Chapter 11

"Computer hacking isn't as swish as all the gun and knife stuff but in this day and age being able to tell if someone has changed or corrupted a file when things were made and how to program a computer virus are the real bread and butter techniques you need to know. The more you know of these the less you have to be on the field, the safer you are."

"Why would people try to corrupt out files?"

I rolled my eyes. "Do I really need to answer that, Becca?"

"I know why, but why? Surely with you on the team they'd always get caught. Even if by some insane chance they managed to get past your defences." Genius as she was, she wasn't a very coherent thirteen year old.

"That would be true; if we were worried about those on the outside."

"You're worried about double agents?" she said with a dramatic whisper worthy of a soap opera. I nodded.

"We never used to take it seriously, but not too long ago we got a rogue. Almost destroyed us and now I can keep a track of all changes to the data no matter how small, because that betrayal, no matter how insignificant, always hurts." That pain to this day still stabbed at my heart. I'd trusted him implicitly and the loss of my mentor struck deep.

"Good thing we can always trust each other, hey? I'll always trust you, G." Oh, I rue the day I told her that nickname, it was overused, but I liked it really, it made her seem like the child she deserved to be.

"Hmm." I smiled and patted the small pixie-ish girl on the head.

"You're a great kid, Becca. You'll go far. I'll always trust you, too." And I meant it. Straight from the heart. Becca was the little sister I'd never had, the daughter I'd probably never get a chance to have. I loved her to pieces.

"So let's start from scratch. These are the basic programming tags..."

I'd never do anything to hurt her.