirmed uncomfortably, whimpering when Cedar moved further into his hole, making it tighten painfully.

"C-Cedar, it's…"

"Shh, shh," Cedar soothed him, pushing his hair back from his forehead before stroking fingers over his parted lips. "Just hold out. Starting is always the worst. I promise it will be better after this is done."

What did that mean? How long did it take to finish "starting?"

Cedar rocked his hips back, sliding in and out of the small space he had already entered, and Nick felt himself loosen up slightly, felt the girth become familiar. But then Cedar slipped in even further, and the pain was back, his muscles clenching in stubborn, aching knots. His erection wilted, and Cedar took it in his mouth for a moment, giving Nick a small spark of distracting pleasure as he groaned at the intrusion penetrating him.

Hands rubbed the back of his thighs and gripped his ass, bringing it up slightly. A pillow was placed underneath him, and Cedar smiled down at Nick, who was working to keep back tears.

"This should help," he explained encouragingly, before repositioning himself and going back in.

All the new angle did was make it easier for Cedar to slide down his hole unhindered. He clenched himself up when Cedar came to the end of the space he'd already filled, but then the man just got higher up on his knees and somehow sank further in. Nick yelped, clenching his hands in fists. Cedar noted this, and dropped down, wrapping his arms around Nick's shaking shoulders and kissing his collarbone.

"Hold onto me, Nick," he spoke softly, and Nick immediately threw his arms around the man's neck, grasping him tightly. The man pushed in, and Nick cried out, but the man had moved too far inside him for him to clench up properly. He felt Cedar nod approvingly against his shoulder, and he let go a little more, shouting when Cedar suddenly came up on his sweet spot. A small amount of pleasure whispered through the pain, and his cock began to swell again as Cedar kissed his neck, murmuring, "That's it baby, that's it."

The man thrust against his sweet spot again, and he felt himself easing up around the cock inside him, felt warmth pulsing back through his thighs and renewed erection.

"Are…are you in…all the way?" he asked between panting breaths.

"Almost, sweetheart, I'm so…close. Oh, you feel so good, Nick, oh goddess."

"Mmph," he grunted when Cedar slid deeper. "D-Do I?"

"Yeah, gorgeous. Your tight little hole is driving me crazy."

Nick swallowed, moving a hand through Cedar's hair. The man drew up from where he had been leaning against Nick's shoulder, his hair sticking to his forehead and his eyes hazy with desire. He gave a roll of his hips, lowering his mouth over Nick's as he did so. The man's fingers stroked through the hair at the nape of his neck, and Nick explored the man's back with splayed hands, moaning at the feel of those muscles shifting beneath his palms.

Pulling back slightly, Cedar requested, "Spread your legs a little more, could you, cherry?"

Nick did so without thinking, and found Cedar's lips again when the man continued pumping inside him. He clutched at the man's shoulders tightly, sharp cries voicing into Cedar's mouth with every thrust. He was so full of the man's cock, and Cedar somehow managed to scrape up against his sweet spot every time he went up. Nick panted, pulling off the man's mouth to breathe.

"C-Could you…go faster?" he asked, his eyes flashing with fear as soon as he had allowed the words to escape. "Just a little," he amended.

Cedar smiled. "Sure, babe." The man reared his ass back, then plunged into Nick deeply, pulling a cry of mixed pain and pleasure from the boy's lips. The man's length pulsed in an out in shorter, swifter thrusts that had Nick gasping for air.

"Ah!" he shouted, his sweet spot throbbing and his cock painfully hard. "Ah god!"

"Does that feel good, Nick?" Cedar asked, sliding in and out rapidly. The sounds of their flesh slapping together rung in Nick's ears.

"Faster," Nick begged. "Oh, god, faster."

"What a recovery," Cedar commented with a half-smile, before conceding, grabbing Nick's thighs and ramming down him. Nick gasped, throwing his head up and scrabbling his nails down Cedar's back, until his hands slid down to the man's ass. Not even thinking about it, he gripped that full ass and brought the man more forcefully down on him. Cedar bit down on the lobe of his ear, pounding him into the bed.

"Oh fuck, baby, fuck oh fuck you feel so amazing."

