Strings of a heart…

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Chapter 2:

"Where is she?" jack finally broke out as he sat up. His eyes scanned the conference table. A deadly silence hung in the air, then finally he banged his wrist on the wooden slab, "enough that's just enough, where is she hiding?" he looked at the skeptical group of people statue in their chairs, then he looked at dean.

Dean Anderson had been Alex's official work partner. For all he knew she hadn't showed up for two days, today was the day they were suppose to hand over reports of the previous three cases, but now he was in deep waters with nothing but regret. Listening to their chief scream like that he apologized and walked out of the room. Once he was away from the staff he pulled out his phone, cursing under his breath. "Where is she, I swear I am going to teach her a lesson you just wait Alex" he uttered under his breath as he pressed the dial.

She twisted in within the sheets, as the faint tone of her phone rang again and again. Still in a certain place she could not come back from, she rubbed her eyes, not sure as to where was she. Her fingers tapped the dresser as she tried to pick up her cell. Once her fingers touched the cold metal she pushed the receive button,

Dean's voice filled the air, "Alex! Do you have any idea how lenient you have been? Jack has the whole board in waiting. Where are you? It was two hours earlier you should have been here! Hello….you listening? Hey hello….." his voice seemed to fade to her as she shut the metal piece with out replying. Still half dazed she twisted within the sheets, her body felt heavy as if rusted. She did not feel like ragging the department and it surprised her for she did not cared anymore. Rubbing her eyes she stood up.

She herd a steamer go on, as her bare feet hit the wooden floor there was a uncertain presence there. Something that was not normal as if out of ordinary. Pulling on a comforter over her semi naked frame she crossed the stairs and slumped on the couch. A faint laugh awaken her, "I see you are finally awake huh?" she turned around and was in all her senses shocked. It was Neil Bolter, her neighbor but what was he doing here? As far as she knew he lived a good blocks away the only time they met were in the church or the community meetings.

Wait; was it him standing behind her kitchen counter sipping coffee from one of her favorite mugs? A rage of fire raised in side her, she jumped to her feet and walked to him, "how did you get here?" she demanded, "Who opened the door? What you doing in my house?" Her words hit him like bitter daggers. But no she raised a brow as she watched him offer her a kind smile. "Well you don't remember do you?" he asked quietly. She narrowed her eyes then all of a sudden, blushed deep scarlet now, she remembered he came yesterday to inform her about the shifting taking place that she will have to donate for child welfare. She blushed deeper when she remembered,

His hands coiling around her waist, the way she rocked back and forth the look of surprise on his face. His voice smoothing over her, she blinked several times before she nodded and settled in the chair next to the oven. She watched as he calmly brewed her some coffee and passing her the mug settled beside her. "tell me what happen?' he asked kindly as his eyes scanned her skeptical face.

Her long brawn trends fell on her eyes, as her hazel orbs tried to see through this, "nothing," she lied he raised a brow, "nothing, you really think that was nothing" there was a hint of rush in his voice, "I told you nothing" she looked away. Squinting his eyes he kept the mug on the counter and cupped her shoulders, "Alex you were never like this, tell me?"For a moment she though she should tell him, spill out the contents of her past of what was happening, but wait? Does she even know him? Who was he? Some neighbor she used to meet in church. No this can't be it had to be something else, and what if he was some agent here to kill her, to us her, what then?

She nodded shaking the feeling of guilt build inside her as she scooted an inch away from him and looked at the watch, "I, I" I what? Her inner screamed at her, why don't you kick him out of your house? The devil inside her flashed in her mind. She blinked several times then looked at him, "I can't tell you, sorry" she whispered quietly. Knowing he couldn't get anything out of her he stood up and leaned forward placing a small kiss of her forehead. "Take care ok?" he said looking straight in her eyes. She managed a smile "I will" she answered back,

She waited when he finally crossed porch and was out of her sight she looked at the warm coffee, as a feeling of betrayal hit her.

Flash back

Some one grabbed a hand full of her hair and dumped her on the hard cement floor. 'What is it that you know?' they demanded as some one shouted in her ears and threw her to the wall, as if she was some toy they could toss around. 'speak" some one grabbed her from her throat and smashed her in to something hard and cold she hit the floor with a loud thud, Lying in a puddle of her blood. As some one circled her semi naked body and kicked her in the stomach, "worth less worm!" some one shouted with disdain as her small scream echoed through the cell,

Flash back over

With a sudden shock her body started shaking as if everything was coming back. The darkness of that night the shadows of that place the screams and the echoes, in her thoughts her trembling hands could not hold the mug anymore as the ceramic collided with the wood. Not caring for the spilled contents or the scattered china, shaking violently she licked her lips, as a single tear traced her cheek. Why this happen? She asked her self? Why was she there when it happen? Why? She asked again yet there was no answer no knock on the empty door.

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