Chapter 1: Harper "Hey," Payton said as I opened the door "Oh, hi," I said nervously. "Are you okay? You seem kinda shaky" "I'm fine," I said a little too fast. "It's a long story… I'll tell you later. But anyway, come on in," I stepped back a little to open the door a bit wider. As he stepped in he pulled out his math textbook. "Do you want to work on our home work first?" He asked "Sure, but we will have to hurry if we want to get to Manny's baseball game." (Manny is my younger brother. He is in 8th grade right now). "Okay then, let's get to work." As we studied we talked about the regular stuff. How school is going, what we have been up to. Then he asked if I liked anyone. Of course I said … "Well I do like someone…" "Well who is it? Anyone in particular?" He asked suspiciously "I can't tell you!" I laughed; "Besides… I would DIE if you found out." "Okay, okay…" He whispered something else but it was too soft spoken I couldn't hear him. At one point my brother came in and tackled Payton. "What the heck Manny!" I screamed, then I noticed something…a warm and fuzzy feeling inside of me…Oh no I thought I can't have a crush on Payton! We have been friends since 6th grade! But he is cute and nice…and funny. No! I argued with my self then suddenly I was laughing too.