Nick moaned outright, the combined pleasure of the surging heat over his sweet spot, the depth at which Cedar's cock was taking him, and the strength of Cedar's desire putting him on the very edge of climax. It was torture, oh it was torture. He needed—

A hand gripped his cock, beating him off as Cedar smacked up against him with the force of his thrusts. Nick arched his back, pressing his forehead against the wall and gritting his teeth as a steady whimper pulled from between them. Cedar huffed, his brows pressing together as he snapped his hips forward over and over again. Nick felt his release building up in him, frighteningly strong, and he only had a moment of hesitation before he orgasmed with a loud yell. Cedar came directly after him, panting and holding him tight.

After his orgasm faded out, Nick just lay back, wide eyed. Had…he just…?

"You should visit again sometime, cherry," the man whispered into his ear, giving Nick one last thrust against his prostate before pulling out, bringing a soft groan from the boy's lips. "I would love to see you again."

Nick blushed. "I…I don't know. I mean, I don't really have a lot of money or anything." A kiss pressed against the side of his face, and Nick didn't voice the other reason why he didn't want to return.

"There are discount days, sweetheart. Leave me your email address, and I'll add you to Hemner's subscription list. Then you'll be notified whenever there's a deal going on."

"I…I don't—"

"Come on, Nick. You just had a great time. Don't go back to trying it with girls. You know it won't work."

Nick's lashes lowered as he looked down on his chest, noting the pale sheen of sweat over his torso, and the remains of his release across his stomach.

"Here, come on Valentine's Day. It's coming up soon, and we have really good deals then." Cedar smiled and tipped Nick's chin up into a kiss before looking into his eyes. "Well, will I see you?"

Nick flicked his eyes from one side to the other. "I…"

"I'll miss you," Cedar murmured, taking Nick in his arms as he rolled onto his side. "It's not every day that I take such a gorgeous boy's virginity."

Nick flushed. His virginity. That was right. He looked back to Cedar, and his heart pounded. His virginity. Wow. This man took…this man had…

"O-Okay," he gave, reaching forward tentatively to stroke his fingers down the man's sweat-slick chest. Cedar smiled, gathering Nick against him and pulling the boy into a more lingering kiss. As their tongues rolled lazily over one another, exploring unhurriedly in the afterglow of sex, Nick opened his eyes to look at Cedar again. Strong arms tightened around him, and Nick drew in closer of his own will, grasping the man's shoulders as he pressed his mouth firmly down on the man's.

"You know," Cedar spoke against Nick's lips, "We still have enough time to go for another round, if you want."

Nick swallowed, dropping his eyes nervously. His cock, though, had other ideas, and was already springing unabashedly against Cedar's stomach. Cedar laughed, kissing Nick's neck.

"Come on, sweetheart," the man urged, taking Nick's hand. Confused, Nick sat up, allowing Cedar to lead him off the tangled bedspread. He placed his other hand in front of himself awkwardly, the apparentness of his growing erection causing a blush to move through his cheeks. Cedar turned to him, and Nick raised his brows at the man's own erection, long and firm between his legs, cresting from a trimmed patch of brown pubic hair.

"Wh—" he began. "Where—"

Cedar walked him to a closed door the same color of the wall that he hadn't noticed before. The man turned the silver knob, opening up to a bathroom.

"There's a shower in there," the man informed him with a grin. "I figure we could kill two birds with one stone and clean up while we get back to that wonderful ass of yours."

Nick, red-faced, was about to step after the man, when something suddenly trickled down his thigh. Looking down sharply, he saw that a streak of white had run down his leg. Realizing what it was with mortification, he wiped it off as quickly as possible, hoping Cedar wouldn't see. Cedar was busy fiddling with the knobs of an enormous shower, however, and, out of the man's sight, he clenched up against any other leakage as he dashed off another drip of semen.

