Strings of a heart…..

Chapter 1:

Her heart ached as she listened to the lullaby, so quite so meek she never spoke as to what might creed. Tangled in thoughts she closed her eyes thinking she could black out, forget or take some rest. Instead her eyes burnt she wanted to cry to shout to get up and lock the door but she found her self stone, as to statue. She twisted helplessly only to collide in to him. He rubbed her back as she tried to hide in his embrace. Her face was damp now, that shimmer was lost. "what happen?' he asked, melting in his arms she couldn't resist sins too great to be forgotten, past too hollowed to be extinguished, nightmares so dense they become reality loneliness eating you from inside. That pain of fake smile and that stress of emotions. "I am tired of the world" she whispered back. He pulled her close and placed a kiss on her forehead, "its okay," he tried to comfort her, holding her so she might not shatter. But he was wrong she was already broken, nothing but pieces of a throne away past. She snuggled closer to him, "can death be the end?" her eyes filled with tears as she looked at him, he pulled her closer hugging her, "its ok, " he whispered back as he placed a kiss on her neck. She shivered at his touch, how was she to tell him it's not okay, that she was a prisoner now, tired of life, tired of the twisted bands, suddenly it became too much for her. her head rolled on his shoulder as she blacked out in his arms. He still held her close, so close as if their hearts combined. Pulling the blanket over her he gave her a last glimpse be fore he left the room.