I was in a very dark place. I had nearly no friends, and I didn't know who or what I was. I didn't know where I belonged, or where I was to be. Then I found her. That friend that I needed, the one who would save me from the dark pit of despair that I had fallen into. She saved me from the vicious circle that I had fallen into- Why don't I have friends? Because I don't have very good social skills. Why not? Because I have no friends. And so on. It isn't a nice thing to experience. A lot of people say things like this to seek attention, but for me it was true. I had had good friends in the past, but they had either betrayed me, or no longer cared. There were people that were kind to me, and they never did anything to hurt or otherwise mutilate my feelings, but they were distant. I couldn't get any closer to them than simple people that I knew. They all were like that. Even her. I met her first in kindergarten, along with most of the people that I knew. She was always a very nice person, I never doubted that. But I didn't consider her a friend. Anytime I talked to her, I sensed that she just wanted me to stop talking and walk away. In the "dark days," as I have decided to call them, I would fall into deep obsessions. I needed something or someone to keep me company, and they were the only things that I could find. At the beginning, they included things like Taylor Swift, or annoying singers like that (nothing against her, but let's face it, some of her music is kind of annoying). Then would only last a few days, but they would be with such a passion that people got extremely annoyed with me. I didn't care. It was their fault that I was in that situation. These obsessions later included Hot Chelle Rae, Starkid, Alex Pettyfer, and Alex Rider, all of whom I still like. Everyday after school, I would walk to the library. I would do it alone, and I always fet really bad while doing it. I needed a self confidence boost, and I didn't know where I would find one. One day, she decided to tag along. It became a daily thing. I became closer to her, and we had a lot of good times. However, she never acknowledged my existence in school. It made me wonder if our friendship was real, or if I was just someone she could make small talk with outside of school. I called her out on it one day, and she told me it was because I was clingy. I was kind of offended, but I saw what she meant. Since she became the only person I enjoyed talking to, I would sit next to her in assemblies, and talk to her any chance I got. I started to be more detached from her in school, and more aloof out of it. My plan worked. She became clingy towards me, and we became the very best of friends. Maria is now my best friend. No competition anywhere. Anybody else that I am good friends with (Jake, and Maddie) I don't see, or have never seen in person enough to consider them among the people I cry in front of. I don't mean to bother any of you with this tale of woe, but it's something I wanted to share. Finally, today, one of the girls who made my life hell spent her last day at our school. Now that the weight on my heart has lifted, I am free to do as I please.