Soon the water was steaming, and Cedar was gesturing for him to come over. His feet stepped across the white tiles, his gait somewhat awkward, since he was trying to make sure Cedar's come wouldn't slide out of his asshole. He forgot this necessity, however, when Cedar reached forward and grabbed him into warm arms, bringing him under the spray of the shower that fell from holes in the ceiling. Nick noticed that there was also a tap beneath the knob that adjusted the heat, and one look at the raised wall of porcelain that stretched up about three feet before it gave over to textured glass, and he realized that this could also serve as a tub. And as he melted into Cedar's kisses, the hiss of water caressing his skin, he wondered what it would be like, to be taken like that, with the tub full of water and his legs parted underneath. Would it feel different? Would it be worse, or better? Cedar stroked a hand through his wet hair, and he was already wondering how Cedar would do it this time, in the shower. Would it be against the wall, or on the floor with hot water dousing his face? Would the water get inside him? Would Cedar let it? Would they use that as lubricant?

Nick gasped as he pulled off of the man's lips for breath, looking up at the man with his wet hair painted over his forehead and his lashes clumped with crystalline droplets. He saw the spray streaking in rolling beads over the man's chest, and Nick impulsively began to reach forward before he caught himself and wrapped his arms around the man's neck instead.

Of course, he wasn't going to ever do this again after this, so there was no reason to be curious about anything. This had been a flop, a misstep, and then he was going to find the girl of his dreams and prove that he could have a normal girlfriend, just like anyone else. Nick bit his lip, before leaning in and taking Cedar in a kiss, pressing the man up against the shower wall. Even if he was gay now, he could always fix it, turn it around. Two fingers slipped up into his ass, riding the old lubricant. The man reached up where there was a small tray with bottles lined up on it, and brought one down, squeezing clear gel on his palm even as he fingered Nick.

Nick was huffing, his weak spot aching to be touched. Just like with Evan, he found himself pushing down on those fingers without meaning to, and Cedar, with a knowing smile, began pulsing the tips of his fingers against that spot, causing Nick to drop his face onto the man's shoulder and give over to moaning openly in time with each press of those fingers.

They were out too soon, but then Cedar was lowering him to the floor, and he was lying back on the porcelain just like he had been lying back on the bed, his legs quickly spread by Cedar. He thought again about what it might be like up against the wall, or on his knees, and he found himself unthinkingly speaking out,

"Do…do you think we can try…something else?"

"Are you sure?" Cedar asked doubtfully, petting his hair. "This is really the best position when you're new at this, darling."

Nick's face went red. "Um…well…I just…" He should just be getting this over with, he really should, but he just looked into Cedar's eyes, and it was like an open door to all the possibilities. Not that he would ever try this again, of course, but… "I was…curious…"

Cedar smiled and touched his lips to Nick's brow. "Okay, I think I have the perfect thing." Nick was suddenly grabbed up in Cedar's arms, and the man had Nick kneel before him as he sat up and thoroughly lubricated his cock. After he was done, he closed the lid of the lubricant and reached out for Nick again, beckoning for him to come over.

"You know what I'm thinking about, don't you?" Cedar asked softly, and Nick blanched, suddenly not so sure about this. "Hey, cherry, I'll take care of you, don't worry."

Nick nodded, allowing Cedar to bring his ass up over that intimidating cock. He looped his arms around Cedar's neck, dropping his head against the man's shoulder and clenching his eyes shut anxiously.

The man lowered him down slowly. He had his feet tensed against the floor, but Cedar told him to let them hang in the air and, to his astonishment, he found himself being entirely supported by Cedar's hands on his ass. Unable to help himself, he lifted his eyes somewhat to look over the tensed muscles of the arm he had been leaning against. The man's bicep was flexed tightly, the crook of his arm angled to accommodate Nick's leg thrown over it, his forearm corded with veins that warped the swirled white tattoos down the inside of his arm. Eyes fogging over with lust, Nick dropped his hand lightly over that arm, shivering at the solidness of those muscles beneath that supple, tanned skin. He was further opened up by the cock beneath him, and though it slid in much easier, he still found himself gripping Cedar desperately.

"Relax, relax," the man urged him, kissing his chest. "Here, look at me."

Tentatively, Nick did so, and was immediately caught up in Cedar's heated expression. Those eyes were fogged over with need, those lips parted as shower water flowed over them. With every movement of his hips, he brought Nick incrementally down, but Nick was hardly noticing that because of the gasps coming through the man's breaths, those lashes falling slow with each blink.

