soaked in blood

i should have seen
this coming
inevitable was all
it really was

how could someone
so perfect as you
like someone
as messed up as me?

you and me were
inseparable we were
i told you all
lies you told me

best friends were we
you took your time
learned my every flaw
my every nook and cranny

then you turned around
stabbed my back
left me sinking
in my blood

how could you?
were you ill that night?
the feeling of betrayal
sinks into my every bone

stupid was all i was
fell right in your traps
naïve and blind
look where it got me?

i wish you the best
in all that you do
just don't forget about me
remember the hurt you cause me

i know i won't
i never will
your time spent with me
forever scarred in my mind