But then Cedar started getting closer, and Nick's sweet spot began to throb again, and he was whining in the back of his throat. His brows tensed together, and he dropped his face back against Cedar's shoulder, clawing at the man's back.

"P-Please," he entreated. "Oh god please."

"Got you, cherry."

A litany of high-pitched cries fell unbidden from his from his mouth when Cedar quickly gave him what he wanted, banging up against his sweet spot in a series of short, powerful bursts. Cedar delved further inside him, and Nick inhaled sharply when he slid all the way down, landing against the man's pelvis which still rolled with gentle thrusts that had the man's cock penetrating him much deeper than it had before.

"C-Cedar," he gasped, losing his breath when the man somehow worked himself in deeper. Cedar was gripping onto his waist so that those strong arms hooked under his knees, making it impossible to place his feet on the floor, and making him powerless to pull up off of Cedar in the slightest, though he still squirmed uncomfortably.

"Why don't we get going at that prostate again, sweetheart," the man murmured soothingly, before he adjusted the angle and, amazingly, began lifting Nick up and down on him, landing forcefully against Nick's sweet spot each time before he threw himself in entirely. Nick yelped hopelessly with every thrust, his voice leveling out at a lower pitch after a while of being bounced on Cedar's dick.

"Ce-e-e-e-e-e-dar," he cried, throwing his head back so water pelted his face.

"You can touch yourself, baby, if you n—"

Nick shouted as Cedar slammed against his sweet spot, cutting off Cedar with his strong orgasm. The man choked on his words, before bowing his head and spilling as well.

"Oh, sweetheart," Cedar moaned, hugging Nick tighter as he finished himself off with a few deep thrusts. Nick panted against Cedar's neck, the heat of the water almost cool now against his feverish skin. "Oh, darling, please come back. Please."

Nick bit down on his lip, before nodding shortly. "I will."

"Promise?" the man asked, bringing Nick's face back so they were eye-to-eye. Nick nodded his head again.


And he dropped against the man's waiting lips.

Nick stood before the huge, elaborate building, the title Hemner's scrawled over the door. Part of him didn't know what he was doing here, really didn't. The bill from that first visit had been almost fifteen hundred dollars, and he had definitely done…some things…that weren't okay. As soon as he'd gone back to school, it seemed to be written glaringly over his forehead—I lost my virginity to a man. No one had actually said anything about Hemner's within the two weeks since he'd gone there, and he hoped it would stay that way, because if the boys couldn't read it on his face now, they sure as hell would when they asked about it.

And that's why Nick was here, despite the money, despite the memories that brought a huge blush to his cheeks. Because he was going to set this right, in a place where he couldn't possibly fail.

He was going to go to that brothel, and he was going to have sex with a girl.

The people here were paid to make sure he had a good time, and they were all trained to do it. It had dawned on him a while after he had left that night—Of course he hadn't been able to resist liking it with Cedar. It was the guy's job to make people feel good. And the girls would be exactly the same. It wasn't that he couldn't be with girls. It was just that the ones he had tried it with didn't know what they were doing. He needed someone with more experience.

Confidently, Nick stepped through the door, blushing at the sight of the Valentine's Day decorations. Strings of hearts dangled over the entrance that led directly to the second floor, and he had noticed there was the same theme over the glass doors to the diner. The chandelier had crystalline hearts and cupids dangling off of it, and Nick wondered if it was a different one entirely. The walls had been changed to a shade of rosy pink, and Nick watched in amazement as a woman lifted her hands and caused an enormous heart to appear on the wall. Surrounded by the waiting-room couches, which were now white and draped over with heart-shaped doilies, was the small dessert table, decked out with Valentine's Day themed cookies, red and pink sugar, and curls of chocolate.

Nick turned away from all this to gulp at the hostess. This time she was blonde, and was wearing festive apparel, which included a lower cut top than the woman before her had worn. Her desk was hung with pink and red streamers, and her painted lips pulled up in a smile as he approached nervously.

"Welcome to Hemner's!" she greeted him in a cheery voice, and he almost flinched back. "How can I help you, young man? Looking for something to sweeten up your Valentine's Day?"

Nick only paused a moment before nodding. "A girl," he explained assuredly.

The woman grinned brightly. "Great! Now, can I have your name?"

"Nicholas Lan," he spoke, his voice already coming in more confidently. The woman smiled and typed his name out, before lifting her brows and beaming at him.

"I see that you've been here before. This guarantees you an extra fifteen percent off your visit today." Nick exhaled in relief. Things were getting better already. "Could you give me your phone number, to confirm that this is you? I'll need to see some ID as well."

Nick took out his ID as he told her his phone number, and she nodded her head, flicking her eyes to his driver's license before turning back to the computer.

"Great, Nicholas," she spoke, double clicking with her mouse. Nick put his card back in his pocket, heart drumming excitedly.

When he looked back up, however, the woman was frowning.

"Is something…wrong?" he asked after a moment.

The woman furrowed her brow and looked over to him with her brown eyes. "Nicholas, your profile confirms you as being inflexibly gay."

Nick's mouth popped open. "What?"

She nodded, before looking over the screen. "You were with Cedar on your last visit, correct?"

Blushing, Nick admitted the truth in a small voice.

"Well, he specifically put a comment in on your profile saying…" The woman gestured for him to come closer. Nick did so, face paling, and the woman quietly continued, "Saying you cannot…perform…with women."

Nick reared his head back, brows pressing upward. "But…"

The woman smiled again, obviously trying to lighten the mood. "I am not permitted to line you up with a female with this comment on your profile, but there are still great deals on the men here, especially the experienced workers." She grinned. "They're all thirty percent off for one hour, and forty percent off for two. And don't forget your extra fifteen percent for your prior visit."

Nick gaped, listening helplessly as she continued. "I can also schedule you a double-appointment. You'll be able to see two men—either separately or together—buy one hour get one free, up to six hours."

Nick's shoulders were shaking, but the woman only smiled brightly at the computer monitor. "I see you made yourself pretty popular last time you came," she stated, and Nick went red up to his ears. "Cedar left another comment on here saying you were planning on coming back to see him." She turned to him. "He's an experienced worker, so he applies to both of the deals above. And then…"

The woman clicked with her mouse and looked on him with another smile. Nick's stomach churned.

"Evan also said that you were planning on making an appointment with him. Should I sign you up for the double appointment now? You can have one today and the other any time up to a week from now."

Nick breathed in, turned his eyes to either side, blushed deeper, and pulled fingers back through his hair nervously as he looked at the floor. He could go—in fact, he should. These people—Cedar—was falsely accusing him of being gay. How would that guy know? Nick had even told him that it was because he hadn't met the right girl yet. This wasn't fair.

Exhaling, Nick looked up, and before taking time to think, blurted out,

"Is Cedar available?"

Glossy red lips tugging up into a smile, the woman answered affirmatively, causing his heart to pound.

He hardly heard her words as she signed him up—Since I see you only recently lost your virginity, I'm imagining you would like them separate?—All he could do was nod.—And three hours each, or would you like more time with Cedar?—Another nod.—Would you like your longest visit with Cedar to take place today?—He nodded again.—Excellent. Please take a seat. It'll only be about a thirty minute wait. Have a happy Valentine's Day!

As Nick sat down on the plush couch, hands tightening in the material of his jeans, he couldn't believe himself. What had he just done? What was he doing? Nick turned to the door. He didn't have to pay till after, so couldn't he just leave, and forget he ever came here? Was that even allowed? By the time he started thinking about it seriously, however, it was too late.

He snapped his face up at the sound of his name being called, blushing heavily in surprise when it was Cedar waiting for him and not someone else. The man, wearing a white dress shirt and a pair of slacks that were identical to the attire of another man who walked past, beckoned him with a smile, his forest green eyes lit. Nick stood up, shuffling to Cedar's side apprehensively. The man took Nick around the waist and grinned.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Nick."

Nick blushed, the memories of what they had done together opening up in his mind involuntarily as he stuttered out,

"Y-You too."

Well, he thought to himself as Cedar led him down the hall, one more time can't hurt.

Can it?

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